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Name: Lilythe Rayne
Race: Fairy

Lilythe Rayne

Post by Lilythe » Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:46 pm

Player Name:
Lilythe Rayne
We believe me to be 200, but I was abandoned as a child so it is uncertain. I highly doubt I'm much older than that
Specifically Gancanagh if allowed (it's a type of sidhe, which was listed)
Varies, as Fae do, but typically around 5'2"
A lady really ought not answer such questions. I'm slender enough, thank you very much.
Physical Description:
Willowy in stature most of her clothing is tailored to fit her; and matching her garb to the day's activities, her wardrobe is always different. She is, however, almost always impressive to look at. Her auburn hair falls to her waist, and she never leaves home without it properly combed through at the very least. The green of her eyes varies, but never leaves. And her skin matches that shade of an almond.
A key to her room at the late Lord Daylin's estate, and a few bodice and sock daggers, though she rarely uses them if she can help it.
Powers or Strengths:
Seduction and Diplomacy
Vanity, Lack of Physical Strength, and she will do just about anything for the right amount of money.
Lilythe never knew her parents. She was abandoned in the streets as a child, old enough to walk and talk, but not to look after herself. She found refuge at a brothel when she was only just a few years of age. As such, a life of lust and cunning was all she ever knew. She was never under the employ of the brothel as a prostitute, but she was aware of her adoptive mothers’ occupations, and was clever enough to understand the ways in which the tools used such an occupation could be useful in areas outside this environment.
Many of the clients at the brothel were wealthy merchants, and then there was the occasional Consul or clergymen passing through on some duty or another. Lilythe watched them all come through, occasionally holding conversations with those that sought it, and always wondering how she could enter into their world: the world of wealth and power.
One day, when Lilythe was in what a Fae would call their teens, the answer came to her. Lord Daylin, a Eyropan Consul, approached the women of the brothel and asked that he might adopt Lilythe. After they had a lengthy conversation, behind closed doors and certainly some goodly amount of coin was exchanged, Lilythe was told to pack her things and to go with the Lord to his estate where she would live until he no longer felt use for her.
Lilythe enjoyed her life at the Consul's estate. She received much, and was treated like the daughter of a noble, so long as she adhered to her expectations. For certainly the man had not adopted her on a mere whim. It was a calculated maneuver. He had enemies, of which Lilythe knew little to nothing about, and intended to use Lilythe’s beauty and cunning as skills by which to gain information on them. He taught her to be a lady, and a spy, a friend, and an enemy. She was a courtesan, for lack of a better term. He introduced her to high society, and let her test out her skills there.
It was at one of the balls that she met Panaver. At first she found the half-elf to be a nuisance. Sure, he was charming and friendly, but she felt it to a façade. With each meeting he seemed more and more intent upon keeping her company, and with each dance she continued to feign interest as she had been taught to do. Somewhere along the way, however, a friendship of sorts formed. Often Panaver would rescue Lilythe from dull conversation, or the greedy eyes of an elderly noble. He was her savior, and she was grateful.
Her last meeting with Panaver brought on yet another change in their developing friendship. The half-elf bent down, and kissed her as the evening came to an end. He left quickly thereafter, but she knew he had only retired to his estate, where she has an open invitation, should she ever get the inclination to leave her own.
When she entered early adulthood, her training was completed. Lord Daylin was pleased with her progress and felt her ready to take on what he had only ever referred to as “the mission”. Lilythe would never find out what this “mission” was, however. When she came back from one of her events she found Lord Daylin, slumped over a chair in his study, a cup toppled over in front of him. He had been assassinated with an unknown poison.
Lilythe never knew the killer, as she had been given little time to find out, and she could only assume it had something to do with the “mission”. The kingdom took back his estate, as she was not the heir to his title, and she made her living in the town at the inn, offering her services as a companion to both nobles and well-off merchants. When this got old, and she knew that she wasn't likely to have answers to her questions, nor find someone else to bring her once more into the ranks of nobles. Lilythe decided it was time to make for a new town and try her luck there.
Since then she has been traveling from town to town, seeking to find a place where she might one day work her way into that elite circle. It is that which has brought her to Thar Shaddar, so far from home.

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Name: Nashandra Katona
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Re: Lilythe Rayne

Post by Katona » Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:48 am

Hi Lilythe. Welcome to Thar.

Thank you for the application and your interest in the site. I would suggest, however, that you might find another site such as Unicorn Visions more suitable for what you're looking for.

First of all, please space out the paragraphs more for ease of reading.

I'm going to start with the race. Yes, we would allow Gancanagh, but I'm not entirely sure why you've chosen this? For one thing, this particular type of fairy is typically exclusively male. For another, I don't see anywhere that you've used the concept; Lilythe seems more like a typical human or elf. If you would like to have such a Pretana fae as your character, I suggest that you read the fairy page for more information:

You've also mentioned that she's around 200 years old. Did you mean 20? If you did mean 200, you'll have to add to the history to reflect the rest of the time she's been alive.

I would like to see her strengths and weaknesses explained in more detail. What do they involve and how do they help her? I don't see any mention of what exactly her "training" involved so you should definitely include that. It would also be good to know why the noble chose her of all people -- there are plenty of other pretty girls in the world, after all.

How does Lilythe feel about most of the events in her life? I imagine there's more to her than being seductive and obsessively power-hungry, so it would be good to see some description about her as a person outside of these traits. What are her motivations? How does she feel about herself and the things she's done? What exactly is she doing with her life right now? And also, what happened to her relationship with Panaver?

Here's a similarly themed character that might give you some inspiration: viewtopic.php?t=3295

When you're ready for me to look over it again, let me know by posting in this thread again. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me or another moderator, or ask someone in chat.

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