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Name: Cadoc
Race: Human


Post by Cadoc » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:28 am

Name: Cadoc
Age: 26
Race: Human

Physical Description:
Cadoc is not the tallest of guys. With just 5'7 he certainly isn't going to tower over anyone. Perhaps once when he was younger and less damaged, he could have been considered handsome, but now his face was riddled with scars making him look marred and grim. His eyes a clear green color, except for the right one, it's a dull grey, clearly having taken damage and no longer seeing anything. Around the eye is a scar spreading out in an almost star shape pattern being centered around the eye and stretching out tendrils of scar tissue on his forehead, temple and lower cheek., 7 tendrils in total. His upper lip is thin, while his lower lip is more full, but both are split by a heavy broad scar running from under the left eye and down to his chin. A long slender scar is across his neck from that one time one of his ”Friends” tried to cut his throat. The rest of his body is equally filled with scars of countless attacks on his body, most of them coming from simple practise with the assassin guilds, but all of them a reminder of how subpar his fighting was. His body is fit and very well trained, but at the same time slender. He's no bodybuileder for sure, but you would be hard pressed to find something chubby on him. He keeps his hair long enough to be able to put in a short ponytail at his neck, but not so long that it would be a bother. When he goes to kill it is neatly tucked into his mask so it doesn't get in the way.

A horse called bitter
A specially made cloak with several long chain blades hidden inside the fabric of it. The blades can be extended and extracted with a yank of the cloak, he uses this for both defense and offense.
He owns several daggers that are all finely crafted specificly for his hands.
He owns two one-handed swords with thin blades and comfortable handles.
He owns a couple of sets of clothings, including his mask as shown on the picture.
Grabbling hook.
Cooking gear (pot, pan, utensils, wooden bowl, stirring spoon, a little food, salt)
3 potions of deadly poison (Dead within 2 hours unless antidote) Has to be ingested. And an antidote
3 portions of non deadly poison (Leaves the person very sick) Has to be ingested. And antidote for that.
A few pieces of light plate armor (Distributed as seen on the picture.)

Powers or Strengths:
Can turn invisble for 5 minutes. After using it he has to wait at least an hour before doing it again.
Can blink behind a person up to 100 ft away. Has a 30 minute cooldown.
Can inhibit an a person from casting magic for 5 minutes. After using it he has to wait at least an hour before doing it again. He has to be in melee range to do it.
He is great at sneaking around, lockpicking and stealing stuff without being noticed.
He knows humanoid anatomy very well and knows where to strike to cripple or kill you.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
He is useless against heavy armor unless he can find an opening in it.
He is not that great in a fair fight, and an experienced fighter would take him out
He has no charm and couldn't charm anything if his life depended on it
He is blind on one eye, so he has a blind angle that extends futher than just his back.
He takes all dares pointed at him no matter how foolish or risky they might be. If he fails he will brood about it for a long time and possibly try again.


Cadoc's earliest memories are of the darkness of Keltaris's underground and the reassuring steel of a blade. He remembers no family, warmth or kindness. Instead. The clinck of stolen gold and the security of a wall at his back are all the kinship he has ever craved. Friends were something you could never rely on, one moment they would help finish a job, the next you would wake with everything taken away from you. It never bothered Cadoc how his life was as a child, he considered it to be how life just was in general. Sure he was aware that some people had it different, but living life high and mighty never held much appeal for the young child. He had what he needed, a new adventure around every corner, each day filled with new barriers he had to overcome. It challenged his young mind and he enjoyed watching himself grow bolder and better as the years passed.

One summer evening, just in the beginning of his teens, he was standing on a corner, eating an apple, five finger discount of course, when he heard two people talking together. He could hear by their lowered whispers that this was not meant for his ears so he did what anyone would do; He inched closer towards the voices so he could get in range to hear the clandestine going on. Pinned to the wall he listened to what the voices were talking about, but it soon dawned on him that he didn't understand much of what they were saying, most of it were innuendo filled with codewords. Something about a purple swan, and skyboat, it made no sense to him at all, and he decided to leave the two to their buisness. Just as he turned his back, his long hair, that was ”neatly” tucked into a ponytail, was given a sharp pull that snapped him back into something firm and the feeling of cold sharp steel on his neck chilled his bones. A voice boomed over him, he recognized it as one of the two who had been talking. ”How much did you hear, boy?” Cadoc lied often. It came as second nature to him, but the blade that cut into his flesh at his throat, leaving a trail of blood down his neck, told him it would be a bad idea. He twisted his mind for an idea.. ”The purple swan you're talking about is a person right? And the boat is the location... What I can't figure out is what the western zodiac is.. Wait.. It must be time right? It's the time.. ” His voice wasn't quite as steady as he would have liked it to be. ”Just kill him now and be done with it.” The other voice, who had been talking, said. There was a long pause, the pattering of a cat's movements could vaguely be heard in the quiet evening. Any moment Cadoc could see himself lying on the floor, bleeding with his throat cut, but the blade didn't sink any deeper. ”No, we're taking him with us.. You hear that, boy? If you don't obey our every order, we kill you.”

And so he did.

He joined an assassins guild called Vexe and trained in something they called ”Institute of war”, which was really just a group at around 15 students, and 3 teachers, on a private farm set up for combat training. It functioned as a sort of school. They lived there, they ate there, they trained there. He had never grown up with friends and as such he found it hard to actually connect with anyone there. They had some fun moments sometimes at night, messing with the animals, or sneaking into town to do some drinking but to call the others friends would be a stretch. He wouldn't bring himself in danger for any of them. Besides, they were all much older than him, it wasn't until much later that some newer recruits would join. By that time some of the old ones had either passed away or was now doing serious time for their crimes. He found it pathetic that they had been caught and held no empathy in his heart for their fate.

His talents didn't go completely unnoticed, one of the masters there contacted him in private after a few years, requesting private training between the two of them. It wasn't because Cadoc was anything special in a fair fight, no in fact most of the others could beat him on the fields, but he was sneaky, he was clever. He hit them where it hurt the most, and crippled his enemies so he could take them down with more ease, he had an amazing understanding of humanoid anatomy and how he could inhibit their movements. Cadoc's master wanted him to be the ultimate assassin, but as it were right now he still had his weaknesses. His master taught him magic, not the kind where you can make flashy fireballs, or turn water in to wine, the kind that would improve his deadly skills. He taught him how to vanish after a fight, rendering himself invisible for a moment so he had time to flee after a kill. He taught him how to blink behind an enemy and silence them so they wouldn't be able to cast any spells at him. Cadoc was a natural talent when it came to magic, he incorporated it into his fighting style with such an ease as if he had been born with it. He didn't understand how people could even manage themselves in a fair fight, ”the rules” were a thing made by fools who wished to die.

He respected his master, as much as he had ever respected anyone at least. He was grateful of the things he had taught him. But in his mind he was already far better than the master would ever be, and he would only grow in strenght as time passed, while his master was old and his time was over. It came to no sorrow for him when he disappeared and he didn't go searching for him. It did, however, give him a good oppertunity to leave the assassins guild behind and find his own way. There was nobody tying him down to this place anymore and nothing more he could learn. Sure, he could possible become a better fighter, but he didn't have that fighter gene. He left the place behind and headed for Marn where he would hopefully find something that could occupy his idle mind. Maybe find a job or two.


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Re: Cadoc

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I thanks for the PM.

I apologize for the delay. I thought the other mods were looking at this for you as they had responded to your intro post.

But life happened and here we are months later... finally getting a review.

I suggest you take Cadoc over to Unicorn Visions:

I think pulling him apart to make him fit the setting would change the spirit and idea of the character too much.

I think you've got a good idea of who he is and what he can do. So, Instead of pulling apart an idea you've got thought out to make it fit, I encourage you to re-read the setting, read through current plot threads, read through current canon plot posts, and look at the character classifieds. Then, create a character more suited for the setting.

Key thoughts for character creation:
-Try *not* to create a character whose primary purpose is fighting. Fighting posts occur very, very rarely.

-Try to create someone with zero magic, or if you must have magic, make it useless.

-Try to create someone who might fit within an existing plot. Reach out to the plot owners in chat or via PM to give yourself an opportunity to get into an RP quickly.

-Look at the Map and area descriptions (Keltaris is home to shape-shifters) to ensure your character's foundational info aligns with that area. If it does not align, then explain how that person came to be there.
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