Daeriehn Elmorah

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Name: Daeriehn Elmorah
Race: Zephyrion

Daeriehn Elmorah

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Name: Daeriehn Al'Malakai Elmorah

Age: 87

Race: Zephyrion

Physical Description:

Hair as dark as night and somewhat paler complexions are trademark features of the Zephyrion people. Many often confuse them for the Elven races due to their limber and slim bodies, as well as their aptitude for magic. Daeriehn is no less so. Dark hair that reaches between his shoulder blades and held in a loose ponytail-style as well as his lighter skin tone tends to set him apart from most others. Upon his left cheek, a small crescent-shaped marking is located just beneath his left eye. The marking is horizontal and reaches almost from one corner of his eye to the other with a lone triangle extending partially down his cheek from the center of the moon-like shape. The marking is a sign of having reached manhood that is placed upon the body of male youths within the tribe(s).

His eyes are round in shape much like the humans that reside within the region of Marn, but carry within their cerulean iris a peculiar shimmer as though they were freshly cut gemstones catching the moonlight. His lips are thinner than an average human's but not so much that they give off a monstrous or even unnerving appearance. Despite his age being comparable to elderly humans, Daeriehn has extremely youthful features that give him the appearance of a young adult between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three.


>Clothing consisting of a vest, two gloves, cloth pants, knee-high traveling boots, spare strips of cloth (utilized as a improvised headband that also holds his hair in place and a separate piece that is wrapped from his right wrist up to his elbow). The gloves and vest are black in color, with the pants being a slightly off-white hue while the boots are a light tan or beige tone.
>Emerald-colored traveling cloak
>Small pouch of various stones found within ruins nearby his tribe's home on Ayana
>A small circlet worn beneath the headband, made from a silver-like material with a small gemstone of green in its center. It was
a gift from his late mother for when he passed his coming of age ceremony.
>Hide-bound journal with pens and ink for writing his thoughts down
>Flute hand-made from the bone of a large beast. Makes a soft, beautiful sound when played.

Powers or Strengths:

Adept (Strength/Power) -- Due to the nature of the Zephyrion and their reinforcement with the magical energies that flow throughout the world, they are capable of becoming proficient in a plethora of jobs and skills. From magi to warriors, alchemists to scholars, they have within themselves the ability to be a jack-of-all-trades. Though Daeriehn personally had chosen to devote his time to not only building up his strength in terms of harnessing the magical energies that remain prevalent, he also has learn the ways of defending himself and utilizing his body as both sword and shield. While he is capable of utilizing both, he is by far nowhere close to being able to call himself proficient in either field.

Determination (Strength) -- Daeriehn is a bit stubborn, but that is not always a bad thing. Through sheer strength of will he sees through whatever task he works on to the end. Not one to give up in the face of adversity, he will continue to try and try again even if he meets failure time and again. Through this display of willpower, it is not too far off to find one's self inspired by Daeriehn.

Auramancy (Power) -- There are as many forms of magic as there are stars in the sky, and Auramancy is but one of them. Auramancy is the projection and manipulation of one's own flow of magical energy to augment their own physical capabilities as well as casting spells that are not elementally aligned. It is not limited to simply manipulating oneself, but can also be utilized to hinder others' ability to perform magic by disrupting the pattern in which their own 'aura' flows within their bodies.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Arrogance (Flaw) -- Daeriehn is rash and headstrong beyond reason. He always seems to have something to say about anything and doesn't hesitate to speak his mind on many subjects. It tends to go without being said that this means he is extremely stubborn and will sometimes act like a spoiled child that did not get his way. this oftentimes leads to many conflicts with others in both business-related manners as well as socially.

Aetherbound (Weakness) -- Due to the influx of magical energies within the Ayana continent, the race of the Zephyrion were born. Their bodies and spirits are heavily influenced by the various floes and patterns in which magic exists within the world. When in the presence of artifacts or fluctuations that minimize or drain magical energy, Daeriehn will become fatigued and weakened far quicker than he normally would.

Feralism (Weakness/Flaw) -- An affliction that is common amongst the Zephyrion people, Feralism is the complete break-down of one's psyche that results in a much degraded mental state to the point that those effected lash out and act much like a wild beast. the conditions through which Feralism is triggered vary from person to person, but Daeriehn's is caused by a combination of emotional distress and physical anguish. When his limits are pushed too far, he will make a gradual decline in 'civilized' behavior and begin to take on the mentality of a cornered beast. While some cases are permanent, Daeriehn's is not and after a while he will simply enter a comatose-like state from which he will awaken in due time with the occasional feeling of nausea.

Burdened Past (Flaw) -- Daeriehn lost his mother at a young age. The loss has left emotional wounds upon his heart that could never be mended through any means. The woman that always loved him even when he got in trouble with the other boys in the tribe, made sure he had food to eat and clothing to wear, even the one that gave him life to begin with. He loved her deeply, and simply recalling the memories of her will begin to pull him into a deep depression that can sometimes cause him to close himself off from others.


Within the vast and hostile landscape that was Ayana, a place where very few dared to travel and even less returned, there was signs of life besides the beasts and flora that inhabited the region. Small tribes, sparsely populating the expanse of Ayana, made their homes in this land. They were a people known as the Zephyrions. Their origins have been lost over the countless years since the calamity that was the War that left the world scarred and with bizarre creatures as well as the existence of magic. The Zephyrion people lived simple day-to-day lives. Hunting, gathering, building, and other similar tasks despite the numerous dangers around them. They had adapted to the harsh landscape and its creatures, most likely in part of being more 'in tune' with the magical energies that seemed to filled the land.

Within one of the tribes, Young Daeriehn had been born to the family of what most would call a medicine man or perhaps even a cleric. His father was as close to a doctor as one could be through magic, using it to repair broken bones and expel diseases from the afflicted. His mother had passed on within fifteen years' time after his birth, leaving his father to raise Daeriehn on his own. Daeriehn by this time had many fond memories of his mother and was troubled by her death. He began acting out, often getting into arguments with his elders over anything and everything imaginable. Call it a childish dream, but Daeriehn even at that young age had wanted to be strong so that nobody else had to lose a loved one prematurely.

Years went by and the rebellious problem child grew into a young man. Upon reaching the age of 75, he underwent his trial as was the custom for his people. He emerged successful, and was given the marking upon his left cheek as proof of his accomplishment. As happy as he should have been, he knew something was not quite right. Upon returning to his home, he found his father with a silvery circlet in his hands. It was one that his mother had worn all the time. He handed it to Daeriehn without a word, simply nodding and patting him on the shoulder. His mother had long been gone from this world, and yet still she was there for him. Though the memories were painful, he slept peacefully for many hours that night.

Unfortunately, disaster struck in the morning. He was awoken by his father who had a rather anxious look upon his face. When Daeriehn inquired about what was wrong, his father told him that he had arranged a marriage between Daeriehn and a young priestess from another tribe. Daeriehn did not like it. He wouldn't let another tell him what he would do or who he would marry. He just refused to let that happen. He said nothing, however and waited for his father to leave. Afterwards, Daeriehn packed what little he could carry without being encumbered and stole away into the morning. By the time the midday sun was on high, Daeriehn had traversed a good distance towards the coast which was luckily not too far from where his tribe resided. From there he managed to negotiate his way onto one of the few merchant vessels, working to cover the cost of his passage aboard, and found himself within the region of Marn within a matter of weeks.

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Name: Daeriehn Elmorah
Race: Zephyrion

Re: Daeriehn Elmorah

Post by RebelZephyr » Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:48 am

I hope this is good enough of a character sheet. Haven't really had to write one in years so I apologize if I made any mistakes. the description of Ayana was a little vague, so I kinda wrote this with as good of an understanding of Ayana as possible. Well, I'm ready for review so please juest let me know if I need to alter/add/remove anything ^^ Thanks in advance~

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Re: Daeriehn Elmorah

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Hey there, welcome to Thar! I will be reviewing your app. Sorry for the wait. We ask that our players have their account name match their character name -- each character has its own account. Please pm Niabi and ask her to change your account name to Daerhiehn or whatever name you want your character to go by.

First, I'm going to need a description of the zephyrion species, and why they're so different from elves. As with many species, Thar species tend to show great variation -- if you want to create a race of elves that are distinct from other elves, you can easily do that rather than create an entirely different species that is more or less the same as elves from a physical perspective (elven culture can be as varied as you like it to be -- those who have splintered away from Darleone could feasibly have different customs and beliefs. Just like humans!), even if they are more magically inclined or have a few magical differences. Otherwise it just doesn't make a lot of sense for there to be a species that just happens to be so physically similar as to almost pass for another species when they both sorta came out of the astral planes and had no evolutionary ties.

Also, is there a reason you chose Ayana over other places? It's vague on purpose -- it's our dumping ground for things that wouldn't make sense anywhere else, though there are still peoples there -- indigenous humans, for instance, broken into small communities. If your heart is set on it, then it's fine, but these could go elsewhere in the world.

One quick question -- does this group physically and emotionally mature slower than other species? I'll speak more on this further down.


We tend to be a bit nitpicky when it comes to combative abilities, requiring people give us detail. This is due to Thar being a site that focuses heavily on character and plot development over combat, so with new players we like to make sure they understand this in making sure they won't be out and about wtfpwning our vast number of noncombative characters.

I'll need some details as to what he is capable of both physically and magically. How long can he fight without getting tired? How many opponents could he take on at once? Could he defeat an average opponent? A skilled opponent? An exceptionally skilled opponent? What sort of fighting styles does he utilize?

I loved the determination as a strength. Too often people put that in as a weakness, totally discounting the positive attributes of being stubborn.


Likewise, we need weaknesses that will be meaningful in combat. Once you've been around for awhile we tend to go softer on this, but as new players it's important (we've had seeeeeveral misunderstandings about how combat works on site over the years :) ). For example, Aetherism: if he gets so tired he cannot properly fight or cast magic, those are more of sidelining weaknesses than ones that will detract from his abilities.

Keep in mind that if he's completely average and can be taken out by anyone who has put time into training then this is negated.

Burdened Past -- unless there is some sort of neurological thing in this species that prevents them from gradually moving on from emotional pain, so that they keep feeling it as if it was the first day the hurt occurred, I'm curious as to why this affects him so strongly. He's been around for awhile, and seventy some years is a long time for it to be affecting him so strongly in the present.

For a character that is 80 years old, I feel that there is not much development in who he is. There is a large chunk of time missing, and then when he is 75 he comes across kinda like this. . .


:( Which isn't quite what I think you had in mind. He's stubborn, okay, but why? I want to get a better feel for who this character is and why he is the way he is before we move on to other things. Please use the history, strengths, or weaknesses to give a couple of insights into who this 80-year-old man is.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave a reply in this thread, pm me, or hop into chat.

Please leave a reply in this thread after you've made any edits.
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