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Khet Sibar
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Name: Khet Sibar
Race: Jarti

Khet Sibar

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Player Name: Kohemi (Koh for short!)

Name: Khet Sibar
Age: 22
Race: Jarti

Height: 5’2” (~157cm)
Weight: 117lbs (~53kgs)

Physical Description: Image
Khet, to most people, looks like a wingless human-bat hybrid. His skin is covered in tiny, downy hairs, giving him a dark appearance. The large, sensitive ears on either side of his head probably don’t help his case, either. While maintaining a general humanoid shape, Khet’s feet are very different in that instead of having stumpy toes, he has slender, webbed ones as well as ‘toe-thumbs’. The webbing isn’t limited to his feet; two membranes stretch from his elbows down to point just above his tailbone, separated by only centimetres of spine. While they are in no way capable of providing enough support for flight, they can prove useful during the use of aerokinesis.

Having spent more than half of his life away from his native homeland, Khet has taken to more ‘civilised’ clothing, favouring loose clothing that doesn’t restrict his limbs or the membranes along his sides. Most often, he will wear a toga-like tunic belted around the waist. Wearing very little else, Khet makes up the rest of his ‘look’ with several articles of jewellery; two silver hoops around his right ankle, two silver rings through each side membrane, a necklace of malachite, a necklace of various teeth, an ear cuff through his left ear and two studs through his lobs, one of which connects to a ring through his nostril via a thin chain.

Kukri: A plain, well-worn curved blade with a smooth wooden handle picked up during his visits to the islands north of Sahuli.
Herb Bag: A small hip bag containing dried herbs and seeds from his native homeland. Most are used as seasoning; one is used in the treatment of skin conditions.

Powers or Strengths:
Sensitive Hearing: Ever strained your ears listening for approaching footsteps while doing something you probably shouldn’t be? Khet never has this problem. His hearing is so accurate that he can echolocate things several tens of feet away from him by emitting a short, loud squeak. He cannot, however, do this through solid objects, nor is it very effective under water.
Night Vision: Despite many myths around bats and those related to them, Khet has excellent vision, namely during the darker hours. Larger eyes with less pigment means he can see quite clearly without the aid of the sun or even most of the moon.
Aerokinesis: While not able to create gale force winds, Khet is quite adept at manipulating the air currents around himself. He can direct currents towards and away from himself, making gliding and even short distances of flight possible. He cannot, however, use it to attack anyone beyond blowing wind at them. This is orchestrated through belief that so long as he wears malachite, his spiritual and bodily beings are aligned, thus allowing him to harvest the element of his totem, Wind.
Webbed Feet: Having flexible skin between long, thin toes makes Khet an excellent swimmer, although they are primarily used to scoop up insects mid-flight.
Multilingual: If traveling has taught him anything, it's that speaking the local language is a whole lot better than trying to gesture your way through things. Khet is a fast learner when it comes to languages and can speak a child's grasp of the imperial language of Tian Xia and a decent amount of one of the language native to northern Sahuli.

Vulnerable Ears: As sensitive as his hearing is, there is always the risk of becoming deafened by louder than average noises. Canonfire, for example, can be a painful experience, leaving him with an agonizing headache and temporary loss of hearing.
Sensitive Eyes: As excellent as they are in the dark, Khet eyes are painfully sensitive to the light of day, making it tricky to move about during daylight hours. To compensate, he ties a dark clothe over his eyes, trading clear vision for dark, cloudy vision.
Brittle Bones: While his bones aren’t quite brittle enough to shatter simply from bumping into a door frame, Khet’s bones are much less dense when compared to a human and thus makes him especially vulnerable to blunt force attacks. A reasonable punch to the face could theoretically fracture any bone unlucky enough to catch it.
Illiteracy: Having no written form of communication in his own culture, the concept of reading and writing are a totally foreign to him.
Vain: If Khet is about anything, it's looking as fabulous as he can, whenever and wherever. He would rather spend all of his money than look less that perfect, by his standards.
Racist: He is also very racist, and if asked about it, he will gladly tell you how all other races are inferior to his.

History: Born on the faraway continent of Sahuli, Khet’s fate seemed to be locked into one that many of his people had followed before him; grow up, get married, squabble with his wife for power before finally dying of something nasty, like a poison arrow to the face. And for most of his childhood, that's exactly where his path was headed. Born to the matriarch's eldest daughter, Khet was one of the few men in his clan to be born with any sort of standing. He was a happy infant, often playing with his sisters as equals. As infants, there was no gender discrimination.

The year he learned to walk changed his happy little universe forever. He had just turned two years old and had taken his first tentative steps by himself when he was whisked away by one of his mother's handful of husbands. Boys and girls did not grow up with each other beyond the breast. The first few weeks after the separation, very few members of the clan got any real sleep as Khet would wail for his mother day and night. It was only when she gave up one of her silk blankets to him that he finally stopped.

Now under the care of his fathers, Khet grew with the constant reminder that women were always superior to men. Women are smarter, women are more important, women are the reason any of them existed; all of it was drummed into his head.

(Headed north along coast then east. Captured in north of Sahuli and sold to traders from north islands as oddity. Move up into Tan Xia and head west along south trade route to Kaltaris, Eyropa. Spend time as 'pet' to lady. Escape after learning basic language, during the night. Head back east along southern trade route back into Tan Xia. Hunt down exotic pet traders. Chicken out and flee east to Ji then north to Dalouxiu(?). Steal supplies. Head west along north trade route towards Thar Shaddin. Think of something to do from there.)