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Vahn Riverdown
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Name: Vahn Riverdown
Race: Human

Vahn Riverdown

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Character Profile: Vahn Riverdown

Racial: Human Male
Age: 28 years
Occupation: Courier

Vahn of Riverdown is a warm skinned human male of average height, with a warrior's physique, and cleanly shaven jaw. Strangers note first his grim charisma, his commanding posture, and his trademark black bandana. He smirks easily however in the company of women, the clergy, and fast friends. His clothing is often world worn and weary. Brown, dusty, and as drab as a missionary traveler. However he enjoys excellent taste in leatherwork boots and is particularly knowledgeable in their care and cleaning. Indeed, if one looks close enough he might just discover that Vahn has replaced his shoe soles himself, and more than once too. His hair color is a sandy brown and long enough to cover his forehead and ears.

Strengths and Weakness:

Sponsored Education:
+ Vahn was a bright boy in a well to-do family. As such, he was tutored from a young age to fulfill certain family responsibilities. Introducing him to reading, writing, and arithmetic from a young age allowed his mind and talents to grow. Even as an adult he keeps these habits close to him. Making time for continued learning by scribbling notes, hording paper, and even carrying a few writing trinkets with him where ever he goes.

Renaissance Man:
+ Vahn is proficient with a great many trades and tasks. Showing appreciation and utility for farm animals such as: horses, chickens, goats, and pigs. Also having experienced introductions into carpentry, masonry, architecture, fire-fighting, weaving, leatherworking, smithing, and authoring poems. No doubt from his excellent reading habits and his time spent in the Riverdowns countryside. A master of no art but uncommonly practiced in all. His brothers would site this insatiable curiosity for learning as a character flaw, if given the chance.

Paragon of Dexterity:
+ Vahn is something of a roguish corsair. Light and nimble on his feet, softer with a blade, often compared to the quickness of the wood elves. There is little doubt that his light constitution is balanced out well by his crafty reflexes, cunning observations, and sheer speed of flight. While his natural talent for dexterity makes him outstanding among his fellow men, he can't outrun a bear, outswim a fish, or outfox a fox. An understanding of which, brands even Vahn with a level of humility not customarily found amongst competitive athletes his age.

- Vahn is allergic to bee stings, onions, and cats. Bees make him swell up like a pumpkin, onions make him sick to vomiting, and cats cause him to sneeze uncontrollably with puffy eyes. Headaches and dizziness almost always accompany any symptom. As such, he keeps burned into his memory a small number of family recipes to concoct during a crisis. If only to help a man sleep at night.

Color Blindness:
- Vahn possesses a rare eye inflection that causes a fair amount of color blindness. Especially in low lighting. For a man who claims to see the world in shades of gray, he just might mean it more literally than most. Red and green are especially vexing, perhaps another reason why he never took up painting. Though he claims it does not affect his reading habits, only his fashion sense.

Terrible Bowman:
- For a man who prides himself on his learning's and experience, one skill avoids him the most. Archery. Whether on horse-back or just standing still, Vahn is a terrible, terrible bowman. From bow care, construction, finger-play, and proper execution; he just cannot deviant from disaster. A frustration that moves him deeply.

The Common Mark:
- Amazing as his history might be, Vahn still cares about him the common mark. The physical descriptions that paint a man as of having lived far away from royalties purple pillows. Harsh body markings such as: scars, burns, stitches, pulled teeth, and lost toenails. From sunburns to callused hands, his body defines it all. He even branded himself once with a horse iron to disrupt the ink of a small tattoo on his shoulder blade. A trick that both saved his life and earned him no great sympathy from his tormentors. After all, few men carry the markings of a perfectly good race horse too.


Personal Possessions:
  • + Travelers clothing.
    + Borrowed rapier, boot knife, and horse named Agatha.
    + Pair of excellent riding boots.
    + Riding saddle and blanket.
    + A number of wooden shoeboxes for letter keeping.
    + His lucky black bandana.

Childhood and Beyond:

Vahn of Riverdown was born the third son of Emery and Nina Garrett in the city of Keltaris, Eyropa. He shared a lavish lifestyle and upbringing alongside two brothers and two sisters. Kyle, Vincent, Emma, and Muse. To note, he was called Young Master Garrett back then. Especially by his stern and brooding nanny. In contrast, pleasant and kind, his father Emery Pierce Garrett, was a wealthy landowner, sea merchant, and investor in the coastal region. One among many enterprising men who took great pride in their passion for renaissance. Now, Emery had inherited a large estate and numerous responsibilities from the adventures and swashbuckling of his own father, Callaway Garrett. As such, Vahn was raised with great care and strict orders in the arts of business, penmanship, and careful politics. It was a prized childhood rare on quality even among the nobility. Sadly this lifestyle of peace and plenty was not to last.

His mother Nina died of fever in Vahn's tenth year as a boy and his father suddenly, and more-so urgently, remarried. The new mistress of the house took a disliking to Emery's boys, she having two sons of her own already. Her name was Nicole and she came from another wealthy and political line inside the city. She was far too young and far too addicted for a conservative man like Emery Garrett to control, and it was no doubt the beginning of a loveless and spiteful marriage. When the disenchantments and persecutions became unbearable for Vahn and his brothers to shoulder, they elected to push back against his step-mother in far more irresponsible ways. Often resulting in violent feuds with their step-brothers and midnight escapades outside the estate. Emery Garrett was not unfamiliar with the tears appearing inside his own family and elected to have Vahn and his older brother removed from the city before the damage became permanent. The two boys would be sent away to live with their uncle in the countryside. To continue their education and teenage years away from their incorrigible step-mother's influence. An influence of considerable poison that would no doubt contribute to Emery's rapidly graying beard and perhaps even shorten the old man's life by years. She would undoubtedly become the cause behind his spoiled fortunes many years later.

Adulthood on the Riverdown:

While Vahn's oldest brother, Kyle, remained on the coast to assist his father, Vahn and his other brother Vincent took to a more modest adulthood in the countryside. Their so-called 'uncle' and newly cemented guardian was a landowner by the name of Gascard Enhair. A robust and militant man who was often compared because of his size to the very hill giants themselves. His imposing stature was championed only by his long, lusterous black beard that rested easily upon his impressive and gilded chest. Vahn would receive no special treatment in this man's care. He and his brother both would be apprenticed to the Stables to learn and tend to the horses. Their new adulthood in the Enhair household would be one defined by labor and by sweat. It wasn't all bad though. Perhaps even becoming forgotten at the best of times, it was here that Vahn would learn many of his signature tricks and workman's trades. Spending his best years amongst the grass and trees that grew near the Riverdowns.

He gained new friends as well. The Stable Master was a strong northern woman with pale white skin and warm freckled cheeks by the name of Nora. Her elaborate blond hair braids would shift from week to week. Always seeming to grow more spectacular with every passing day. She taught Vahn his various laborers proficiencies and encouraged him to keep up his noble writing habits. Procuring books to continue his education was a good habit that kept Vahn reading, thinking, and challenging the world. Introduced him to new ideas, cumbersome religions, and sparking his imagination to keep on learning. Especially that one spectacular adult novela he bought during a trip back to the city's coast. Nora quickly removed it from his curious teenage custody and now counts it among her favorite bedtime collections. And I will say no more.

Ahem. Upon turning nineteen Vahn began traveling with Gascard Enhair and his merry entourage on a more consistent basis. By then his brother Vincent had found Apprenticeship on a coastal vessel and long since departed to experience the freedoms of the sea. That same wanderlust or perhaps splashing freedom was no less present in Vahn's spirits either. It seemed the boy was destined to travel. Gascard Enhair's happy entourage was in the business of selling horses and betting upon gambling races. And they would chase these profits all around Keltaris and beyond. Gascard's business was lucrative but his tax payments and magical sideline deals were often less then pleasant communications. Enhair had a head for soldiering and horse raising but his ambition and various conflicts with vain nobility would be the death of him. He was killed whilst traveling by a foreign mage and his estate was quickly sold into darker hands to satisfy noble demands. Vahn and Nora would be asked to pack their bags and to leave immediately that very week. The new Lordling of the property was just a daft boy, not even a sign of a beard, and took no fancy in entertaining the idea pf older residents and servants. Thusly so, Vahn's destiny as a full grown man turned north and would eventually lead him to a far away land and Thar called Shaddin.

I won't speak further as to why Vahn no longer calls himself a Garrett and perhaps why he did not return to the estate of his father. One only need know that with the sudden disappearance of his family name came the untimely removal of his inheritance as well. A tragic detail that shall remain a mystery. ...For now.

The Present:

Horizons upon Thar Shaddin:

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Name: Vahn Riverdown
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Re: Vahn Riverdown

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Ready for Appraisal. :)

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I've read over your app and it looks good to me. The only thing I might bring up is this one sentence:
Light and nimble on his feet, softer with a blade, often compared to the quickness of the wood elves.
I know what you were going for and trying to imply, I just want to let you know that we don't really have "wood elves." Sure, some of the elves live in deeply forested areas but all elves are considered just elves no matter where they live or what color their skin may be (just like with humans).

I'm going to approve this as is.
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