Daniel Stormforge

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Name: Daniel
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Daniel Stormforge

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im not the best at writing but i really like the idea of Role Play so.... here goes nothing.
Name:Daniel Stormforge

Physical Description:
Daniel is about 6 foot tall a rather large size for his race. He has a rather large build as he has been working in a forge for the last couple of years. Daniel has thin black hair that reaches down to about chin height. His eyes are a dark blue like the sky during a storm. Daniel usually has a short beard not any longer than 3cm. He has a rich tan and has a scar on his left cheek.

Short sword: This sword was made by Daniel. This sword was cooled in the blood of an ogre making it stronger than usual metals. This sword named is named Truth and due to the magical forces from the metal which it is made from it shines when the night is darkest.

Wooden shield: This shield is made from the last standing tree of his destroyed town. It has a metal rim and sharp edges. This shield has a resistance to fire due to an enchantment placed on it by a wizard friend of his deciesed parents.

Black cloak: This cloak is made from the pelt of a dire wolf mother. Due to its material it blends into shadows allowing the owner to be as stealthy as possible.

Bow: This bow comes from previous generations in Daniels family. It was passed on from father to son and was used for hunting or to fight off intruders.

Powers or Strengths:
Due to Daniels build and past he is very strong allowing him to deal with day to day fighting or work.
Daniel is very skilled with his sword and his bow due to him being a skilled hunter and due to him being taught by a very skilled swordman. Daniel is very stealthy and very agile, this allows him to escape tricky situationse. Daniel is also a very good leader and very charismatic, this was a skill he was born with which has allowed him to make many allies and friends through his life.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Daniel is very rash at the time to make decisions. This can get him into some tricky situations. Daniel also has a crippling fear of ghouls or lost spirits as they remind him of childhood nightmares. My charachter is also very trusting, this can be bad as he might trust in people who might stab him in the back. His desire for revenge also leads to attacks of rage that can end in harm to Daniel and his friends.

Daniel was born in a small riverside town in the forest. Most of the town lived off the local fish and off the boar in the forest. His father was called Olaf and was a very skilled hunter, he taught Daniel all the tips and tricks of the bow and also taught him how to blend in with the forest. His mother was called Emma, she was skilled in the art of curing magic. Even though Olaf did not aprove ,Emma would teach Daniel some healing spells. The day Daniel reached the age of 14 something terrible happened. A horde of trolls attacked the town. During the attack Olaf told Daniel to hide from the trolls as he knew that trolls would not let a small boy live. Daniel took his family bow and ran to the graveyard, he saw an open grave and decided to hide in the coffin that was in the grave. He lay there for seven hours during the siege of his town. There was silence. Daniel escaped from his hiding spot and layed his eyes upon the massacre that had just occured. There were piles of dead bodies everywhere he looked. The bodies of his people. He recognised all of the faces. He reached a pile of bodies which he recognised too well. Th bodies of his familly. his father had a gaping hole in the back of his skull and his mother had both legs ripped off and her head had been turned around 180 degrees. He swore that one day he would unleash his revenge upon the creatures that carried out this killing.

Daniel was forced to run off into the forest. His only friends were his bow and his arrows. Daniel wondered the forest and lived off of it for 2 years until he reached the town of shim. When he reached the town he was taken in by a kind blacksmith. In exchange for food and a bed he worked at the forge. The blacksmith also taught Daniel the art of the sword and when the time came Daniel forged his own sword. When Danie, reached the age of 18 he set off to try and make something of his life. The goals that Daniel has set for himself is to create a army of men to rule aggainst the trolls that killed his people. He will also attempt to fight the injustice and corruption caused by the war in the lands. This brings us to now...

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Re: Daniel Stormforge

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You might want to read the Rules and Setting.

This site might be better suited to your style of RP: http://www.unicornsvisions.com/forum/

If you have any questions, contact me or another moderator.

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