Hanzi Badi

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Name: Hanzi Badi
Race: Crow Shifter Elven

Hanzi Badi

Post by Hanzi_Badi » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:36 am

Name: Hanzi Badi (Han as in 'han solo" si, Badi rhymes with body)
Age: 20
Race: Crow Shifter/ 1/4 Elven

Physical Description: Hanzi is shorter than most crow shifters, standing at 5 feet 1 inches. Her skin is fairly pale, her eyes friendly brown eyes are fairly large for her face, ringed by thick black lashes. Her lips are naturally red and her body has finally taken on a womanly shape--something she was sure would never happen! Her hair falls to her waist in thick black waves and has a distinct purple sheen to it in the sun. Six black feathers are tied in various sections of her hair.Her clothing is usually simple, a red cotton over dress that falls to her knees and gray linen pants that she has sewn lace to.


Hanzi lives a nomadic life, and doesn't posses much, but what she does possess has great meaning and value to her.

Six Feathers: These feathers were given to her as a very young girl, each one from her families ancestors.

Onyx Ring: The Onyx is actually fairly small and oval shaped, set in a simple silver band. It's a bit big for most of her fingers, and she wears it on her left thumb. It is the only thing she has left to remember her father by.

Powers or Strengths:

Intelligence: Like most of her tribe Hanzi is exceptionally smart. Most learned people would term her a 'genius'. She learns rapidly and like most children in her tribe, rarely needs to be shown something twice before it is committed to memory. Hanzi loves learning anything and everything, and is curious about everything and every one. She can learn languages quickly and like all children in her tribe, was encouraged to use their unique brilliant minds to figure problems out for themselves. She also loves puzzles or anything that challenges the mind, as she isn't particularly strong.

Friendliness: Hanzi is incredibly friendly and very rarely meets a person she can't befriend. Her brothers Lash and Pall are equally friendly, which is not as common with crows, and they are often called upon to conduct trade with strangers or calm down arguments.

Fire Magic: She is the only one of her family to inherit their father's gifts. Though she has great potential to be more, she can only create small flames the size of her palm. She doesn't like to use it often, only when their climates are too wet to start a fire normally, or when they arrive too late at a place to rest.

Mimicry: The ability to copy sounds (such as other birds calls, or water) is very common in Hanzi's, tribe, especially in women. However Hanzi has an ear for mimicking other's voices, as does her brother Lash. She uses this ability to joke around--though half of the time the jokes aren't always funny to others.

Lock Picking: Because Hanzi loves mental challenges and puzzles, lock picking is something that calls to her. She can pick any lock she comes in contact with and has yet to meet one that proves to be too much of a challenge. However she will be the first do admit that she hasn't come across too many varying types of locks, and therefore can't compare them to something that might be harder to crack.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Curiosity: They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it's the crow. Due to her high intelligence, Hanzi has an insatiable curiosity that often gets her in trouble--and has almost killed her on more than on occasion.

Temper: While good at calming others down, Hanzi herself can get riled when her feelings hurt and will lash out---only to regret the things she said, almost immediately. It can take her a couple of days to apologize, but she always does, and means it. Seeing others treated unfairly or unjustly gets her temper going fairly quickly as well, but she is trying hard to curb that reaction, as its landed her in hot water before.

Jewelry: Hanzi likes jewelry, or really anything shiny! A silver fork would even do it! She is known for bounding off in the direction of anything glittery and you would be hard pressed to try and stop her. She's been known to steal (or find) jewelry, she almost can't help it, the compulsion is so deep. She doesn't keep the jewelry on her person however, and hides it in different locations along her travels in case she needs it someday.

Trickery/Lying: Hanzi often uses trickery, coercion, and lies of the gray sort to get things. This is a very common practice in her tribe, where people often try to trick others into getting them to do chores for them. Its a point of pride on their half, and Hanzi feels that when doing so, it is for the mutual benefit of both parties. Trade is always involved, but how objects are obtained may not always been honest. Some people may have problems with this, but for Hanzi, this is just the way things are.


Hanzi was raised with her two older brothers by her Crow mother and half elven father, as well as her tribe. They have traveled not only all over Eyropa, but to Tian Xia and Darelone Island as well. Her tribe is nomadic, and spend much of their time as crows rather than humans, though they do spend their spring and summer months most of the time in their human forms. Hanzi's father was a fire mage who found her mother as a crow with a broken wing. He went about fixing it, and when he came back in the morning, found a woman instead! Needless to say he wanted answers.

Within a few months of knowing her and her family, he married her, loving to travel himself. Lash--the eldest son--was born four years later, and Pall followed two years after that. Hanzi, their last child, was born only 10 months after Pall. Hanzi grew up in a happy and close knit community--though danger was common and the fledglings heeded their parents warnings well. Hanzi was smaller than most her age, and weaker as well. But what she lacked in brawn she made up for in agility and speed. Not even her brother could catch up to her running or flying. She spent many days flying and running with her friends, but was just as often found speaking to the elders and learning from them. She wished to know everything about every one, and could be a worse gossip than chickens! It took her several weeks to understand why it was important not to repeat everything she was told or heard.

Of all her siblings, Hanzi was the only one who had the gift of fire magic like her father. However as a tiny tot when he began teaching her she burned her arm when practicing alone, and from then on refused to make anything larger than her palm. Her father stopped teaching her, assuming it was the only thing she could do. Hanzi w s grateful, as the feeling of fire coursing through her veins when she wielded the magic scared her, and she worried that she wouldn't be able to control it. Hanzi and her brothers were pranksters--as the young are--and when Lash and Hanzi learned mimicry they used it for practical jokes that nearly killed both Lash and Pall.

The tribe, nomadic in nature, often traveled in their crow forms, as they could cover distances faster and much more safely, preferring to stay deep in the woods rather than by roads where they could be seen. There were not many rules in the tribe, but the most important was that one could only keep their form for up to a week. When Hanzi questioned why she was told that if they stayed in their crow form longer than a week often times all memories of their human nature--and even their tribe and families--were erased and they became wild. At the age of 3 Hanzi was given feathers that were braided into her hair Each glossy black feather once belonged to her ancestors. The reason for this is curious, and even the Wise ones cannot explain it. When wearing the feathers in the hair, the shifter is able to keep their clothes on when reverting back from their crow form. The Wise Ones theorize that the reason for this is because the magic was more potent in their ancestors, and the combined magic still left on the feathers has altered things somehow. All members wear between 5 and 10 feathers in their hair, depending on the potency of the feathers.

Hanzi was 14 when her father died. He had stopped at a small village in Eyropa while she had trailed behind him in her Crow form. Sadly, she wasn't fast enough to stop a human man from stabbing her father in the back before running off with his purse of money. She had given a shrill scream and took off after him., attacking. She suffered a deep gash on her back (leaving a scar on her back from her shoulder to the middle of her back) but plucked one of his eyes out. Her scream alerted her tribe and they rushed to her aid, killing the murderer in a matter of seconds. Due to this travesty, Hanzi lashed out by going to brothels and taverns and mimicking voices of men in such a way that it instigated fights to ensure at least one ner-do-well died, thusly leaving the world short of one more bad man. At least this is her rationalizing.

In Hanzi's tribe, when the fledglings turn 18, they are to go off into the world to explore, learn, and grow for 5 years. Once those years are done they can start new tribes or return to the old one. More than half usually come back. Due to their father's death, Lash and Pal remained behind to take care of their mother and Hanzi. However, when Hanzi turned 18 they decided to head out on their own, and were happy to have Hanzi along, who begged to go with them. They traveled together for two years before Hanzi decided to strike out on her own and explore more of the world--which her brothers were hesitant to do. She left them in the middle of the night, and has been exploring every since.

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Re: Hanzi Badi

Post by Katona » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:52 am

Welcome to Thar, Hanzi!

I just have a couple of things I'd liked changed before I approve the character. Firstly, I feel that the trickery/lying weakness isn't really much of a weakness. It just means she's better at it and feels less guilt than other people, which is actually a strength. You should move it to the strengths section and add another weakness instead.

The history is great, but I'd like to see you expand on the part where she commits murders by describing how it has an effect on her. How does causing people to die change her? Or does she simply not value humanoid life at all? Can you elaborate how her father's death has changed her view of the world?

If you have any questions, let me know, either by catching me in chat, sending me a pm, or replying here. When you're ready to have the app looked at again, reply to this thread letting me know.

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