Kaoru Daedalus

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Kaoru Daedalus

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Player Name: RenKronos123

Character Name:Kaoru Daedalus

~Physical Description~
Short, slender boy. Dark skinned. Has green hair with black highlights and wolf like ears. Always wears a elongated green slim suit jacket, black and green pinstripe dress pants, a black fedora with a green feather, black leather strap boots, and a open knuckle glove with a magic circle on the palm.

Kaoru has a pocket watch and a 2-ft long cane crowned with a 4-inch blade. He also owns the grand library. He is abundant in money through his book lending system. He allows any book to be taken out with a fee of 15 bishan for every day it is gone. typically 24 books are taken out each day, 144 books a week and the library is closed on Thursdays.

~Powers and Strengths~
=Abilities & Skills=Kaoru only knows how to use a simple teleportation spell that allows him to move 300 yards in one second. He makes up for his lack of magic by training in the art of Jujitsu which contains a series of throws and kicks and the occasional jab. He also incorporates his blade tipped cane in his fighting, along with his teleportation ability.

=Silvery Tongue=Most of the Warbeast race have a special skill such as: The ability to command and make others do what they say, The ability to enlighten or make others see the truth, and The ability to deceive or make others believe your lies. Kaoru has the ability of deceit.

=Very Playful=Kaoru loves games and he typically wins. He uses his deception ability to his advantage to make you believe you are making the best move. He stands undefeated.

=Knowledge=Kaoru owns the Grand Libary in Marn. He uses enhanced glasses that allow him to take information in faster. As a result he has read and took into deep thought about every book in the library over the course of two years. He has knowledge of every living thing and non-living thing. He has memorized all theologies and mastered every formula.

=Political Status=Being all knowing and so fluent in the world of politics,Kaoru is constantly asked to help in politics. Although he always denies the requests. He remains a political figure through the Marn representative. He arranges the politician's speeches and meetings.

=No Memory=Kaoru purposely erased his memories of his family to keep his sanity.

=Defective Tongue=Kaoru's Deception ability does not work on Elven women.

=Violent=Kaoru's past leaves no room for joking. Any threat is taken seriously and is dealt with immediately. The actions taken depend on the severity of the threat.

=Not-so-super Hearing=Warbeasts' ears are extremely sensitive and can hear sounds miles away. But, loud sounds up close or high frequency sounds hurt there ears. It hurts their ears to such a degree that they are paralyzed when it happens.


[The story begins in a small Warbeast village of Hikmat,Chibuzo. A boy named Kaoru the age of thirteen is old enough to join a War clan. War clans were the government of the warbeasts and also served as gangs to take over enemy villages. It was said that the power of a war clan was determined by how many territories it had taken over. Out of the 32 clans our protagonist Kaoru had chosen to join the Band of Rogues Clan. He scurries home to his mother, father, and two twin sisters.]

"Mother, Father! I have great news!" exclaimed an excited Kaoru.

"Must be for you to barge in the door like that." snapped his sister Mizuki.

"Don't be so rude sister. Continue Kaoru." Lucie snapped back

"The Band of Rogues have agreed to take me under their wing. With the exception that I have to take a 3-year training to become an official member." Kaoru continued

[Kaoru's family hated the idea of the war clans. They wanted no part in it, if such were possible. The boy had fascinated about the glory of winning a clan war, raising to the top ranks of the clan charts.]

"Son, are you sure this is what you wish to do?" replied Leos, Kaoru's father.

Kaoru reading the atmosphere made no effort to answer the question. Instead he snapped back at his father.

"Im packing my bag." grunted a furious Kaoru.

[Kaoru was packing his bag when he came across a pocket watch. The watch was old and had a picture of him and his father. The picture was taken the day he decided to tell his family about his decision to become a war clan member three years ago. after staring he threw the watch in his trunk. He then put on his nicest suit and ran out the door clasping a note in his hand.]

"Later!" Kaoru shouted out the door.

[Kaoru met a man in a full suit of armor at the place he was told to meet his mentor, Vojtěch Patrik Valentin Blažej.
the note said to call him VP for short. Kaoru nonchalantly asked the man if he was VP.]

"Huh? Yeah..." VP replied "You the new recruit Kao?"

"Yeah..." Kaoru replied annoyed "And its-"

"Let's get going!" exclaimed VP

[The two jogged an 8 mile journey to the nearest shore]

"We will use this boat and cross The Great Scar to Semerkhet." ordered VP "There your training will commence."

[Kaoru took the boat out to Semerkhet like he was told. And once there Kaoru trained for three long years. He learned a simple spell to get him out of sticky situations. This spell was teleportation. And he studied the art of Jujistu. His birthday was his last day of training. On this day VP got, Kaoru or Kao as he called him, a cane crowned with a blade and a new attire with the clan colors green and black. Kaoru moved around and stretched in his new gear.]

"Amazing" pronounced Kaoru.

[VP smiled]

"Time to get you home kid" VP muttered.

"Yeah, its been three years hasn't it" Kaoru mumbled

"What?" called VP.

"Nothing Old Man, I'm coming" snapped Kaoru

[VP chuckled. The two sailed back to Chibuzo. 5 miles into their trek to Hikmat, both of them heard a shriek. Kaoru sprinted for the village.But, The shriek was so terrifying that the rock hard VP froze on the spot. Kaoru found the village ablaze.Then he noticed some men walk into his house and the rest of the men guarded the door. Kaoru rushed into action. He took out every enemy within in sight he spared no one. He barged in the door to find the most fearsome creature he ever met. He was a built Warbeast with cat like ears and eyes. He told Kaoru to sit and he was forced to sit]

"Why can't I move!" gasped Kaoru

The monster replied "Commanding ability. All of us have a special ability."

"I know that!" snapped Kaoru

The monster slightly annoyed, asked "Why don't you tell me your ability"

"Why would-" Kaoru started

"Tell me!" The monster ordered.

"Deception" Kaoru vocalized

unimpressed The monster asked "This your family kid?, What if they were dead?"

[Just then Kaoru saw a mark that looked like a falcon in the ground on his chest. At that moment Kaoru realized he was messing with the top clan. And not only that their leader as well. A Warbeast capable of killing with no thought or on "accident". Vulcan. This was his opponent. Not even that it was his nightmare.]

Vulcan sighed. "Ill let them live if you follow these conditions: One, You lose all your memories of them, Two they will remain invisible to your sight only, and Three the only thing you can see of them is there blood."

Vulcan asked wickedly "Do you accept?"

[Kaoru hesitated. how could he trust this monster. But, if he was telling the truth his family would be safe.]

"I-I accept" Kaoru mumbled

Vulcan smiled "Good..."

[In a swift move Vulcan clenched Kaoru's face. Kaoru screamed as Vulcan made every trace of Kaoru's family dissapear within Kaoru's own mind. Kaoru let out a shriek. Now VP had woken from his trance and charged for the village.]

VP shouted in despair " Kao!" VP teleported to the house and interupted the ritual.

[Conditions two and three had been met, but since VP interupted the ritual Kaoru kept his memories. Kaoru still could not see his family]

Vulcan infuriated " You fool!"

[Just then everyone but Vulcan, Kaoru, and VP were obliterated. Blood scattered across the room. Kaoru focused his attention to a corner of the room where there was blood but no bodies.]

Vulcan explained furiously " You imbecile! You violated the contract only those within the circle were safe!"

[VP was stunned.Vulcan without any troops stormed off.]

VP softly apoligizing "Kao-"

Kaoru screamed "My name is not Kao!"

VP saying to himself "I know it's Kaoru."

[Kaoru randomly teleported until he ended up on a cold counter-top in a giant library. An old man reading a book looked at the frightened boy.]

The man smiled "Shush, you will disturb the tranquility of my library."

Kaoru looked around "Huge..."

The old man walking toward a back room said "You may stay, Just sleep on the desk." tapping one with his cane on his way back to the room.

Kaoru looking at the desk "Your kidding?"

"Nope!" the old man shut the door behind him.

[Kaoru set his cane on one of the bookshelves. He layed on the desk, but could not get to sleep because something was in his pocket. His pocket watch. The photo still remained in it, but he could not see his family at all just him standing in the corner next to a giant dome building. He fell asleep with the pocket watch. The next morning. The old man, holding the pocket watch, was head-to-head with Kaoru.]

The old man intrigued, asked "What is your full name?"

Kaoru startled "K-Kaoru Daedalus. Why?"

The old man asked another question and ignored Kaoru's "Is this you in this picture with your family?"

Kaoru hesitated "Yes."

The old man pressing "What is your father's full name?"

Kaoru answered "Leos Daedalus."

The old man now smiling "What's my name?"

Kaoru confused "George?"

The old man whacks Kaoru and answers for him "Morpheus Daedalus."

[Kaoru is filled with joy, but he cannot understand why he can see him.]

Kaoru dissapointed and angry, barks at Morpheus "You're lying! I can see you!"

Morpheus replied "Cursed aye?"

[Morpheus explains to Kaoru how Vulcan only cursed him from seeing the family in his eyesight, which was his mother, father, and two sisters. Kaoru suddenly asks if Morpheus can rid him of the memories of the event]

"I could, but the blank it would leave in your memory might make you crazier later on." replies a flustered Morpheus

"I rather have that!" snaps Kaoru.

"Fine, but in return you will inherit my library after my death" answers Morpheus

[Morpheus conducts the spell and erases Kaoru's memory of the event. Kaoru screaming from the migrains. Morpheus stares at Kaoru.]

"You will need to stay under my watch for now." orders Morpheus.

[3 years pass and Morpheus is on his death bed. He gives Kaoru a pass to access all the rooms in the library. Hours pass and Morpheus dies. Kaoru is now 19. He leaves for Chibuzo, Hikmat to leave the Band of Rogues war clan. When he arrives the village is booming in full gear again. He wishes to spend no more time than necessary to leave his war clan. He enters the recruitment office and resigns. He returns to the library in Marn. A year passes and Kaoru has doubled the amount of books in the library and added a purchasing and holding fee to the books. Another year passes and Kaoru becomes established in political affairs, has read every book in the library, and has become one of the richest men in Marn.]

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Re: Kaoru Daedalus

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I recommend you go to Unicorn Visions.

Based on the two apps you have posted I think your character designs and writing style will fit well there.
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