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Morgan The Black
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Name: Morgan The Black
Race: Half Elven

Morgan The Black

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Name: Morgan The Black
Age: 44
Race: Half elven

Physical Description: Morgan is shorter than the average man, and stands only 5'9. His overall complexion is fair but barely maintained. His hair is brown and slightly unkempt, growing longer than the normal man lets it because of his lack of desire to cut it. His eyes are a darker blue and often squinted, as if being forced to constantly take in Morgan's surroundings. Needless to say the few lines that do mar Morgan's features reside around his eyes. For clothing an average brown tunic suffices Morgan for any occasion that he is likely to be involved in, dyed black pants will most often accompany this and rarely be changed. Indeed Morgan does not even own a shred of clothing he would consider decorative, not seeing any use to them whatsoever.

A darker green cloak of simple make and worn but well kept appearance adorns Morgan's shoulders, it is saturated with the scent of nature and layered with dirt which has obviously not been bothered with on purpose. Morgan keeps the dirt stains and discoloring on the cloak as it helps him to blend in to the surrounding area on the wilderness more, this does not help him in the city of course. A belt of hardened brown leather wraps around Morgan's waist and kept on this the sheath for his dagger, as well as a few pouches and a water skin. Brown gloves with course leather on the palms always accompany Morgan in to battle, so as to aid his grip of his weapon. The knuckles of these gloves have been inlaid with small pockets of bronze so as to make his punches more damaging if things should come to that. His boots are made of hardened leather alike to his belt. But just as his gloves the tips of these boots have been inlaid with bronze so as to make them stronger when they need to be.



Morgan owns a bronze scimitar of good but not masterwork make, a bronze dirk accompanies him as well. These weapons are not as strong as iron weapons though they are the only ones that he can use, luckily they are cheap to repair if they break or get damaged. Both of these weapons are wrapped in a soft black leather around the handle, and kept in hard black leather for their scabbards, Morgan's sword rests on his back normally but the dirk goes to his belt.

Powers or Strengths:

Weapons: Morgan is able to use a sword extremely well, as well as dagger like weapons. While his swordplay is not insurmountable he is definitely an intelligent and experienced fighter, who will embrace every dirty trick in the book to attain victory in combat. His throwing skills with a dagger are good but not amazing, his effective range is about ten feet. With spears Morgan is not quite so good in melee but he understand the basics of using one in combat. He muchly prefers to throw these weapons though, as his effectiveness with one is about twenty feet, and thirty with a javelin or other spear made specifically for throwing.

Wood-lore: Morgan isn't so good with the hiding part of wood-lore, the extent of his skill with this is the ability to hide for a small amount of time from animals he might be tracking but not exactly from humans, especially those with sharp eyes. He is able to construct traps extremely well and hide those masterfully. He can also track down prey, be they a man or beast, outside of a heavily populated area is preferable but he isn't totally useless within a city. Skinning an animal and making use of their remains as well as finding plants to eat or help with wounds and poisons are all things that Morgan has the ability to do as well.

Eyes: A bit of magic never hurt anyone, especially not when that person couldn't actually be accused of using illegal magic since his abilities don't manifest physically. Morgan's eyes have the ability to read aura's and pick up the general mood of a person as well as their level of danger to him or another person. Say for example someone outlined with a dark blue aura who had a hint of red around their head, would seem to Morgan as a depressed man with the intent of hurting someone soon. Besides this his eyes are also about as sharp as they come and they show no sign of lessening any time soon.

Lying can also be detected, as a quick black pulse moves through a person's aura when they do so. A theft could be detected as a green smokey color taints a person's hands when they commit one for a couple days. It is the same for a kill or murder, only the color is dark red. If someone were accented with white in their aura Morgan would assume them to be a person of honorable and or overall good character. Black would be quite frightening, and Morgan would assume them to be one of the worst individuals around. These powers obviously give Morgan an extreme advantage in assessing the quality of a person's character as well as their intentions, as well as make him one of the best at sniffing out a traitor or assassin. In short the perfect body guard or investigator/interrogator, and unless someone is behind a foot or more of solid matter their aura can't be masked from Morgan, making it impossible for someone to hide from him in the shadows, behind a door, or even in the dark of the night itself. Each aura is so unique Morgan can often tell the difference between two people by the appearance of their aura. The only person's aura that Morgan has so far been unable to see, is actually his own. He does not understand why this might be but he can't imagine he'd like what he saw anyway, so he is rather alright with this.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Iron: By far this is Morgan's most dreaded weakness, the mere touch of iron not only negates his own magical powers but simultaneously makes him to weak to pick up his staff. Strength, speed, agility, endurance and all other physical attributes become virtually non existent in him and for all purposes he is nearly useless. Morgan's powers and abilities come back just as easily as they are lost though, so as soon as he is no longer touching iron he is returned to normal condition. While iron is obviously not a big threat to his race in general Morgan suspects that it is his magical abilities that cause him to react to iron in such a way, being both a blessing and a curse.

Hidden weakness: While Morgan has touched iron before and gone through this reaction a couple times, he has never before been in contact with silver before, and little does he know that if he were to touch silver the same thing would happen to him as when he touches iron.

Alcoholism: Without alcohol Morgan is indeed sub-par in both mood and function. He must drink a little each day if for no other reason than his mind demands it. If he doesn't he will start feeling sick, and his eye sight even begins to fade, at least the magical side. He is still quite the accomplished swordsman though, at least for the first day, the second things get even worse and he feels even worse, almost to the point where travel and fighting are not possible, the third day is when these things truly do become impossible for him. It would take at least a month for him to shake this weakness but for the majority of that time he would be in about the same condition as he was in day two. It is possible that this is more of a mental than a physical condition for him, and he shows no signs of wanting to change. Especially considering that Morgan mainly drinks to forget his past, but is unable to stop thinking about it regardless of how much he drinks.

Haunted past: Morgan shows reckless tendencies when he is trying to redeem himself for his actions in the past, this leads to him doing things that are perhaps unwise at the time. Even somewhat counter productively if this would endanger people he is with he would not stop to think before acting, and go through with whatever deranged thought entered his mind. If someone were to be aware of his past and remind him of it they could easily send him in to a rage and cause him to enter a battle he couldn't possibly win. Being that Morgan was once renowned for for his brutality and effectiveness as a guard and killer this could easily happen.

Unable to find work: Once Morgan was thought of as one of the greatest swords you could hire, excellent with his blade, able to sniff out trouble from a mile away and completely merciless for the man who hired him. though that is no longer, in fact that Morgan is now just a ghost that haunts the current one. Morgan due to his conscious limiting the work he finds as a hired sword is quite poor. Especially considering not many people tend to hire mercenaries for morally straight jobs. This and his reputation as a drunk has-been (which is partly true) have kept him from finding any real work in a long time, as such he is dirt poor and without permanent residence. Any money the Morgan does earn is normally spent on alcohol, and while he doesn't often get completely drunk he drinks about a fourth to a half of his skin everyday. Though after pay day for him he is admittedly out of commission for a few days either getting drunk or recovering from his hang over.

Hesitant to kill: Morgan is hesitant to deal lethal blows currently, as he feels it would be very counter productive to his trying to redeem himself from bloodshed. While perhaps this is true to a certain degree he is indeed not able to fight at his full potential because of this, and that becomes dangerous for him. Especially if his opponent is very good, or just to stubborn to give up. While Morgan could bring himself to take a life again it would require a tremendous amount of danger to be present and force of will on his part, he almost has a phobia of it.


Morgan is an orphan, raised without parents who would have undoubtedly suffered extreme scrutiny for having a half elven child. Being considered bastard children of a union that should never be, as such, he doesn't blame his parents for abandoning him. While he was taken in by an orphanage for a while it never felt like a home and never made an effort for it to become so to him. The mainly human children there not taking kindly to him, even going so far as to label him the "knife ear." Perhaps not so terrible a name in itself, it was the fact that his fellow children never even bothered to address him by his own name that truly drove him crazy. From a young age Morgan knew that he had a certain talent for magic of the eye. He never old anyone when he figured this out however, as he was aware of the strict and harsh regulations which were put on such abilities in the town of Marn. For a while Morgan saw himself as cursed beyond imagination, doomed to be a freak and an outcast in every way possible. But then sometime around the age of sixteen he decided to embrace his loneliness and freakish nature.

He abandoned his orphanage and using the wood-lore he learned from the shrew of an old woman who took care of him (indeed not exactly a mother to him, but quite the accomplished herbalist) he was able to survive in the forests alone. For a time the solitude suited him quite well, and he was adjusting to the silence and the companionship of the trees and the animals. But alas he began to thirst for more as he entered adulthood. Chief among these thoughts was a desire for adventure and companionship. He knew he wouldn't find a home at the orphanage anymore, as he had been gone for two years and no one so much as even called for him. He imagined they probably hoped he had died and wouldn't bother them again, regardless he needed to find some place other than his makeshift shelter to live in once got in to the city. For that he would need money, and to get that he would need a useful skill. At this time Morgan decided to become a hunter, and sell what he could afford to spare to slowly raise up enough money to buy some residence inside the city. For a few more years Morgan got good at making spears, and then using spears to earn a living. As soon as he was able he moved in to a small shack in Marn, and rented the building for a while.

Around the age of twenty two he finally saved up enough money to buy a sword and dagger and spent then ext three years training himself as well as continuing to raise money to make a living. When he finally thought he was good enough to start selling his sword, he started working as a mercenary, putting his cold heart, bitter attitude, and natural ability all to use at the same time for himself. Soon enough Morgan began to garner a reputation as one who could sum up a man in all but a few looks, and spot danger from a week away. He eagerly encouraged these rumors and claimed stalwartly that he was merely just really good at what he did. Regardless of how he became so good it was nonetheless true, and overtime he was not only feared for his eyes but his blade as well.

Finally having received a reputation good enough to begin getting paid considerably for his services. To make up for his lack of time training with a blade he hired the best instructors he could find to teach him all that they could, he put his heart and soul in to perfecting his swordsmanship and by the age of thirty four he was offered a position in the town guard due to his reputation as a man who could see through to your very soul, and cleave through to your very heart. He declined but worked with them many times as a privately hired bodyguard and or whatever else they might need a little help with.

During Morgan's time as a hired sword he would mercilessly dispose of people regardless of who they were if he even so much as got the chance to, going out of his way to hunt down and finish off anyone who found themselves on the other end of his employer's side. Given that he could often tell what was on a man's mind before he even acted; one of Morgan's favorite things to do was to blend in with the crowd when he was being hired to guard someone. Perhaps a public speaker, and as soon as his adversary made a move, come at him from behind and strike him repeatedly with his dagger until he lay dead.

Anyone else who so much as even caused trouble was brutally taken care of, and if possible pushed to the point of getting deadly them-self, just so Morgan could end their life. All of this killing gave Morgan a sense of satisfaction and power, a sense of him having rose to a high position in his life regardless of the circumstances involved with his birth. This life style was not going to last for him though, soon enough he found himself being hired for darker and darker jobs until finally, someone approached him and paid him to simply murder someone for him, he readily agreed. Regardless of who the target was going to be he simply didn't care at this point, as it turned out a child in Marn was set to inherit a vast sum of money from their deceased parents, but her uncle would have rather his brothers money go to him.

Morgan did not hesitate to carry out what he was paid to do, but after the deed was done he started thinking, oh the thoughts, at first it was just a small pang of virtually unfelt sadness that she was on the other end of his blade. Eventually, that feeling turned in to madness, that madness turned in to a fire in his soul, and finally his life came crashing down around him to the point where every sin and drop of blood he spilled weighed him down so much that he thought he must surely die before he could go on living another day. He left behind his former life style and started to attempt to drink away his problem. When this started even if he had begged the people he had been working for to hire him again they wouldn't have touched him with a ten foot pole, as such he quickly fell in to poverty and sold whatever he could to try and buy more alcohol to drown his memories and sorrows, this didn't get him very far however, and he decided that since he couldn't forget what he had done, he would make up for all the blood he had shed unrighteously.

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