Jigoku Chanpion

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Jigoku Chanpion
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Name: Jigoku Chanpion
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Jigoku Chanpion

Post by Jigoku Chanpion » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:26 am

Name: Jigoku Chanpion Age:16
Height: 5’11
Weight: 175
Hair color:black
Eye color: black
Main weapons: The Wind Savers ( twin swords) Arashi no shekettsu ( the bleeding storm) (twin blades)
Real family: all dead doesn’t matter
Foster Family: older brother: E (Eradicator) older sister (Jessibell) Mother: Nemain
Closest friend: Chisaki Moon
Rivals: Chisaki Moon and Raye Takuyami,Ren Mirage Kurayami
Current Home: Sutōmusamonā (wasteland)
Clan: Arashi Shokan
Religious belief:has none

Personality: can be harsh and very cruel but puts a happy to avoid being targeted by everyone. When he gets pissed off all hell breaks loose and those who piss him off will suffer greatly. He’s a bit sick in the head and shows no fear some call it sheer stupidity instead of bravery. He never backs down from a challenge and always believes there some kind of limit out there that needs to be surpassed and he’s determined to pass them all. Jigoku is obsessed with training ever since he was a kid he was trained to the near edge of death he would punch ketchin/altered ketchin until his hands broke and then he would kick til he broke his legs then he would head butt it until he busted his skull. Jigoku always has time for extremely harsh training to hone his skills and become stronger.
Jigoku is also a master if weapons no matter what weapon you throw at him he’ll instantly know how to wield it although he does prefer using more bladed weapons just because guns are to quick and no fun that’s one of the reason he got the title of Blade Master.

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Re: Jigoku Chanpion

Post by Stella » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:44 pm

The first thing I want you to do, assuming you're going to stick around, is read someone elses application.

Read all of it. Pick one of the approved characters and read the entire thing.
This is a good example of a first character.
So is this.

What you've posted is an application for a terrible dungeons and dragons game, or a fan fiction for an anime. There's nothing here. There's some jap-crap names and a paragraph that you're attempting to call a personality.

Your first character will not be powerful.
Your weapons will be things people can read and understand.
You will have a full history.

If you're serious about writing here, you're going to need to overhaul your way of writing and adapt to our setting, not vomit up something you've used elsewhere.
(09:20:49) Kahmari: and can't even specificly put what their lore is from then complains when someone knows the lore of their char
(09:21:13) Stella: I too enjo specifcly lore chars.

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Re: Jigoku Chanpion

Post by Frug » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:23 pm

I'm only interjecting to point out that while Stella's being rude about it, she's entirely right to judge this harshly.

It is not at all the sort of thing that is described in the rules pages on how to create a character. Hastily churning out a junk application is going to get you yelled or laughed at (or both).

I'm locking this as there's nothing to add.
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