Duncan Blackthorn

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Name: Duncan Blackthorn
Race: Human

Duncan Blackthorn

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Name - Duncan Blackthorn
Age - 46
Race - Human

Physical Description
He stands around 6'2 and is rather heavily built, with broad shoulders and great thick arm. He wears black cotton birches, leather boots and a long overcoat made of leather that reaches down to his ankles.

A longsword about 4 feet long made of steel. The pommel has a black gemstone with a dragon breathing a great gout of fire engraved in it.
A silver amulet with a flame engraved into it.
A metal platemail chest plate made of an underlayer of chainmail, with steel plate layered on top

Powers and Strengths

Advanced training with a sword
Intermediate survival skills
Novice healing skills
Novice alchemical skills


Climbing or running great distances
Reading or focusing on writing for an extended period of time
Not as agile or nimble as he once was


Duncan was born in Marn, the son of an armourer, his mother died during birth. Before he could walk he was already swinging a dagger and wearing little gauntlets. On his 16th birthday his father gifted him with a longsword. This sword was a true masterpiece, folded steel and forged with hellfire, the cross guard was exquisitely designed and the pommel has a black gemstone with a dragon with a great gout of flames sprouting from its mouth engraved on it. He also made him a chestplate of the finest steel. With this new equipment Duncan went of into the East, to return 20 years later. He left barely able to swing a sword, he returned not only skilful, but he had now had a mastery of the sword. He journeyed to Marn where he know resides as a sword for hire and general problem solver for the highest bidder.
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Re: Duncan Blackthorn

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Is this done?
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