Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon

Post by Jenica Sabiny » Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:28 am

The ruins left hints of a wall here, perhaps a room there. A vampiric, black-haired woman crouched in the shadows of one such wall, watching a small black beetle crawl across the gravel and dust of what might have once been an impressive structure.

Its shell glistened against the moonlight as it moved. One moment, a shaft of hazy white light allowed the inky surface of the small creature to gleam. The next, it crawled into the shadows again, and her eyes only made it out because the shadows were clearer than the brightest day to her eyes.

She'd been holed here for some time now, waiting out the days for a promised visit which came long after her interest fled. She was sure she'd scented an old friend, one from so far back that her heart had been beating when she knew the woman. The startlement jiggled her from her mental silence, and she remembered a frenzied night of hunting, following an elusive prey, and finally finding her. The one she remembered from before she'd met an ancient, deadly vampire who drained her and refilled her with shadows and hunger. A woman who'd taught her some of her fighter's reflexes, who'd trained her not to fear a certain man who she could only recall in forgotten nightmares.

The woman's corpse lay across from the vampire. It'd been rotting for some time, though the displayed ribcage had more to do with the vicious predator which crouched mere yards away, watching a lazy beetle once more enter the comfortable shadows.

The vampire's eyelids lowered to a tired-looking droop. The shadows convulsed, and the beetle's body imploded under the sudden pressure. She raised her lids, and the shadows lifted again. She reached out and smeared the tip of her index finger in the beetle's juice, then lifted the muck to her nose and sniffed.

It smelled metallic and earthy. She didn't mourn it. Instead, she used its fluids to anoint the woman's rotted forehead. A circle with an arrow's head in the center - the symbol had meaning to the woman, she remembered. That was all she remembered. That, and the woman's final, quiet words, muttered from across this very space as she gazed with old respect and even affection at the vampire she'd once tutored as a human.

"He's dead, Jenica."

Eons ago, the words might've had meaning. Even as the woman spoke, Jen heard the strong emotions, watched the woman's fat tears hit the earth. The water soothed her from a distance; the woman had then turned to leave.

Now her broken spine hosted several parasites. The blood already smelled old; it was an ancient kill, really. Jen was mildly surprised that the idiot guards hadn't had a report. She'd hit the bowels on one of her cuts, which released a rotten and unmistakable smell; surely a beggar had smelled the stench and gone to report it.

Then again, perhaps not. Beggars had less love than mages in the city.

Finished with her ritual, Jenica wiped the remaining beetle innards on the rock next to its body, then sucked the rest off her finger as she straightened, along with flakes of dried blood. The earthy metallic flavor reminded her of her short time buried in the earth, when she'd inhaled enough dirt to damage even her immortal throat. Her voice rasped as a result, but she spoke so little, it hardly mattered.

But it did hurt to speak. Every time.

She rested her hand on the hilt of her katana and stepped over the corpse's skinned leg - the other leg lay several feet away. Jen ignored the scenery as she left the decrepit ruins, though her clothes had a somewhat fresh layer of blood on them, advertising her latest entertainment. It was time for another one.

Out in the street, she inhaled deeply, then turned toward the closest heartbeat. Her eyes glinted red in the moonlight; the hunger was ready for another game.


Post by Anonymous » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:40 am

Myx Otysis liked to walk during the night--he found that the monotony of staying still in one place would bring about the same thoughts that had haunted him for the past seven years. He liked to walk around the downtown, and take in the sight of the crowds until it got too late and the guards would ask him questions--or it got too dangerous to be out. Not that he had a fear of death; but he did not invite it either.

Sometimes he would visit the tavern late at night for a drink. A plus of being unable to die, he thought--in a drunken state he would stagger around abandoned areas, along the river or sometimes going as far as the woods, unafraid or perhaps uncaring. Sometimes he even liked to walk along the ruins of the old fort in the Historic District. He would pay for his fill of spirits, or maybe just go back to his own quarters in the Residential District; a short walk from his quarters he would get on Lavilla Rd. and walk east until the road began to crack and he knew he would be on Dravuaar Path. Sometimes, he stopped by the market to his right and bought a small snack, if any shops were open so late.

He had been lucky this night; a shop owner late in closing his shop not only had an apple for him, but had the good charity to refilled his flask with some alcoholic beverage that burned his throat a bit more than he thought would be healthy. He chuckled at the concept of whiskey or wine finally doing him in, as he had dreamed sometimes--but no, he knew by experience that it wouldn't do the trick, though death brought on by over-intoxication was a particular brand of pain that was somewhat different than say, having his stomach sliced open by a knife that was used once too often with a blade that needed a good polishing and perhaps some sharpening as well (though it did do its job, he mused drunkenly).

Once on the cracked, uneven road teeming with weeds, Myx liked to explore the old fort. It was partly his curiosity for exploration--if his life had not taken the turn it had taken, perhaps he would be on an adventure hunting for treasures with a band of heroes in a far away land. The thought brought on his face a mirthless smile. Some nights, when he felt especially weak, he would go by the Asylum and it would remind him that he would never succumb to the madness that threatened to break loose from inside.

But tonight he felt the need to once again walk the old roads of the Historic District. It was much past midnight, or was it just before? Myx didn't know--nor did he care. Myx felt a certain connection with the ruined fort--or perhaps it was just that here, he felt that he was justified in feeling the despair that haunted him. And where no other place he could afford to let himself slip into the seemingly endless pit of lost hopes, here he could instead attribute his weakness to the fort. Or perhaps the fort reminded him that all things would come to ruin with time. Hope against hope, even him, or his unseen and unheard master.

Of course, most of the nights he was too drunk to think much on this; the whiskey was almost gone from his body at this point though, and he merely let his feet take him wherever they wished. He fiddled with his leather flask, disappointed it didn't last him the night.

His cat walked alongside him, its uncanny eyes catching the moonlight and shining in the darkness. It kept him company, at all parts of the day and night, though sometimes he wished for it to wander off on its own and it did, always somehow finding its way back, sometimes with food in its mouth. Myx stopped his walking and stared at the cat now--not because of its appearance; he could draw it perfectly, down to the smallest detail, from memory now, after seven years--but because of what it was doing. What it was doing was this.

It had gone very still, and very quiet, and with a hidden tension that was so subtle as to make the movement seem lazy, slowly swiveled its platinum furred head left to right. It didn't seem to be able to find what it was looking for, and so it gave a slight hiss. Myx, curious, looked about himself as to see what was disturbing his feline companion.

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Post by Jenica Sabiny » Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:54 am

She heard the scrape of feet, and climbed to the top of a crumbling wall, trusting the aged stone to bear her weight for at least a little while. Long enough to take the view in, perhaps decide if the game would be fair play.

This one still had drink in him, though not much; she could hear it through the veins. Alcohol gave the blood an odd, distilled consistency, thinned it out, and she enjoyed the quiet rushing sound it made while running through the minute arteries.

It reminded her of water.

She mourned that it was nearly gone, though. It gave the blood a fizzy taste, and she enjoyed the swimming senses which followed such a feed. Ah, well. Perhaps he would present fair sport. Sometimes the sen-sate ones gave the must mewling cries while they died. The drunk ones just gurgled and drowned in a stupor. It made for an intriguing meal, but not much fore- or aft-play.

A smaller pool of moonlight kept pace with him. She squinted; ah. He had a cat, and not the typical black embodiment of superstition. No, this one was blond, even gold, and as she lowered her eyelids, she noted that it eerily matched the hair cropped on his head. It even reflected some of the pale moonlight, and not in the inky way of the beetles crawling throughout this crumbling structure. It was more of a ghostly halo. She snorted gently; the cat's fur made enough pinpricks of shadow to play with it for even longer than the human. Perhaps this was a double bonus.

He was a handsome piece of flesh; idly, the hunger wondered if his blood would bleed platinum. There was quick and easy ways to find out such things.

Her hackles rose as the cat froze and started searching, watching for the predator which its own senses possibly made kin to. Her eyes burned red now, feeling a threat to her feral superiority, but she reigned it in. She wasn't interested in the cat first; she wanted to see what he would do. Men could react so deliciously.

Ah, and there - he'd seen its tension, and followed its looks. She waited on top of the wall, but neither of them spotted her. It wasn't fair, really - she probably blended with the jutting scenery.

She straightened, slowly enough to give them time to find her, and then dropped to the ground, some 25 feet below. Her landing was functional rather than graceful, so the sudden crunch echoed for several feet around. Straightening again, she began a slow, steady pace toward the pair. The closer she came, the stronger the scent of blood - and if he could make out the shadows on her cloth, he might notice that some of the patterns weren't patterns at all, but dried blood which splattered across her pants, shirt, arms, and bits on her face...


Post by Anonymous » Wed Feb 08, 2006 6:44 am

As any earth-bound creature would, Myx Otysis looked first left, and then right--he saw the somewhat familiar outline of crumbling walls and foreboding plants, trees and vines that climbed what was left of the fort. A slow deliberate movement caught his gaze and he looked up. He looked on with a slight stupor at the humanoid figure that stood on top of the wall, but the figure jumped down without warning and stupor turned quickly to startled apprehensiveness.

The thud with which the figure landed some two-dozen feet sent his cat warily hiding behind his booted feet. When the figure drew to its full height he saw that the figure stood just a bit shorter than he; as she drew closer, and indeed in the moonlight he saw that the figure was a she, he noticed the woman's overall appearance--unkempt, in the way that wild animals are sometimes unkempt.

Of course his first instinct in seeing a disheveled woman with what seemed to be flecks of blood on her was to ask, 'are you alright, miss?'. But he reasoned that anyone that could make a landing like that from such a height (and he reasoned that she had to have gotten up there somehow in the first place, further reinforcing his precaution) wouldn't require his assistant or care in any meaningful physical way. Which made him ask himself, what exactly could pull off such a feat? The woman didn't seem to be stopping her advance, nor did she say a word; and contemplating his own supernatural nature, though lacking in experience with other supernatural beings, he ventured a question that he hoped would be fitting in the context.

"What are you," Myx said in a tone he hoped wasn't particularly rude or insulting. He hesitated for a split second before adding, "Miss?"

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Like Humans Do

Post by Jenica Sabiny » Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:31 pm

It had only taken six feet of fresh earth to make her forget the normal human construct of common courtesy. By the time she'd felt a gust of fresh air against her soiled hands and face, the terror had mingled with her newborn vampiric instincts to become its own beast with a driving, insane will. This force, which she now called the hunger, strung her humanity along like a discarded puppet, only useful when there was a game to play. It had taken her very little to give up trying to control it.

But it was a separate entity, one which she felt moving through her veins when she'd denied it what it craved most of all. She was a slave to this force, but she didn't bother to fight. Fighting only caused a different sort of pain, the pain of slowly starving without dying. Supernatural life had its downsides.

The hunger didn't spare much time for social graces. In bars or taverns, she radiated hostility only because she didn't greet or meet the eyes of any others in the tavern. She was a killer, and she didn't care for the walking blood-banks more than a bird about a worm.

Unlike a bird, she enjoyed watching the worm's pain on the hook.

And so it was honest confusion that made her stop her slow advance a few feet away from him. Her eyes widened and blinked, and she fought to understand the odd term he'd finished his question with. She knew the opening by heart, uttered by hundreds of victims as their logic fought their instincts in her presence. But not one had asked with such...such...kindness.

He could have grown a separate head. She could understand that better. Plain curiosity normally came from children, but here it was, only a few feet away, and with a cat for that extra ironic twist.

And now, what to say back? She so rarely had this opportunity - in fact, she'd never had this opportunity - and she wasn't sure what to do with it. There was the normal shadow play, latch him to the ground and kneel on his chest, but that was hardly an appropriate reply. Somewhere, within her mind, lay the human answer. But she couldn't remember what it was.

It was a minute before she spoke. She gathered her breath, inhaled, puffing her chest out in the natural way before it would fall back to disuse. She only took in enough for a raspy mutter.

"You called me 'Miss'."

Her voice wavered with true innocent marvel. Within, the hunger roared its laughter.


Post by Anonymous » Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:29 am

Myx was taken aback by the wavering quality of the woman's voice, and wondered briefly whether she was truly Ok; but he though back to her rather amazing physical feat just a moment ago and discarded that idea. Nevertheless Myx grew a bit more confident from the verbal response, though the raspy voice didn't sound particularly warm or encouraging; and helped partly from the little drunkenness that remained, he decided it was safe to give her a small smile of amusement.

"Well your hair's a bit short and I've never known a woman to enjoy a walk so late a night." he mused, half to himself. Well whatever she was he felt that the woman standing across from him wasn't just a normal woman. For one, upon closer inspection there were quite a few old splotches of blood about her body; Myx briefly tried to bring about some alarm in response to this observation. His mind failing to bring about the desired emotional state, Myx sighed a resigned sigh. It felt like he should have been feeling something more than a curiosity coupled with a mild, largely overshadowed apprehension. Another testament to his lost former existence, he supposed.

The situation itself was too curious in its bizarreness for him to feel more than a passing, distant buzz of pain from the realization of just how far he had come in this new form of living, if he dared call it that.

"Well I guess we can start over," Myx started. Now that he established a certain communication with the woman, he was quite excited that the relative monotony of the past 7-years seemed to finally lose its grip if just for this night. He suddenly felt a bit foolish that out of his apprehension he even forgot to introduce himself, so he spoke, "I'm Myx Otysis."


Disobedient Vampires.

Post by Anonymous » Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:15 am

Jenica wasn't the only woman to enjoy a walk this late at night.

A younger, more feminine creature walked among the ruins, unarmed and without clothing. She didn't need either for a place like this, deserted, desecrated... No, wanderers were sparse, and the tanned woman would feed and clothe herself much closer to the city.

She'd spent the day in the forest, a sunny lake relieving her off the previous months of seemingly endless walking. But now, she was here, and if she was to find what she'd searched for, darkness needed to fall.

It hadn't taken too long. The scent of a rotting corpse attacked her senses, and the bluish-white haired creature curled her lip in distaste, searching for more, for... There.

There it was. That scent, hidden by blood and filth, that one she'd never forget. And another... A male. Prey?

Dark blue eyes moved over the crumbling stones to find a pair interacting in the moonlight and her ears naturally picked out their voices. One was slurred, the man, and the other... Scratchy and low.

"... She hasn't been practicing..."

A low murmur, to herself. After the loss of a traveling companion, she had quickly begun to speak out loud to no one in particular; unnerving to most citizens. Jenica obviously hadn't been speaking as often as instructed, and Amaia smiled slightly, the corners of her mouth raising fractionally before settling back into her neutral expression.

"... And she smells horrible."

Nice to know some things never changed.

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Post by Jenica Sabiny » Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:24 am

Was her hair short? She couldn't remember when she'd tried to check it last, or if she had ever even tried to do so. Someone had washed it once, and brushed it - she remembered the soothing river surrounding her - but the memory brought up longing, and she shuttered her eyes as she pushed it away. All she ever wanted was the silence of the water, deep within its waves.

Jen reached up to tug at one of her spiky chunks of hair. She continued staring at him, unsure of this observation. Did hair matter? Someone, once, had taught her about appearance, but it was too far away for her to call up the lessons. She remembered a scolding, and soap - and that was all.

She dropped her hand as he continued with a more formal introduction, her unkempt hair once more forgotten and neglected. She never strove for a dignified appearance, though the blood spots did get stiff after a while, and she hated to feel the constraint of dried blood. Even now, the stuff flaked off her hands and stretched with her skin as she flexed her muscles. It was a sticky feeling, and although she didn't care about the grim, the blood would have to go.

But not yet.

After he finished with the name, she crouched, keeping an eye on the cat. It wouldn't come to her, no matter how she asked. But she liked watching animals. Sometimes their fur rippled, and she enjoyed the small glimpses of skin underneath the fuzz. As she watched it, she reached down and took a handful of small gravel, letting it skid between her palms over and over. It helped clean off chunks of dried blood, but she'd need to find a pool of water and scrub herself with bark to get rid of all of it. And there was the matter of clothing. Once more, she looked at the man, but this time she was clearly sizing him up, judging his size and estimating whether it would fit her well enough. It was a good system, one which she'd used hundreds of times. Her own clothes were long since abandoned in a mudhole, years gone by. She didn't remember what it felt like to wear clothes that were tailored.

Finished with her inspection, she straightened and slapped her hands against her knees to brush off the remaining grit. He'd said something, earlier, and she felt that he might want a response. What was it? Ah, yes, a name - this one wanted to be thought of as human. Very well, she could humor that urge.

Once again, her lungs expanded as she gathered the extra bit of energy to speak. Once again, it was only a mutter.

"Jenica." Did this one want her last name? She watched him for a moment, then decided to add:

"Pleasure to meet."

That sounded about right. Someone, somewhere, had taught the gruff vampire a vague liking to manners. She was only trying her hand at it, just to see what she would get right. She waited for his reply, silence being the strongest virtue she possessed.

The observer remained unseen.


Post by Anonymous » Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:01 am

Well, now we're getting somewhere Myx thought. His attitude of ease seemed to extend to his cat and the cat made a tentative move, now rubbing itself by the front of his boots instead of hiding completely behind it. Nevertheless he felt a bit of a loss about what to say next. He had been acting mostly on his social reflexes--following his impulses, so to speak. Now that they had traded pleasantries with--Jenica he noted in his brain for memory--he felt that the situation was somewhat awkward.

He gave her a smile which he hoped would keep the silence comfortable for just a bit longer while he thought back to his younger days when dealing with the fairer sex was simple and easier. He found that his mind quickly wandered to the good old days of his youth when he would wander the nearby provinces of his hometown; Jane Oswin--he remembered her clearly. God, was it so easy back then? He was sitting by the Oswin family farm, dozing off under a tree shade. All it took was a wink and a few lines and they hit it off instantly, and that night was one of many which would fade in the young Myx's string of similar experiences.

And it was such that his thoughts came to rest upon the subject of how long it had been since his last intimate contact with a female--and it had been quite a while. He had other things on his mind these days, after all. He had visited the local brothel a couple times, but after a particularly messy episode in which he drunkenly confessed his true nature to a prostitute (the results of which he would rather refuse to delve into), it had been a long chaste five years. He looked at Jenica again, and was suddenly puzzled by his quick turn of thoughts towards female companionship. Grime and blood really wasn't his thing, or so he hoped--a doubt he entertained only for a split second before discarding it in clear distaste.

Myx hadn't really thought much of this topic until now, and what a strange time to think it he thought to himself. His cat, the living alarm that it seemed to be, idly walked about around Myx feet if again, searching for something.

"Nice to meet you too," Myx replied after a short period of disappointing silence (he was hoping she would start a topic of conversation and it would spare him the effort of ignoring his thoughts which seemed to for, whatever reason seemed to be flirting with his long undue libido). He decided to try again.

"It's a nice night for a walk though, the moonlight's rather bright tonight."

Well, he tried, Myx thought grimly to himself, as he found himself growing increasingly distracted with thoughts of the nights he spent not walking alone outside and quite contented with some village girl sleeping soundly nearby. Quite strange when he had not even intoxication anymore to blame it on.


Boring Conversation...

Post by Anonymous » Fri Feb 10, 2006 4:49 am

Amaia's brows rose slightly as she continued to walk as a leisurely pace toward the two, eyes flicking idly over the male. He seemed human enough, with a taint of... What? Her gaze moved to the cat at his feet, and she paused for only a split-second, her eyes pulling themselves away when usually she would have studied the creature. It wasn't important, was it?

Myx and Jenica were just standing there, making awkward conversation. Really, it was driving Amaia insane. Hadn't she learned anything from the nymph?

One might think that a vampire would have noticed the naiad's approach, but the truth was that Amaia was very quiet, and even more importantly, Jenica had a rather one-track mind and was probably focusing on making conversation, instead of her surroundings.

Her words, along with the clean scent of water, flowed into the area seconds before she made her appearance, looking at neither creature, but rather at one of the designs on her arm.

"It is indeed, although you must be far from the tavern you came from, Mr. Otysis."

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Tone it down, now

Post by Jenica Sabiny » Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:26 pm

He was starting to fidget. She watched with mild amusement, not sure why he was getting so restless. He was desperate for a topic of conversation, but she didn't have too much to offer. Tales of her bloody exploits normally weren't appreciated.

But now his pupils were starting to expand. She looked up - the moon was as bright as ever. There few reasons for a man's pupils to expand in a woman's presence.

Jenica shuttered her eyes as his libido rose to the forefront. Surely it couldn't be her. She wasn't trying, tonight, and most men only went blind to her appearance when she put forth extra effort. She wasn't going to help him, though. She stood there, silently, enjoying his growing discomfort. She even quirked a brow and produced a thin smile.

Before she could poke fun out loud, the scent of water assaulted her, and she snapped her gaze to Amaia. A sudden rush of emotions overwhelmed her once more, the most prevalent being shame. She knew Amaia would criticize her appearance. Jenica thought for a moment to melt away into the comfortable shadows, find a stream, and get a good wash. She shook her head slightly, then looked back at Myx. Amaia would take care of such things on her own time. Jenica need only wait her out.

Of course, the nymph had been wearing more clothes last time they'd traveled. Jen commented to the nymph, still watching Myx:

"He's already strained. Have mercy on him."

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Post by Laz » Wed Feb 15, 2006 12:40 pm

Kaven had been wondering around the ruins, trying to find a secluded, covered spot for him to sleep in when day came. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a group of three, 'now what would three people be doing here, can't think of anything nice'. Kaven slowly began to make his way closer. As he neared the group he realized it would be a very good idea to make his presence unknown, for the moment and so concentrating he called a small animal too him and asked it to create some noises around the other side so he could get in a good position without being noticed. The animal seemed to understand him and it ran off, going around them in a wide arc so as not to be noticed until needed.

Kaven waited until the animal had done it's job then quickly but silently made his way to a good vantage point,settling himself behind some of the ruins. When he decided that he was safely hidden he started trying to figure out what they were. One of them seemed to be human. the dirty one seemed like a vampire, but he couldn't be sure. Kaven hated vampires, hated the concept of having to kill others to survive. Just the thought of having a Vampire made him want to just get up and kill it, he was itching for a fight, and now that a Vampire had come into the equation, he could hardly keep still. 'looks like that naked woman's with the Vampire, making it two on one. Seeing as that human guy really doesn't look useful. Not odds I like, specially up against a Vamp' Kaven began to reach into his sack to get some Vampire killing stuff out when he realized he hadn't got any. He tapped his fingers lightly against his throwing stars and Katana, trying to work out how he would kill it with his current weapons. Kaven continued to watch the three and decided that until the Vampire actually attacked someone, he would gain nothing by wandering in now and starting a fight, 'just watching..for now' thought Kaven and he withdrew six throwing stars, placing three in each hand, imbetween his fingers, ready to attack when need be.
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Post by Anonymous » Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:40 pm

As any good man in his prime Myx was having a hard time concentrating--a fact further aggravated by the appearance of a completely nude female body walking into the already strange scene. But some strange turn of events in his past allowed Myx to somewhat regain his bearings due to the entrance of the nubile young woman who so casually strolled into the late-night gathering; and the turn of events was simply this:

Young Myx grew up with many tales told to him of creatures in this world not unlike human beings, but fundamentally different; vampires of course were not the sort of a creature that a youth in a small country town may hear about often. However Myx did remember tales from his father about creatures of most breath-taking beauty who played on the lusts of man, but was predatory in nature--not only taking the men sensually but also using them for sustenance. Young Myx had been simultaneously frightened and curious about these creatures, but of course the age for otherworldly curiosity passed soon with puberty and adolescence and nymphs remained a part of a myriad of creatures he had been told numerous tales about but never had encountered.

Of course when the naked woman did initially walk into the clearing Myx froze up mentally at the sight, out of reflex if nothing else; but the overall strangeness of the situation finally caught up to his senses and Myx knew that the woman struck the same chord as the creatures in the tales told by his father--creatures that his father himself had claimed to have encountered (when Young Myx's father was out particularly late at night his mother would often joke that a nymph had lured him into the nearby forest--of course it may very well have been true that he was allured, though perhaps not by such an exotic creature as a nymph). And after he had come to this conclusion, that the naked woman standing in front of him may very well be a real live nymph and the other woman near him was also something that didn't seem completely human, Myx felt a hint of discomfort.

But he reasoned, he was now no longer what one would consider 'normal'--and regaining more of his confidence and more of his bearing, forcibly pushing aside the desire that ran through his heart (he couldn't quite tell if it was the nymph being a nymph, or the nymph being so attractively nude), Myx looked to Jenica, and Nami (who by the way seemed to know each other by the way they held each other's company), and back at Jenica, and inevitably back at Nami before dodging her eyes if only out of a form of modesty.

"Pardon my asking but, do you happen to be a nymph?" Myx asked finally, the otherworldly curiosity from his childhood being piqued once again. Just speaking clearly helped to straighten his thoughts more, and the scent of fresh water helped to drive whatever intoxication was left floating in his brain.


Post by Anonymous » Thu Feb 16, 2006 6:40 am


Her brows shot sky high at the request from Jenica of all people, and it took her a moment to remember. The vampire only liked her victims to be "guilty." A rare grin lit Amaia's face as she heard Myx's question, but rather than answering him, she turned her face toward Jenica.


Her voice was a low purr, and she moved closer to the man, and therefore to her vampiric counterpart. Dark blue eyes held murder within them, and she studied her former companion, ignoring the sounds around them. She and Jenica could hold more than their own in a battle.

"He's a smart one... Can't I have him? I'll share..."

She wasn't used to people guessing her race correctly, as even Bela hadn't known until he'd tasted her blood. Not only were nymphs rare, they almost never strayed from their homes, and stayed away from places like these as a rule. Still. Food was food, whether it was clever or not.

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A feast, a feast

Post by Jenica Sabiny » Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:29 pm

The man's question, once again spawned by pure innocent curiosity, intrigued her. Men rarely understood Nami's species; they were normally too enthralled to think of much other than her body. Jenica was actually impressed; that this man could overcome whatever it was Nami naturally emitted, use his brain properly, and not stutter out a question...no, this one was worth keeping around for a while.

Jenica had never had a younger sibling or child, but it was the roughest comparison her instincts could pull on, and the vampire found herself filled with the protective instinct. The results were instant, from her stance to her very appearance.

She narrowed her eyes as the irises became pure bright red, glinting in the moonlight. Every muscle in her tensed, and the shadows around her body thickened into a palpable darkness as her instincts prepared for a fight.

The vampire growled then, a true growl which rattled due to her damaged windpipe, but was just as loud and threatening as any other vampire's growl. She moved quickly in front of the man and backed up until she was almost against his body, bracing herself into a fighter's stance. She fixed her gaze on the nymph's face, every inch the challenging predator. If the nymph wanted this one for a meal, she'd have an actual fight on her lovely little hands.

She moved one hand back against Myx's chest, as if to try and hold him out of harm's way. Not once did she take in the full irony of the situation: a vampire defending a human, and from her own mentor? It was against everything she had thought, before she'd been alone for so long. The separation had done wonders for her mentality.

She didn't bother to try and speak. Nothing would soften this blow to the nymph.