Flushed Into The Open

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Post by Anonymous » Thu Jan 12, 2006 7:06 pm

Hakanku followed tightly behind Damean, he did not want to be lost from the only people that he knew in the city. He curled away as a stout man barged his way through the slow-moving traffic, the man hastily raced past the near fallen Hakanku, he noticed that Damean had gone ahead and now there was a gap between them. Hakanku knew where the map shop was and thus had no need to follow closely behind Damean and Faoil…but maybe he didn’t want to be with Damean and Faoil, they had been kind to let him travel with them, but deep down he knew he wasn’t a people person and he would never fit in with them. Maybe he should just go before anything else happens between them all. He slowly made his way through the crowd, keeping an eye on his target location, not wanting to be swept by the crowd and end up in a different part of the city.

After getting past the crowd Hakanku saw Damean enter the shop, he lazily made his way to the door, glancing up at the sign that swung in the wind. He still had got no further in to making a decision if it was really worth staying with Damean and Faoil. The musty smell of paper entered his nostrils as the entrance door to the map makers shop remained open, at the same time he heard Damean’s voice and he entered the shop. He looked around him at the numerous books and scrolls that were lining the shelves. He waited for the owner to enter so they could ask for a simple map of the city.