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[Musical Illusions http://www.tharshaddin.com/rp/viewtopic.php?t=689]

Disturbance At Local Tavern

Last night, patrons at a local tavern got more of a performance than they bargained for when the young man hired to sing for them began casting unlicensed magic.

"It was like vines growing at his feet...only kind of shimmery and not really there," described Brice Galan, one of the tavern's frequent visitors.

"Poor boy," Brice's wife, Daisle, added. "He looked as scared and surprisedd as any of us. Not that I approve of unlicensed magic. Make sure you print that -- only our beloved government has the right to use such power."

Before most of the crowd could react to what was happening, a young lady jumped up and held a knife to the singer's throat. Placing him under citizen's arrest, she claimed the right to take him to the Judges, then promptly dragged him out of the tavern.

Interestingly, when one of our reporters visited the Justice Hall, no one could remember either the lady or the singer ever arriving there. Of course, the Justice Hall has its own problems right now, but that's a story for another issue.

According to the tavern's owner, the singer identified himself as Julen of Shim when he took the job. The young lady's identity remains a mystery.

"Never seen her around before," Brice admitted. "She was pretty, tho. Looked like she had more than a touch of elf blood in her."


Some late breaking news in our tavern story! Hoping to interview Julen, one of our reporters tracked him back to the bakery where he's renting a room. Unfortunately, Julen was out, but our reporter managed to speak with the bakery's owner, Effie.

"Of course I know Julen! What a ridiculous question. He was here just this morning. Got himself a job carrying the shield of some knight-to-be. Railtus, he said his name was. Railtus Anstrun. Very proper young man. Not like some! I could tell you stories..."

Of course, our reporter was quite familiar with such a prosperous and highly regarded family as House Anstrun. But he'd never heard of any Railtus Anstrun. Sensing a story, our reporter uncovered certain records on file at the Justice Hall, which revealed that Railtus was indeed a distant relative, sent to Marn by his father. The records also revealed that Railtus reported various magical abilities and received a license which allows him limited use of those abilities during his stay.

When our reporter asked about the mysterious half-elfin lady, Effie became quite indignant. "That's a fine rumor to be spreading, Julen happily married and all! There's certainly no lady in his room now, part elf or otherwise. Go check if you don't believe me."

Further questioning revealed that both Julen and Railtus had set out to call on Railtus's relatives at House Anstrun. Rest assured that one of our reporters is already on his way there.

[Family Affairs http://www.tharshaddin.com/rp/viewtopic.php?t=777]

Tragedy for the Women of Marn!

Get out your hankies, ladies. This one is worth weeping over. Barely days after his arrival in Marn, Railtus Anstrun announced his intentions to local beauty and distant relative, Mavelle Anstrun.

Yes, Railtus Anstrun, the man who rolled an “18” for his comeliness score, has heard romance’s sweet melody. And before the rest of us had a chance to sing it to him, too! Is that fair? Personally, this columnist had several bishan riding on a bet that young Anstrun would qualify for this year’s list of the Five Most Eligible Bachelors in Marn, perhaps even displacing everyone’s favorite bad boy, Kamar Deythal (long known as the man who put the “ass” back in assassin). But now it remains to be seen if he remains single long enough for the ink to dry on that issue.

Railtus arrived at House Anstrun in the company of his manservant, Julen. There, they were received by House Anstrun’s youngest daughter, Mavelle -- praised by poets for her loveliness and cursed by jewelers for her simple tastes. The manservant was quickly shunted off to the kitchen, leaving our two young lovers alone. Our sources couldn’t report all that was said, but we understand that a bath, a rose, and a first kiss were all involved. (Our faithful readers will hardly need to be told that the “first” does not refer to young lady Mavelle.)

Of course, there are obstacles. If looks were money, Railtus Anstrun would walk around in a continual hail of bishan, but that’s seldom the case in this world of ours. Being without land or titles, young Anstrun hopes to achieve knighthood in order to prove his worthiness to Mavelle’s father, Lord Anstrun. At which point, he could begin openly courting her.

By next year, will the whole city be referring to this couple as Railvelle? Be sure that the Tattler will keep you updated!

Court of Swords?

Another update in our tavern story! Still hoping to gain an interview with the singer, Julen of Shim, our reported pursued him to House Anstrun. Unfortunately, he arrived too late to speak with Julen. But he did discover that the young man had once more managed to create quite a commotion.

This time, no magic was involved in the disturbance. But that didn’t keep the sparks from flying when Phelan Anstrun discovered Julen in House Anstrun’s kitchen. Phelan Anstrun, renowned for his skill with both swords and ladies, quickly became distracted from the serving girl he’d come to visit, and began to spew insults at Julen.

“I mean, Phelan always behaves like an arrogant ass,” said a kitchen aid who desperately wishes to remain anonymous. “But you should have heard him go at it. It was like he had something personal against this guy.”

Something personal? That phrase made our reporter’s senses begin tingling. As indeed they had cause to. Loyal readers will remember when Phelan was quite taken with a certain rural beauty by the name of Rosemary. Well, it turns out that very same Rosemary is now Misses Julen of Shim.

According to witnesses, Julen tried to ignore the insults, only responding when Phelan called Rosemary a strumpet. At that point, things escalated. Phelan attempted to grab a locket the young singer was wearing. During their struggle over it, the locket chain broke, and Julen punched Phelan.

When pressed for details by our reporter, the kitchen aid shivered. “No one punches Phelan. You should have seen the look in his eyes. And then he got out his horse rod. I’ve felt the sting of that a few times myself, but I could tell he planned to go after this guy worse than he’d ever done with any of us. It was in his eyes. Except, that was when Master Railtus arrived.”

Apparently Julen’s companion, Railtus Anstrun, charged in at that moment and placed himself between the two combatants. When Phelan insisted on his right to punish Julen for his offenses, Railtus invited him to claim that right in a court of swords. Doubtlessly, this would have been a thrilling spectacle. But dueling aficionados are doomed to be disappointed. The arrival of Phelan’s sister, Mavelle Anstrun, served to diffuse the situation before any formal challenges were accepted.

Julen and Railtus left House Anstrun soon afterward.

“Why spend all day looking for news?” our reporter quipped. “I’m just going to follow this guy around.”

Remember, if it's happening in Thar Shaddin, it's in the Tattler.

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