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Daily Tattler Special Morning Edition - The Marn Bombings

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:24 am
by Darrik
May 21, 122PW

Opening Editorial

by Darli Reushinska

Fellow citizens. The gravity of events in the past twenty-four hours has compelled us to put out this special morning edition of the Tattler, postponing our normal release of news. I know many of you were looking forward to our Gala coverage, but even that festive occasion has been struck by the bombings of last night.

We at the Daily Tattler send our condolences to all affected by these atrocities and, while we wait for a formal announcement from government and guard officials, join you all in asking 'Who is The Dragon Awakened?'

A question we shall explore as we cover what is known of these shocking events.

Exclusive: A Manifesto of Madness? The declaration of the Dragon Awakened

by Horas Gingethal

One of our valued readers was near the memorial park when they heard the explosions at from the Gala, and in passing through was among the first handful of people who also discovered the vandalism of the statue commemorating the city guards' fallen. Thinking quickly, they obtained one of the pamphlets left littering the site and sent it to us so that the word could be spread.

We at the Daily Tattler pride ourselves in our timely coverage of important events, and here we give you an exclusive look at the full text of the manifesto. Brace yourselves, it is a shocking read.

We are The Dragon Awakened

We speak our truths with words of fire and thunder, that none may ignore them or pretend ignorance of our cause.

Marn is grown corrupt and complacent.

While the nobles hold their parties and galas people suffer in the squalor of our slums. Those who question the inequalities underpinning the governance of this city vanish from sight. And when citizens vanish, is there an outcry? No. Few question this openly for fear that they too shall vanish. Justice Hall sits smugly on its history of hidden atrocities.

We shall sit quietly as the city devours its own. But when regular citizens prove incapable of forming the will to act, then it falls upon us to signal a declaration of war upon the status quo.

Let us be clear: any who do not act to break open Justice Hall and thereby reveal its rotten core are complicit in its crimes. When men fail to act, the dragon awakens.

And now, as our voice rattles the very foundations of Marn, let the city's leaders tremble at its sound!

We are The Dragon Awakened, and our task is only just begun.

These chilling words, gentle reader, were spread around Memorial park where any child could find them.

And we still await a formal announcement from the Guard, when even Camulous Smithson himself was attendant at the Gala devastated by these fiends. I ask you: when will the city guard act?

A Bloodied Rose: the Gala in Ruins

by Sheerla Mystionye

It is terrible, too terrible, and I am too beside myself to write well, but write I must.

What was meant to be a commentary of trending fashions has ended in disaster. My friend Penelope Klastos, who was to provide us with an insight into the events of the evening, ended up terribly injured, and only the efforts of that marvelous doctor Sekhara have preserved her. All we know at this point is that the flowers exploded, and the event ended in tragedy.

When I attended Penelope's sickbed this morning she joked, in that wry way we love so much, that 'it seemed horribly poetic for a gathering of that strange girl Navarre's Garden Party. Or weeding party. Whatever she calls it. You know, she's always on about the rebellion and how bad magic and gnomes are, that kind of thing. Makes you wonder if any of her events are safe, really. Maybe she's made a target of herself?'

What is in store for the future of our fine festivities if even as high-profile an event as last night's Gala cannot be held sacred and free of violence? What is our city coming to?

My heart goes out to all who survived the Gala last night.

A War on Justice Itself? The bombings of Civic Court and Justice Hall

by Darli Reushinska

If the bombing of last night's Gala ended in destruction to human lives, then the bombing of Civic Court was a slap in the face of the government itself. Although the building can be repaired, the mere act of demolishing such a pillar of our city is an affront to all of us.

We can only be grateful that the attempt to demolish Justice Hall ended in failure.

It becomes clear that these are politically motivated actions, performed by unhinged malcontents, but what is not clear is how they could achieve so much in a single night.

Since the last magic user riots, this city has enjoyed a lengthy peace and prosperity, and one cannot help but be concerned that the failure to stop last night's atrocious acts of civic destruction suggests that our city's guard, as fine and upstanding a force as they might be, are ill-equipped to handle such internal strife when it takes a form such as this.

I am sure we all eagerly await news of the capture of those involved, and the steps the city is taking to ensure such a tragedy can never happen again.

Daily Tattler Special Evening Edition

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:52 am
by Darrik
May 21, 122PW

Special Evening Editorial: the Sabotage of the City Wall

by Darli Reushinska

Fellow citizens,

I did not think we would be rushing out news of a new disaster so swiftly after this morning's edition.

Indeed, as the day progressed things had looked hopeful: although no formal government announcement had been made, Marn's Guard were on the streets and wall in force, helping with the cleanup and gathering information regarding last night's terrible events.

And then the seemingly impossible happened: a large section of Marn's wall exploded, despite the presence of guards, levelling a broad chunk of it. The workers we spoke to said it has potentially set back construction efforts by weeks - if not months. And that is not taking into account the loss of so many workers. The earliest estimates we received suggests dozens, if not more, were caught in the blast.

Somehow, this has to be stopped.

Many have died in the past twenty-four hours. Families have lost husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters. Death has not discriminated on social standing, taking in its grasp citizens from the highest tiers, such as minister's wife Hermipises Markus, as well as from those poor souls in the historic district who were simply trying to better their lives by working on our city's wall.

The Dragon Awakened have claimed that citizens should speak up when things are wrong, claiming nebulous disappearances and allegations of corruption in the government as their motivation for their atrocities. Well, they are not the only people with pens and paper. I say: where is the proof? I say: what could be more damaging to this city than these deranged acts of wanton destruction?

Fellow citizens, if you have seen or heard anything in relation to any of the terrible events we have reported on today, please approach a member of the City Guard and tell them all you can.

Do not let our streets be ruled by fear and violence. We are better than that.