Vitiable Paragon Vol. 5, Issue 1

Current events, from the local sources. Newsletters, gossip, propaganda.
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Vitiable Paragon Vol. 5, Issue 1

Post by Saruna » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:15 pm

Dear Reasonably-minded citizens,

I am sure by now that you have all had a chance to read the latest issue of the Daily Tattler, just as I have. Many within Marn look to the publication to inform them of the current events, the latest gossip and insight into the daily lives of our neighbors. So as I read through this latest issue I couldn't help but ponder over the words of the librarian and wonder if Darli Reushinska was really giving us the whole story.

For those that haven't read the issue, Darli Reushinska wrote an article "The Last Bulwark of Education" in which she covered a story of some would-be criminals who tried to break into the University library to steal information.

Now I got to thinking about this, as I am sure you, the reasonably-minded citizen, have and it just doesn't add up. Why would anyone want to break into the University library and steal books or the information within them if they could freely walk into the library and gain such information without breaking a single law? Tell me, what sort of information would be worth stealing? What sort of information would be worth risking arrest? I'll tell you one thing, I wouldn't risk being arrested for the kind of information I could gain freely from the library.

--The Editor

The Powerful and Powerless

What can I say? The nobleman Salazar was never well loved, and reports of his possible death have reached the good ol' boys in Marn. Of course an investigation has begun on the matter, of course Salazar's subsequent disappearance is being looked into. And, of course the wreckage left on the pathway by said disappeared noble is being left to the good citizens to take care of.

The article writes itself! Salazar himself still has yet to be found, but believe you me when I tell you that the Guard is trying its gosh darn hardest to find him. Salazar has money, and the divide between those who have money and those who don't is as big a gap as those who have power and those who do not. One might even claim the two to be inseparably entwined together just like we've heard gossip regarding some minister or another bedding with another minister or another's wife. Scandalous!

Or those who have ill-gotten power over those whose power is not enough. So much power, citizens! All in the wrong hands. One little power piggie was seen visiting the hospital, that includes one of the oh so few aristocrats in the city to hold any sort of genuine concern for the needy -- no matter her questionable taste in men -- causing who knows what sorts of trouble. And who will do anything about it? Certainly not any of our own officials, whose capacity for "official" business revolves solely around yes, you guessed it, those with power. That certainly creates a certain lack of power in the gutters, doesn't it?

Criminals with power, and criminals without, and the Guard left scratching its head over the crimes of both sets. Do not let the tail wag the dog, gentlemen! At the very least, my fellow citizens, we might be entertained as the roof falls on our heads. So go to your temples, my dear religious, because at the rate of our descent into madness only Theogios himself might step in to save us.

Citizens Must Unite

There is something to be said for two ordinary womenwho refuse to allow thugs to have their way. Guards were perplexed when they happened upon a scene where, for once, the victims had been taken care of and the criminals scattered. Let it not be said that I am thus confused on the matter; criminal activity has clearly gotten beyond the control of our government as they have since refocused their attentions onto diabolical secrets and the oppression of their own citizens.

The poor litter our streets, refuse our leaders have carelessly thrown away. Ordinary, productive citizens disappear for a secret crusade marching to the beat of a drum we cannot hear. We ask for trade, and we receive a wall -- and meant for what? No one quite knows the why of it, since neither Eyropa or Tian Xia have been interested in picking at our rotting corpse for such a length of time that even those long lived among us would be hard pressed to remember the when. It seems to me that we are their prisoners, and unless we gain the will and reason to stand up and tell them no, they will have us caged and sold for their own private amusement.

Speaking of sales -- how go your profits, merchants? And by 'profits' I would be generously referring to those few sales you can make before being accosted by criminals and the broken youths grown from poverty. Tell me, from those of you whose businesses have been ransacked and your clients murdered or threatened, how many have been satisfied by the Guard's response? How many of you have seen the criminals who have destroyed your livelihood put safely away?

How many of you are ruined?

The world is changing, citizen. There are dire rumours making their way from the west and this newest threat from the north. It is time for us to take care of ourselves, and time to show they who would keep us down that we are not toys to be played with. Be cautious, but be not afraid. Trust your brothers and sisters, and remember well those who have gone before you.
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