Daily Tattler Vol. 5 Issue 3

Current events, from the local sources. Newsletters, gossip, propaganda.
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Daily Tattler Vol. 5 Issue 3

Post by Saruna » Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:12 am

Trouble in Eyropa

by Nan Pewter

Our neighbors to the east and west have always been of some interest to those of us who have lived between them, but lately the rumors flooding from the Northern Trade Route have been disturbing enough to catch the attention of many folk. Those of Puradyne faith, in particular, have been put to great unease at the rumors. Yet, rumor was made reality when the Emperor of Eyropa contracted the Society of the Changed to hunt a great sea beast. There are some who say that it is the great Leviathan returned, awakened from the end of the Changer's War. Whatever the beast is, it is causing ships to disappear and few witnesses remain.

There are some who say the beast presages a darker time. The esteemed Madame Rishory predicts that magic will once more put a stranglehold upon the people, and press them down. "Those fools who see fit to play with powers they cannot truly comprehend will tend to doom until it crushes us all."

Time will tell whether or not the great sea beast is but the first of many curses upon our world, or if it is a single isolated incident. In the meantime, good citizens, we can expect the cost of goods from Eyropa to start climbing in price for everything from the sea, and everything else that travels by ship. Tian Xia might experience something of a boom from the misfortune of Eyropa! We in the middle may only hope we feel the benefit, and none of the pinch.

The Guard Makes Arrests, Criminals Continue Evasion

by Darli Reushinska

The northman criminal has been apprehended by one of the guardsmen -- interestingly enough by one who is half his size! The arrest was long overdue, and accomplished thanks to a tip by one Yosef of Shim. The criminal had not seemed to harm any more citizens after his run in with the battlemage, but one can never tell with that sort, and certainly all within both Shim and Marn can breathe a sigh of relief now that he is safely behind bars.

We caught up with the triumphant guard, Fayane Tyme, in question shortly after the arrest. Despite the success, she seemed rather grim, and unhappy. When asked how she felt about it, she told us it was "A very hardening experience." Considering the size of the prisoner we could only agree.

As for her job with the Guard, she told us: "I enjoy my position and will continue to strive to keep the populace of Marn and Shim safe from harm."

The surge of criminal activity has been heightened of late, and any such arrest is much welcomed by all who live within the protection of Marn's leaders. This publication would like to be the first to congratulate the Guard for a splendid job, especially considering the near escapes we've seen lately. It is shameful when individuals disrespect the hard working members of the Guard and the Battlemages, causing more work for all involved but themselves. Especially considering the high crime rate we've seen over the year, minor scuffles that could be so easily resolved turn into long, drawn out chases that absorb man power and time.

Criminals can be a slippery bunch, as all of us have seen. Please take any unusual or suspicious sightings to the Guard so those dangerous to the city may be put safely away.

The Last Bulwark of Education

by Darli Reushinska

In the aftermath of the attack upon the Library, there has been some resurgence of interest in our shining pillar of education. The Library has enjoyed the attention in the wake of a barely averted disaster, and we could not call ourselves the Tattler if we did not capitalize upon it!

Madam Madelynne Vendeleur, an esteemed scholar, was kind enough to comment. "My occupation has taken me to many libraries throughout the land, and I can safely say that Marn's easily ranks among the best. It's a veritable treasure house of knowledge, and the staff is incredibly helpful and polite."

Though enrollment in the university has always been seen as a luxury for those that could afford it and those that needn't work for a living, the library has always been open to the public as a way of educating our young in the ways of the world. Though there was some early protest about opening the library for free access, it was a goal of the generous benefactors that made it all possible that everyone be able to enrich their lives. There remain criticisms, however, that the Libary and the University both cater primarily to the rich. Madam Vendeleur scoffed at the idea. "The University has always been willing to assist underprivileged students. If a potential student shows promise and a genuine thirst for knowledge, we'll do our best to ensure them a seat in our esteemed halls of higher learning."

Security has never been an issue as far as the library was concerned but nobody had suspected that somebody would break into the building and steal what was already free. The university board has assured us that such precautionary measures will be taken more seriously from now on and that such a crime will not be repeated. Any such word on what the would-be thieves were trying to steal was not disclosed.

One distraught librarian who insisted upon remaining anonymous said only "What is surprising is that anyone would think to break into such a place to steal this knowledge. It is an unthinkable crime. Why would anyone be so selfish as to want to horde such a thing rather than share it with their neighbors. It is a sad day indeed, one I thought I would never live to see."

Despite the continued concerns over the safety of the Library and the University itself, the doors remain open and further preparations for the safety of the citizens are not expected to disrupt our center of learning. Madam Vendeleur assures anyone interested in educating themselves that the Library and University both will continue to have much to offer. But, she cautions, despite the low costs education still comes at a price. "Our students must be prepared to devote a lot of time to their studies, and the fact of the matter is that most people can't handle it. But if you're of strong mind and have a good work ethic, we'll be happy to help you every step of the way."

More Forest Disturbances

by Horas Gingethal

In a spectacular display that should have caught no one by surprise, another disturbance within the forest was spotted by a few keen eyed merchants travelling from Shim to Marn to set up his morning wares.

"Trees begun swaying right unnatural," said Araya Mustaine, who was carting her fruit to the market. She decided it would be better to turn around and sell her produce in Shim, despite the higher competition and lower demand. "Something's in there, and I reckon it's not nothing I want to meet."

One of the men traveling with her was Marok Blaine, a potter. In his opinion, even such a disturbance in the trees is not anything to be worried over. "They just moved back and forth. I didn't hear anything out of place. When isn't something happening in the forest? No one's gotten dead, and I got wares to sell."

However, there has been a report of a missing child who is believed to have been playing in the forest. Though there are not yet any reported deaths, the increasing number of odd incidents coming from the forest can only leave the people of Marn and Shim speculating.

It does not help, either, that more reports of unsolved murders at the edge of our fair city so soon after odd sightings in the forest continue to occur. One can only ponder whether or not the two are in any way connected. We may only leave it up to the Guard to connect the puzzle pieces and keep us safe.
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