Daily Tattler Vol. 5 Issue 1

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Daily Tattler Vol. 5 Issue 1

Post by Saruna » Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:39 pm

Fashioning Fashionistas

by Sheerla Mystionye

Among my years amidst Marn's ranks of the fashionably conscious I have never counted a single year where Marn could be considered cutting edge in the shapes of what counts as in style. Despite this, I have always considered Marn to be quite aware of its own dignity, and what we lack in fashion forwardness we do make up in classy styles. Marn has never been an ugly city, or backwards, and it is for this that I have stuck through the thick and the thin, advising ladies and gentlemen of what is acceptable and what is not.

Lately in the streets I have noticed a trend towards the thin, and it is so I must dedicate this column to those without any sort of ability to dictate for themselves what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to wear.

Case in point: while out to visit a dear friend I happened to pass a woman wearing something that I can charitably say should not be worn for any occasion. This woman had somehow gotten hold of a dress that featured overdone crochet work at its collar, was quite horribly and unnecessarily revealing of shoulder and leg, and fell in a straight and unflattering line to her knees. Ladies, when choosing what to wear, please refrain from wearing things that closely resemble a bag, and one that withholds from any semblance of modesty at that.

A proper outfit should be modest. The crocheted collar of this dress was not by itself bad, but at the least it should have included a shawl. A belt at the hips would have done much for her as well; while you do not want to look like a tart, you also do not want to seem as though your only sense of design came from a potato sack. One can be both modest and attractive, and this article of clothing somehow, atrociously, denied its wearer both.

What can I say? There is no saving such a dress, if it could even be called that. I would not utilize such a design for a dog, much less a lady of any social class.

Next in line was a woman who had set herself up as an entertainer. Let me be the first to say that those in entertainment are forgiven wearing things that normal people would have no business going anywhere near, but this woman stretched her outfit past what is forgiven. Ladies and gentlemen: if you are trying to attract attention to your show, dressing in a riot of colors and patterns is a good way to get your audience to experience some weird form of motion sickness. Diamonds, solids, stripes and other less easily identified patterns were all present in this woman's ensemble, and they were so obnoxiously intertwined that I felt myself nearing a swoon just glancing at her.

I would assume by the low number of people who had stopped to look at her act that many other potential patrons had felt the same and had kept going. My advice? Less clashing, more complimentary patterns and colors. It is possible to blend and mix patterns without making your audience feel like they're staring into an abyss of abandoned circus props.

Business Prospects on the Ups?

by Darli Reushinska

Just last issue we at the Tattler had discussed the recent and terrible rash of crime that has occurred at inns and various other businesses, and suggested that prospective business owners would go packing. However, it seems that prediction has been turned on its head by a sudden upswing in new businesses opened. Though these hardy individuals might not be owning inns -- the hardest hit in the recent rash of crimes -- they certainly are taking their chances!

Perhaps the most notable of those making themselves known, Tanner & Vithu Pawnbrokers is exactly what its name indicates. A boy was heard promoting the store earlier in the day amidst those wandering the business district, and I felt a quick look through the store in question was in order. I recognized the shop as one that used to house a jeweler's business, one previously up for sale, but it seems an almost miraculous conversion has occurred. The store is fairly packed with items, and appears to be rather clean and organized. Whether or not it will see success remains to be seen, but it seems a serious attempt at profit is being made here.

Similarly, word of another business opening in Shim, of all places, had made its rounds. After a quick tour of Tanner & Vithu I made my way over to Shim in time for a lunch break. I stopped by the Red Chalice, and found to my surprise that despite all of the recent skirmishes that had nigh turned the place into a verifiable battle zone, a rather infamous nobleman by the name of Salazar Chronomantique had decided to drop by for a stay! Though he did seem to be involved in business, the fact that such a wealthy man was staying there at all despite a recent run in between a city guard and some miscreants -- among all the other incidents -- can only bode well.

I went to find the business in question and found it after little fuss. Shim itself does not see new businesses very often, and so most of its residents knew exactly what I was looking for. A verified blacksmith has set up shop in Shim, folks! While the owner seemed to be out, from what I could see the person has gone to great lengths to make a legitimate business.

Come one, come all!

Romancing Justice

by Horas Gingethal

You heard it here first, folks. The Captain and the Doctor are at it again. Recently, after most brutally refusing an interview from one of our upstanding journalists, the Captain of the Guard -- Camulous Smithson -- was seen visiting the renowned healer Metarie Sekhara. This alone might not be too surprising given the number of confirmations we've received about the legitimacy of their relationship were it not for one small thing: this visit occurred during working hours. Both of them were on duty, and it does not seem anyone requested the Captain's presence in the hospital.

We'll know more about the visit in a few days, should it actually be work related for the Captain, but if one thing is for sure it is that this strange relationship will continue to provoke unrest among the citizenry! Ye Changers, lovers, can you not find a room off duty?

Fireballs in the Forest

by Horas Gingethal

Citizens on either side of the river have been breathing sighs of relief as the death toll in the Virdara Woods has dropped clean off. Yet, for a man recently traveling between Marn and Shim, something new and potentially dangerous has taken residence in the woods. Reported as an "unnatural fireball," a strange spontaneous explosion of fire was seen rising from the treetops. It vanished immediately after it had appeared, leaving the man surprised and afraid. No damage seemed evident, and no further flames were seen.

The Guard has declined comment, but what is more interesting is that it seems this report has not been taken seriously. No guardsmen have been seen dispatched towards the area in question, and with only a sole witness and no evidence but some dubious testimony, it does indeed seem hard to justify the money necessary for an investigation, especially when so many more cases involving death are pressing at the Guard's heels.

What say you, readers?
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