Vitiable Paragon Vol. 3, Issue 12

Current events, from the local sources. Newsletters, gossip, propaganda.
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Vitiable Paragon Vol. 3, Issue 12

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It is my duty to remind you that this publication is not sanctioned by our darling government. Possession of this publication may result in unfortunate circumstances. Discussion of this publication may also result in unfortunate circumstances. Be discreet, be safe. Loose lips doom the many, not only the one.

--The Editor

Judges Misuse Funds

While merchants wail and those unfortunate enough to dwell within the historical district weep, the Judges have nothing but sneers and chuckles. Plans for the wall around Marn have been quietly accepted, and there have been movements made towards contracting workers and architects for the job -- from outside the city. While this may be acceptable for a wealthy nation with plenty to spare -- the providence of Apthoni in Eyropa comes to mind -- for a city slowly sinking into destitution it is ridiculous.

There are workers here who have been out of work, who would reinvest that bishani here rather than line their pockets with it only to scurry away and spend it somewhere else. Marn has its poor, but they are swept out of the way so as to give the impression that the city isn't turning into a crumbling set of ruins with only a memory of the booming opulence that has since gone westward and eastward or anywhere not in Thar Shaddin. Perhaps it is only ego and not sheer incompetence. This writer has yet to be convinced, as there has yet not been any explanation as to why Marn even needs a wall.

When was the last time Marn was attacked? Not in my memory. As far as any of us know the last major violence to occur was during the Great Riots, and that was internal. Yes folks, that's right: the only time the citizens dared to speak up they were efficiently and brutally struck down and told to remain silent.

So when you see scaffolding go up around the city, and new and foreign faces in the streets do not be surprised or dismayed: the Judges are just taking care of us, the worst way they know how.

City Guard Arrogance and Ineptitude

Arrogance in the Guard isn't new: one look at their Captain and it's a surprise they're not more half-assed and careless than they already are. But this isn't new to anyone with eyes, but what is new is the disquieting resurgence of attacks against travelers. That isn't terribly surprising -- despite claims to honor there is a decidedly uncaring attitude towards those not endearingly and obviously partisan towards Marn herself -- but it does spell trouble. Tough times have fallen upon many business keepers, with incidents coming thick and fast enough that even a competent set of Guards would have difficulty keeping up with it, so when newcomers to the city are immediately beset by the law keepers what would they think about living in Marn itself?

They wouldn't. They'd focus on getting out as fast as possible. Then they would focus about telling anyone else who might come to Marn to settle down to stay as far away from it as possible. Any city with corrupted guards running rampant doesn't exactly attract new settlers.

The Guard is, of course, not doing anything obvious about this problem. It might be reassuring that they are able to settle things discreetly, except for the fact that often investigations are so quiet that suspects and those likely innocent all disappear without a word. Then, as so often happens, nothing more occurs and the same crimes and injustices continue to go on, and harmless reporters from The Tattler who ask harmless questions get pushed into the dirt by the very Captain himself, after which he goes to visit his girlfriend while he is on duty.

No, members of the Guard, you aren't required to tell the citizens anything. You don't need to tell us that the murders and illicit, dangerous drug trafficking is incredibly high and you can't do anything to stop it. You don't need to tell us that you're busy beating up innocent civilians and travelers for an extra bishan or two. You don't even need to tell us that you don't have that murderous blue Gizmo creature under control. Because, at the end of the day, we know. We know, and we can't do anything to stop you except stand idly by and watch our beloved city die a slow and agonizing death.

You likely knew that too, though, since that is exactly what you are doing.

City Watchers

Dear citizens, be advised that it is currently vogue for certain zealous individuals within this city to spy and report on their fellows for personal gain with the government of Marn. They see fit for themselves to report on any number of innocuous things that are likely to be incredibly benign. They are taken seriously. The volume of cases at the Justice Hall have increased dramatically, and what's more is that many people who go into that building never come out again.

It is very likely that the rumors of hearing muted screaming around those premises are not exaggerated, or rumors at all.

Marn does not have to be the scourge of Pal Tahrenor, but with the Judges looking the other way from Kaledin Manor and its terrible Master (one might even suspect they encourage whatever monstrous activities go on there) and tickled pink with the idea of citizens doing the Guard's job for them, it is likely to remain this way.

It is up to us to remain sane in the face of these atrocities.

Daimons bless you all.
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