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Daily Tattler

Post by Saruna » Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:13 pm

Mysterious Disappearances at All Time Low

It used to be that going into the forest was a cause for concern, but according to sources within the Guard the numbers seem to have dropped right off. Few incidents have been reported, though if this is because fewer people are heading into the deeper parts of the forest or what incidents might be happening are not being reported is so far unknown. What is known involves the Guard sending minor patrols around the forest that runs along the path connecting Shim and Marn, though nothing of note has been discovered.

Indeed, the only mysterious known death anywhere near the forest belonged to a farm woman new to the town of Shim, somewhat near to the edge of the trees. Though the investigation of that death has not been completed, foul play does not seem likely according to the Tattler's sources, and it doesn't seem related to the more sinister seeming deaths that seemed to regularly occur within the forest -- the majority of which were men.

Though this may not be enough to encourage would-be woodsmen to return to the deeper parts of the forest, some do find the news to be a step in the right direction. Some merchants, especially those who pass through Marn on the Northern Trade Route, have been clamoring for the path between Marn and Shim to be widened and paved with high quality stone for years. Perhaps now might be a good time to renew those petitions.

Inn Hit By Blue Menace Gizmo

Anyone with eyes has seen the ditch of destruction laid out by the furry blue hellion yesterday morning. Several plants were done in by this rampaging beast, but most notably a large chunk of The Ripened Vine -- an Inn known for its reasonable prices and clean beds -- was utterly destroyed, taking a paying customer along with it. Witnesses who spotted the thing in action claimed it was as if a Changer had come again to wreck the city. "Just awful! How can I feel safe with something like that on the loose?" Ira, a patron in the Vine at the time of the incident commented. Another bystander in the crowded streets outside felt certain that it was the doing of a magic user: "This's what happens when you use magic, take note of it. Next it'll be someone's home, mark me!"

The Ripened Vine is particularly small for an Inn, only having three rooms available, and its owner declared shutdown is inevitable.

"It's over! Done! Ruined!" The proprieter's wife, Ella Grayner, was heard weeping to the guards, while her husband Drue eyed the destruction with a more practical eye.

"With that Changerspawn on the loose, none's safe." He told us after the guards had questioned him. "Sure, the guards say they'll keep it contained, but in the meantime who pays for this then? Looks like we might have to pick up and leave."

And with such longstanding businesses like the Grayners' having to make their fortune elsewhere, what will happen to Marn's slowly declining economy? The Guard itself continues to claim that they have the creature under control, and incidents like this are in the midst of the greater good being done.

And of the blue creature, Gizmo, there has been no word nor hair available for comment.

Inns and Taverns: More Dangerous Than You'd Think

It would seem that in recent days criminals are after more than the cash or goods from your common business -- just ask forty-two year old Fueller, proprietor of a tavern named The Split Tumbler in downtown Marn. "Man come in, aim a weapon at my customer. My men took him down, always do." That 'always' is a bit more encompassing than Fueller might think. In shady establishments, maybe it's normal for people to come in to businesses looking for someone to fight or kill -- despite what the honorable Captain of the Guard might have to say about that -- but lately it's been getting out of hand and people are starting to take notice.

Fegrin Burlumnyr, owner of the popular Red Chalice Inn in Shim, took notice long ago. When asked about a rise in criminal activity in Marn's -- and Shim's -- inns and taverns his first reaction was to laugh. "Oh, you didn't realize? Some days I think my Red Chalice is more often than not under repair from all this lawless activity. Almost think we didn't have a Guard, except now they've taken to arresting people in my tavern. I've yet to see a reply for my request for compensation." To make matters worse for Burlumnyr, the person getting arrested was one of his workers. One of his better workers, according to Burlumnyr. Though details are sketchy, it seems a Battlemage was involved in that altercation.

You might ask yourself what gets worse than the need for a Battlemage to go into a well known and respected tavern to arrest someone, but it gets worse from there. Ramer Selyndrai, owner of The Hammer and Spring, has got bigger fish to fry. Days ago The Hammer and Spring was the scene of mass murder, the cause for which seems to have the Guard baffled. No arrests have been made, and the Guard was unavailable for comment. Selyndrai, on the other hand, had quite a bit to say -- much of which cannot be printed in this publication. But he did have an excellent point to bring up: "How can I convince any patrons that my place of business is safe?"

Indeed, it is a question that will be on all of our minds. With attacks from Gizmo coming at random, and criminals becoming more brazen than ever before, there is an outcry for the honorable Captain of the Guard to speak to the public and reassure them that all is well.
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