The Call to Arms

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The Call to Arms

Post by Sir Karsimir » Mon Jul 16, 2007 12:49 am

A horn sounded.

"Warriors!" a voice bellowed. "Battle awaits! For those brave men ready to fight it. Here we are, cooling our heels in the breeze, while nearby is a fight in need of warriors! Not brigands, not reavers, but warriors. Men of courage and valour! Men who stand strong on the field of arms! If you are such a man, then it is you that I seek."

"There are brigands enough, I tell you. It is them who must be faced on the field. Villains who oppress honest townsfolk, who bring dishonour to their swords. This must be stopped! Already ten of these brigands have fallen by my hand, six more have been vanquished by my comrades. And I am far from done!"

"So if you will not allow the innocent to suffer, I welcome your sword. If you seek plunder and riches as honourable gain, fight by my side. If you seek glory, join me and find trophy rings thick on your fingers. If you seek lord worthy of your service, seek me out and judge for yourself!"

"My name is Aorle, many will know me as Railtus Anstrun. Find me at House Anstrun, or leave word for me here. Do this, and I shall provide for you at Lightsword Hall."

This was the speech at the Fighter's Guild recently. Brigand hunting then, is it? Well, that would certainly be far better use than the outsiders have been to us so far. Everyone knows the kind of robbers who dwell beyond the city, and if outsiders can fight against them, it saves us citizens the trouble and danger. They might as well die doing something useful.

Of course, no outsider could possibly have the best interests of the city at heart. Instead, this stranger is seeking to earn a knighthood. Obviously not here, for we do not bother with such barbaric ways, but apparantly slaying bandits will help him towards that.

And if he leads a bunch of outsiders out in the wasteland to die, then no loss for the good people of Marn.

- Account from a local citizen.
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