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Erin Venri
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Name: Erin Venri
Race: Elven

Erin Venri

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Name: Erin Venri
Age: 24
Race: Elven
Homeland: Eyropa: Apthoni

Description: He's five feet, ten inches and a hundred and forty-five pounds, with a lithe and lean frame. He his shoulder length, dirty blond hair, His face was characterized by sharp, thin features, with a beak-like nose and bright green eyes; a jagged scar running under the left one. His resting face could be described as blissful, even goofy at times.


Armor of the home: Given to him by his father as a going away present. It is armor made from boiled leather studded with brass studs, shaped in the form of a roman-esque cuirass, battle skirt, and Corinthian style helmet. It symbolized his going away, his adulthood coming to him as he journeys away from home, likely into danger. It represented his father's and his mother's love for him, in that they are part of the material that protects him from the blows of his enemies. It is his wall, metaphorically speaking, of affection that he loved receiving from his parents that spurs him ahead on his journey. ( ... RT-207.png)

Trident of the wind: It isn't so much a trident, as more of a battle-fork, however, it is well crafted. With a six-foot oak pole, and a half a foot long two bladed thrusting and cutting head, it makes for an impressive weapon. It also lends to the fact that due to a small rod of steel connecting the metal knob on the end to the head, it makes it an incredibly hard weapon to break; though damage is another story. It does have an enchantment on it, at the speech of a few words, it wreathes itself in flames of cold blue; burning coldly with a strike on an enemy, along with providing light for quite the distance. ( ... tStaff.jpg)

Wynlis, the fleet of hoof: Wynlis is his horse's name, He was taken as a foal from a work horse in the fields. He isn't a breed known for speed really, despite his name, he's a breed meant for reliability. That is what he is. He rarely spooks, despite the dangers of the road. His coat is a speckled grey with a black mane and icy blue eyes.

Emergency fund: Erin rarely travels without some funds, and with him being a mercenary by trade, he rarely had to dip into the small fund he carried with him. It was nowhere near what a noble would pay, but it could get him some food and lodgings for the night.

Dagger in the dark: Erin carries a dagger in the most strange place- under his battle skirt, just at the center of the thigh. It could be useful in a pinch, and never hurts to be prepared.

Powers or Strengths:

Fit and lean: He is generally fit, due to his life style. No where near the muscle level of most other warriors and mercenaries, he manages. He is built mostly for lasting a long time at his work, not short burst of vigor.

Well read: He is literate and quite the bookworm in fact- though he would never tell you- he loves Romance and Mystery novels, and won't hesitate to pick one up in his free time.

Acrobatic: Due to his lithe nature, and his lighter armor, his is a bit acrobatic; despite the elves's inflexibility. This mostly come into play with dodging and climbing, though his is no master at either.

Kind: Generally his is kind to others around him, whether they be strangers or otherwise. He can be grumpy, but he won't take a second glance at helping someone in need; that being said, if they look affluent enough, he wouldn't hesitate to liberate them of some coin.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Naive: He can be a little gullible and clueless when it comes to the actions of others. Most of his life has been devoted to training under an apprenticeship and he has gotten to spend little time interacting with his peers.

Hopeless Romantic: This plays along with his Naivety. Erin is a sap for the romantic, from books to plays to gestures alike. He'd even been saving himself for someone he liked enough, though with said little interaction, it was easy enough. Romance novels were all he could get to catch a glimpse at that long desired feeling of his during his apprenticeship.

Inflexible: He is prone to sprains and pulling muscles. It's part of his racial being.

Temper: He does have quite the temper, though he is great at suppressing it. It isn't difficult for him to fly off the handle if enough pressure and annoyance is put on him.


He was born on a hot summer day in Apthoni, and his mother uses that to attribute to his kind, but fiery personality and temper. She was a seamstress, often working with a tailor in town to help bring in more money between crop seasons. His father was a town guard, in fact, he was the captain of the guard in his village . Erin lived a fine childhood, learning to read, playing with his friends and not having to worry about food. When he turned around the age of thirteen, just before the adolescence of Elves, his father sent him off to study with a proven warrior that he had connections with. His father wanted Erin to have a good life, one filled with glory, happiness, love, and money. They spent almost all of his time during his teenage years training and learning all he could; from fighting with polearms, to learning to dodge easier, and if need be, how to get away much quicker. He would learn from travelers and those who passed by. It was enticing to him, and he wanted to live as a traveling warrior.

As he came to the age to leave his apprenticeship, his father came to him bearing the most beautiful leather armor he'd ever seen, and his Master came to him and gave him his own weapon. It was a dream come true for Erin, and thusly, with tears in his eyes; He bade his Master, His Father, His Mother, and His friends and siblings farewell. He was off, finding work around Eyropa, before eventually ending up in Corezo, where he is today finding work among the noble elites of the land.

He found that even as a mercenary, that he still held onto that honor he was taught as a child by both his father, and then later by his teacher. He would gladly take contracts to protect someone, to deliver something, or to hunt bounties. He wouldn't have an issue working with other mercenaries or soldiers to protect someone as well. More protection equaled an easier job. The things he wouldn't do were assassinations nor work with mercenary companies. He found both of these horribly deplorable and dishonorable in their own rights.
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Re: Erin Venri

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