"Grim" Grimald Sooree

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Name: Grim Sooree
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"Grim" Grimald Sooree

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Player Name: Damara (Also known as “Konk”)

Name: “Grim” Grimald Sooree

Race: Human

Age: 20 years

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 140 lbs.

==== Physical Description ====

Grim is a very, very happy boy. His name is a sort of joke among the citizens of Marn, who regard him as the darkest ray of sunshine they ever met. His skin is a rich mahogany, and it burns easily in the sun. Atop his head sits an unruly tangle of thick black curls, most of which he ties back with a leather band. Grim’s eyes are as black as a night’s sky, and twinkling like one too. His most striking feature, however, is his smile. It’s absolutely stunning, with perfect white teeth all neat in a row. While beautiful, Grim’s smile still carries his sweet modest air that has made him such a beloved rat catcher.

==== Possessions ====

-A wide assortment of rat traps, poisons, and nets. He is diligent in his work, and makes sure to keep fully stocked in all his supplies.

-An enchanted flute that makes sweeter music the darker its surroundings are.

-A small flat in the residential district that was gifted to him by his family and friends. It has minimal furnishings, and is very neat apart from a small table crowded with his trap designs.

-A small dagger that he filched from a bar in Marn. He keeps it at his flat most of the time, but will take it with him should the streets seem more dangerous than usual.

==== Strengths ====

Crafting traps- Grim has always had a knack for constructing traps. While he would never pass a physics course, he has an intuitive sense of basic mechanics. His traps rarely fail, and can be very complex. While he’s only been a rat catcher for three years, he has been building these contraptions for his entire life.

Night vision- Grim has fantastic night eyes. Having spent much of his life tinkering in his shadowy tent and performing nightly shows, Grim is quite at home in the dark. He can spot a rat in pitch black, and never loses his footing. Of all the creatures of the night, Grim might be the nicest one to meet.

Flute- As a child, Grim impressed an old witch with his trap-building. The witch gave him his enchanted flute, which he played ever since. Due to its heightened abilities in the dark, he often plays alone under the city, or in dim taverns. Even in the day though, he can still rouse an audience with his lovely songs.

Likeable- For a boy of 18 years, Grim is remarkably charming. For a rat catcher, he’s as rare as a saint in a whorehouse. He has an infectious smile, an easy bobbing gait, and a patient ear. Children revere his clever traps and beautiful music, and women are enchanted by his sweetness. He’ll grace across their night like a flash of a warm breeze, only to leave them tingling for more.

Agile- While he wasn’t an acrobat in his troupe, he could have been one. Light on his feet, and lightning fast when he needs to, Grim can find his way through just about any pile of rubbish. He’s a quick climber too.

==== Weaknesses ====

Cowardly- When the going gets tough, Grim gets going –in the opposite direction. If he spotted a mugging going down in an alley, or a hard-eyed man approaching a young lady, Grim would avert his eyes. He’s a good-hearted boy, but no hero. He cares more for the skin on his back than the well-being of others. Of all the people to back you in a fight, he is the last man you would want to call.

Poor manners- Grim was raised by traveling performers, who stray well beyond the boundaries of the socially acceptable. He walks on tables, licks his fingers, and opens any closed door he can. The masses of Marn are perfectly fine with his ways, but you can bet that anyone of class will be instantly repulsed by this rat catcher –and not just for the smell.

Flighty friend- Even after living in Marn for five years, Grim hasn’t made many friends. Many have tried to grow closer, and he has given the appearances of obliging…but in the end Grim’s favorite company is his own. Oftentimes the man goes days without human interaction. He keeps acquaintances, people who remember his name and would share drinks at the bar, but nothing beyond that.

Petty thief- Old habits die hard, and Grim has been stealing his entire life. Growing up, he stole sweets and trinkets from small town shops. In Marn, he filches machine parts from gnomes. The gnomes have been on his tail for years, and while they haven’t caught him yet, he’s bound to slip up sooner or later. While he has good reason to steal the machine parts, sometimes Grim will try to steal things he has no use for. If he spotted a loose money purse at someone’s side, his fingers couldn’t help themselves. He’s a slave to the thrill of the steal, and it can get him into nasty bits of trouble.

Play fighter- Grim is very familiar with swords…wooden ones. As a performer, he was occasionally called in to play an extra soldier, where he would swing his wooden sword in slow dramatic arcs behind the main actors. He has zero combat training, and not much brute strength to make up for it. If forced into a fight, it would be curtains for this rat catcher.

Light sensitivity- Grim’s night vision comes at a cost: he is very sensitive to the light. He sleeps for most of the day, avoiding the sun like an unwanted suitor. Brightly lit rooms disorient him, and he hates lightning storms. He avoids looking into fires, forges, the surface of water at high noon, and sunrise.

Weak-minded- Any kind of mind-altering drug or spell can have its way with Grim. He is easily intoxicated, and drops like a stone into hypnotic trances. His parents always feared that he’d get swept up by a wizard someday, his will was so weak.

==== History ====

Grim was born to his mother Eloise and his father Avery near a small fishing town in Hellas. Beneath the cool, moonless sky, the babe was rumored to have sung rather than cried into the darkness.

Eloise and Avery were travelling performers, part of a group called “The Laughing Lion”. Comedy was the group’s forte, but thriftiness their selling point. They travelled east along the southern coast of the Eyropan Provinces, performing slapstick plays and simple folk songs. Their reputation wasn’t shining, but The Laughing Lion still managed to turn a profit at every town they visited.

The Laughing Lion was a strictly nocturnal group, always starting their shows when the sun kissed the horizon. While they claimed it was for the ambiance, Grim learned it was to mask mistakes behind darkness and booze.

Grim loved the troupe life growing up. Constantly surrounded by entertainers, he never had a dull moment. As a toddler, he spent most of his time watching his troupe perform from behind the stage. There were no other children in the group, so he became their mascot, or “Little Lion”, as they called him. His black hair was just beginning to matt itself into the mane it would become, but he was a cute as a cherub.

While he was surrounded by jokesters and artists, Grim himself was never the performing type. His parents nudged him towards acrobatics, but he wasn’t inspired to pursue the sport. Instead, he worked for the Laughing Lion’s cook, fetching him ingredients from the woods and around town. The troupe eventually accepted where his true talents lay: trap building. The boy was only five when he caught his first rabbit in a clever foothold trap. He spent days in the shadow of his tent, tinkering with bits of rope and springs, and weaving cages.

By the time Grim was ten, he could catch anything from mice to wolves. His traps also ranged in their lethality, for he had a great fondness for birds. Grim only killed a few in his early traps, and never intentionally. One night, while his troupe was camped in a deep cedar forest, he managed to catch a snow white dove from its flock of grey brothers. The dove was perfectly intact, not a single feather snapped, in a gently woven cage. As Grim studied the dove with boyish fascination, an elven witch emerged from the trees.

The witch didn’t stay long, but she was beautiful and generous. It was the first time Grim had seen any true magic, and he was utterly entranced. She offered him a gift in exchange for the dove and the trap: an enchanted flute. His eyes were best in the dark, that much she could tell, so she enchanted the flute to sing sweeter as the light died. A simple charm, but it was enough for young Grim. He developed a new fascination with the instrument, and played it ever since.

The Laughing Lion was thrilled for Grim to join their band of musicians, and ushered him through his lessons. The troupe had always been the boy's family, people who he had trusted and relied on for survival. He was happy to begin working for them, but at the same time, it broke his heart a little. Some of the charm of troupe life slipped away once he was pushed into the show. He enjoyed to spend his nights watching animals, or playing his flute for the wind, rather than prancing about on the stage.

As the troupe travelled further and further east, Grim grew older and more weary of his nomadic lifestyle. The Laughing Lion had little use for his flute skills now, for he was over-qualified to play their lilting folk songs. In his youthful frustration, Grim stole more useless trinkets and caught more wolves. He built snare traps, ones that got tighter the more the animal struggled. One night, a swan flapped straight into one of these traps, and before he could release the poor panicky creature, it strangled itself to death. It was a dark moment for Grim, who hadn't killed a bird in many years. Ashamed, he realized that he had to make the best of his life in the Laughing Lion, and stop releasing his anger on others.

Grim was sixteen when The Laughing Lion reached Marn, and he fell in love instantly. The nightlife was merry and exciting, and there were all matter of machines around the city that set his mind whirring. When his family saw this, they decided to give him a surprise.

As the boy was solemnly packing the stage equipment, wondering when he’d ever see such a town again, his parents handed him a small copper key: his own flat in the residential district. It wasn’t much, but it was his to keep, with running water and no windows facing the east. Grim was thrilled. He kissed his parents goodbye, promising to write as they promised to visit.

The rest came pretty easily. Grim began work as a rat catcher, promising to rid the residential district’s homes of the vermin as discreetly as possible. With a couple fast traps here, silencing traps there, he gained a reputation of being a remarkable rat catcher. Not a squeak was heard, yet the vermin were abolished!

He also earns a bit of money on the side playing his flute in taverns and on the streets. Grim loves the nightlife of Marn, and chooses to sleep through most of the day. He’s very content with his work and home, but something feels a bit…off. His fingers itch to build something bigger, something better, but he has yet to catch his inspiration.
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Re: "Grim" Grimald Sooree

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Well it would be like if I just said my dude happened to hunt lots of giraffes in the Marn woods. It could totally happen...

Anyway, approved!!!