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Name: Remmeke Tathmiel-Orvathar
Race: Elf


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Player Name: Jason

Name: Remmeke Tathmiel-Orvathar
Age: 31
Race: Elf
Height: 5'11"



Remmeke has retained his genteel demeanour despite the shift in his lifestyle from modest aristocracy to leading a team of rebels against his own government. Long wisps of charcoal hair frame the young man's handsome, delicate features, oftentimes tucked behind his pointed ears, or pulled back and clipped with a worn clasp. His clothing is kept clean and kempt whenever possible, although he no longer dresses quite as finely as in his youth.

His formal appearance is more to do with habit and nerves than any concern for material wealth or social class. He doesn't see anything wrong with getting his hands dirty, but he's more comfortable remaining tidy, when it's not entirely impractical. If nothing else, it gives him something to do.

He is tall and lithe, kept fit by his regular training – another means of keeping himself occupied – and, for the most part, healthy. He has fewer scars than the men he tends to associate with, and a smoother complexion to match – it is clear Remmeke has had a relatively easy life, at least in a physical sense.

He talks little to strangers, keeps his thoughts to himself, and remains outwardly unremarkable, for the most part. There are, however, some who would recognize his face, identifying him as a ruined Synevive. This typically isn't an issue when he spends much of his time out of sight, preparing for his part in the rebellion, but he occasionally feels the need to go out of his way in avoiding unnecessary attention.


Weapons – A longsword styled with Elven inscriptions, detailing Remmeke's heritage, hangs upon the wall of his hideout. This sword is worth a decent amount of money to the right buyers. It is one of the only things remaining in Remmeke's possession from his family's previous lifestyle.

For practical use, he carries a well-crafted bastard sword and a hand-axe. At times, he might also make use of a crossbow, though he's not a great shot.

Armor – Brigandine, mail shirt, mail leg armour, helmet alike those used by guards. He'll only wear this when it seems necessary.

Hideout – An inconspicuous abode in the lower-middle class area of the residential district, which Remmeke shares with his childhood friend, Trick.

Horse – A 6-year-old grey mare, a Corezan breed, named Séonais. She's trained to respond only to Remmeke, and to remain calm in almost any situation.

Powers or Strengths

Educated – Remmeke had a thorough and extended education, beginning with home schooling throughout most of his childhood. He received several qualifications through the university, but never managed to put them to good use; his focuses were commerce and geography. Nonetheless, he knows more about the broader world than many other Marnians. In particular, he learned much of the culture of Darleone from his family, and attempted to research the information himself. This led to a realization that the Marnian government seems not to keep an entirely accurate account of history – or anything, really.

Intelligent and Quick-Witted
– Remmeke understands a lot of concepts easily and can think on his feet. This has aided him in his past education, as well as his current position in the Dragon Awakened.

Organized; Excellent Planner and Leader – Remmeke's tendency to over-think may fuel his worries and doubts, but it also leads to a sort of compulsive need to over-prepare. A skill that first benefited him in his studies, Remmeke can handle a lot of information at once and typically find the best means to accomplish a task. While he prefers time to assess a situation, he's learned to use the skill under time pressure.

Financial Background
– Along with his studies in commerce, Remmeke's family previously made their living from business in its various forms. His father's mistakes led to the family's ruin, and there is some regret in understanding those faults a little too late, but Remmeke is confident in his ability to understand the workings of all things financial. Perhaps, if he were to survive his current operation, he could find a way to bring his family's name to prosperity once more.

Trained Swordsman
– Remmeke has had formal training with a blade, around 15 years in total. Throughout this training, he also gained a minor familiarity with other common weapons, but his proficiency is with one-handed double-edged swords. He developed a preference for longer blades, compared to those used by city guards.

Other Weaponry – Although he tried his hand at traditional archery, the art never seemed to take hold of him, and he found he preferred the more mechanical function of the crossbow. While blunt objects such as maces never had much appeal, Remmeke is rather fond of axes as a secondary weapon and general purpose tool.

Horsemanship – A secondary hobby as a child, Remmeke is an adequate rider.

Fit, Healthy, and Agile – While he hasn't totally managed to avoid harm in his life, Remmeke was cared for well throughout childhood, and spent most of his early adulthood studying and socializing, alongside the hobbies that kept him fit. In his recent pursuits, he's had to tone up and take a few hits, but he's become accustomed to the lifestyle he's currently living. The training he's put himself through in recent years, on top of the hobbies he had in his youth, have kept him able to perform physical feats, of agility in particular, quite naturally. Strength is less his forte, but he manages what's required of him.

Backed by Paragon – The cell that Remmeke leads may be isolated, but they are not entirely alone. Perhaps they could not make a direct call for help, but there is comfort in the knowledge that their goals are supported by powerful benefactors.

Resources Aplenty – One of the perks of being a part of a terrorist organization: access to whatever you would reasonably need to get the job done. Whether it's weapons, equipment, bribes and favours, or armed back-up, as long as it furthers the cause, there's a chance Remmeke can get his hands on it.

Friendship – Through thick and thin, Trick has been by Remmeke's side all their lives. In a way, she's what keeps him sane; she's also saved his life a couple of times.

Attractive – Tall, dark, and handsome, with an air of mystery, Remmeke tends to get the attention of the women in his life. Well, the ones who find elven features appealing, anyway. Fortunately, he prefers to date only elven women; the idea of humans living such short lifespans makes him slightly uncomfortable.


Familiar Face – Being a member of a once-prominent, elven synevive family, Remmeke's face is somewhat recognizable to anyone old enough to remember their time amongst the upper society. His sister still tries to make her way in the world of aristocracy. Fortunately for Remmeke, she tries to ignore her brother's existence as much as possible.

Haunted by Memories
– Every day is a reminder to Remmeke of things that have happened in his past. His family's downfall and his father's death, as well as several failed relationships, and further deaths that occurred in his new position within the Paragon. These and other significant events of his life tend to sit and stagnate amongst his other thoughts, and can drown his sense of reason out from time to time.

Guilt – Remmeke tends to blame himself for everything bad that happens in his life and the lives of those around him, to an extent. He feels responsible for making sure things work the way they should, and if they don't, the burden is his carry. He failed his family, his father, and he continues to fail his friends. This is not a lack of self-esteem – he's aware of his competence – and that in itself is more cause for him to blame himself when things go wrong. He has the ability to do the right thing, but as he sees it, he doesn't try hard enough.

Pessimism – Remmeke may try his best to accomplish his goals, but he finds it hard to look at the world in a positive light. The guilt and negativity have a firm grasp on his consciousness, and his outlook tends to be rather bleak. In the right kind of situation, where it would seem hope was entirely lost, this trait could be Remmeke's downfall.

Dislike of Magic – Despite not wishing to associate himself with the Puradynic culture of Marn, Remmeke cannot shake his fear of things not of this world. Healing magic and other similarly benign crafts are no huge concern for him, but most forms of magic, particularly combative, make his skin crawl, whether he'll admit it or not.

– There are many things Remmeke has done, and will soon do, that the city guard would gladly take him in for. Treason is probably at the top of that list, with murder right below it.

Essentially Doomed – For the most part, Remmeke's current work for Paragon is expected to be a suicide mission. At the very least, it's incredibly dangerous, and there's no real chance of survival if (or when) caught by the authorities. He isn't even sure whether Paragon will try to remove him from the picture, if they later consider him a liability. If he does happen to escape the aftermath of the current project, Remmeke hopes to take Trick with him to the Eyropan coast so they can both start a new life.

Nice Guy – Remmeke has the attitude of a self-sacrificing hero. He doesn't see himself that way, and he isn't necessarily going to go out of his way to save every person he comes across, but he does have a very strong and overbearing conscience. If he chooses to do something that he feels is wrong, it's going to weigh on him; he can never let those mistakes go.

Friendship – The only thing that has held him together over the years is Remmeke's connection to Trick. She remains the foundation for his strength, and it's been that way since childhood. After all, he wasn't always as confident as he is now. If he ever lost her, he might lose a large part of himself as well, if not his life.

Loneliness – Remmeke knows people care for him, and in that sense, he is perfectly satisfied. It is in his unending, guilt-ridden grief that he feels isolated. Although he has tried in the past to fill this strange void, nothing seemed to come of it. He has since accepted that he is unlikely to find anyone who understands all that he's been through in his life, with whom he could share all of his fears and doubts. He wonders sometimes if other people ever worry as much as he does.


Grandfather: Belnefinion Orvathar
Grandmother: Ailaerin Yeorith (182)

Step-grandmother: Cerys Muireann (221)

Father: Amonir Orvathar
Mother: Laonrea Tathmiel (115)

Sister: Jesthamine Tathmiel-Orvathar (56)

Belnefinion Orvathar arrived in Marn around 260PW, several years after its founding, alongside his wife and son. Remmeke's grandmother, a youthful elven woman named Ailaerin Yeorith, lasted just over a decade in the Puradyne city before running back to Darleone. Belnefinion remained, marrying an elven woman named Cerys many years later. Amonir remained his only child, as Cerys was barren, and Belnefinion passed away at the age of 120 for reasons uncertain. The business and reputation he had amassed in his 80 years in Marn was a decent fortune, considering how trade had seemed to disappear not too long after their arrival. The man had a keen eye for investments, at times taking great risks for greater rewards – a talent his son did not seem to inherit.

As a child, Remmeke was sheltered and, to what extent his parents could afford, spoiled. His sister was 15 by the time Remmeke was born, and so he was raised as an only child in the sense that humans are accustomed to. His sister was a free-spirited young girl; she chose to spend little time with her family once she had the option of exploring the wonders of high society. She was the social butterfly, someone made to play the game. While her brother adopted some of the same attributes, it was, for the most part, not reflected by his personality until much later in his life. He was a quiet and studious child, however eager and focused. In the years since Jesthamine was born, Remmeke's father had become far more protective of his children. Perhaps it came after witnessing how adventurous and carefree his daughter could be, or perhaps it was simply a trait he had gained with age. Whatever the reason, Remmeke was first tutored at home rather than allowed to attend public school. He was given much to do – many hobbies to keep him occupied – but he had little chance to make friends, until he met Trick.

The daughter of a family under Amonir's employ, Trick was the only person who could bring Remmeke out of his shell. Their friendship runs so far back that Remmeke cannot recall their first meeting; he can't really imagine his life without her at all. In fact, they first met when Remmeke was six. Trick's mother was to care for Remmeke as a nanny and, in some regard, a governess. The boy had many formal tutors but it was easier for the family to employ Trick's mother as a live-in caretaker than to pay for a higher-class full-time governess.

Trick's father had known Amonir for many years prior to this arrangement, and they were already quite close, spending much of their time together. Although the class divide was a concern for their parents at first, Amonir in particular was pleased to see his friendship with Trick's father reflected in their own children. It wasn't difficult for the otherwise well-behaved young elf to convince his parents to let the girl join him in all his activities, especially swordplay.

As the years went by, the synevive family dropped gradually in status and wealth. The further they fell, the more it showed on the faces of Remmeke's parents. They argued frequently for a time, but the nature of the long-lived elves lead Laonrea to vent her concerns elsewhere. Remmeke still knew something wasn't right but at least the conflicts, if they remained, could not be seen.

Things were much easier for Remmeke once he finally moved on to study at the University, a place where the world seemed to open up for him. He studied business and commerce primarily, inspired by his grandfather's brilliance, but family concerns were too much for him to focus all his energy on. At first, it was a vague interest in history, art and culture, especially those topics which could draw the attention of young elves of the opposite sex. Over time, little snippets of knowledge had led the boy to some vague idea that perhaps the philosophies held by the people of Marn weren't entirely sound; an idea that was encouraged by the constant questions Trick had always posed regarding magic. Although he never dwelled on it, he was careless enough to speak such concerns aloud now and then. It was quite fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate, that a recruiter from the Paragon was present at one such occurrence, to pull Remmeke aside and give him a proposal.

The realization that his past niggling doubts might actually be right, that many of the things taught to him since birth were possibly either false or being used solely as tools of manipulation, gave Remmeke a new interest to study. It took some time to piece the image together, but once he had done so, Remmeke was shocked he hadn't known sooner. The depth of the corruption was astounding, as pointed out in the information the people from Paragon readily propagated. The elf could never shake his discomfort towards magic, but he knew that wasn't important when compared to the unfair way in which people were being treated in the city he'd called home his entire life.

It was soon after this new perspective had taken Remmeke that his father passed suddenly, the cause said to be a poor heart. Uncommon as it was to elves, the news came as such a shock that the lives of the entire family were suddenly thrown into disarray. The death of Trick's father shortly after only made things worse, as Remmeke felt he had to care for her family just as well as his own. With perfect timing, the Paragon offered to aid Remmeke in his struggles if he was just as willing to aid them in theirs, and he agreed. He knew he couldn't keep such a thing a secret from his best friend, so he arranged for Trick to accompany him – just like she had been doing all his life. They moved into a small home together, and were soon introduced to the alchemist Gil Agathos. Together, the trio worked achieve the goals assigned to them by the Paragon.

In the time he's had to reflect on the past decade, Remmeke has gradually begun to feel as though he could have done something to prevent everything that happened. If he'd not been so self-absorbed, focussed on fulfilment in his own life, he might have realized how worn his father had become. He'd learned that a heart could stop working if a person was faced with stress more than they can bear. Perhaps if he'd been there to support his father, to take some of the work from his hands, he'd still be alive and well. Perhaps, if he'd paid more attention to the relationship of his parents, he might have sooner realized they no longer cared for each other and that his father was alone. Perhaps he'd even realized sooner that Trick's father had some concern tied to his father's life, and Trick's own pain could have been spared.

Even now, as their cell, the Dragon Awakened, had gradually set itself up to complete its task for the good of the city, Remmeke knew he was putting his best friend in danger. Was there any other way? Was there ever?

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Especially the BLING.
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