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Name: Konk
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Player Name: Damara

Name: Konk

Race: Troll (half Mountain, half Hill)

Age: 41 years

Height: 8’2”

Weight: 503 lbs

Physical Description: Konk is a stone cold mountain troll hottie. With a wide stomach covered in stretch marks, and heavy heaving breasts, Konk is the very image of fertility. Her skin is a marbled blue and grey, and it hangs in rolls over every inch of her body. Deep purple hair frames the troll’s lopsided yellow eyes in a thick cascade. She wears a low-cut tunic of brown doe-skin, and heavy boots of leather.

Konk lumbers with that sensual confidence that comes from knowing one’s own sexuality. Her blockish hips sashay with the promise of feral love making. Her muscular thighs could choke a bear, and her smirk says that she’d enjoy it.


- A small stone club, by troll standards at least. While she isn’t the most talented club wielder among trolls, it stills packs quite a punch.

-A worn copy of The Might of Rosalie, a most entertaining tragedy written by a late scribe. It was the scribe’s life’s goal to finish the play, but he was unfortunately killed on his way to meet with a publisher. Konk unknowingly owns the only copy in existence.

-A handful of precious gems, only enough for perhaps one good bribe.

Powers or Strengths:

Sensual charm (among trolls)- True, the mere sight of Konk makes any troll’s heart skip a lumbering beat. But the way she flaunts her sexuality, with winks, provocative dancing, and by teasingly exposing herself, makes any troll desperate to mate with her. Females erupt with jealousy at the sight of Konk, but cannot deny that she is undoubtedly the sexiest creature ever to roam the mountains.

Strength (among non-trolls)- Konk can carve stone with her fists, uproot slender trees with a few tugs, and knock an elk dead with a punch. In a fight with non trolls, she can count on her brawn to give her a keen advantage. She is also very quick for a troll her size, thanks to her hill troll mother.

Superiority- Raised a queen among trolls, Konk naturally assumes that she is queen among all creatures. She is above scrapping about in the dirt for roots and berries, and refuses to accept any insult. Her pride guides her towards lesser creatures who will work for and respect her, and keeps her away from those who do not revere her in the way she deserves. Konk won’t be bullied, and she certainly won’t be ordered about.

Clever- Konk is an anomaly among trolls in that her brain actually fits her skull. In a fight, you can expect her to think just as much as she hits. She is literate, and capable of logical reasoning. Through reading, she has gained a certain (if not dramatized) understanding of human psychology. Konk can guess a person’s intentions with decent accuracy.


Nearly mute- Konk has recently suffered a severe injury to her vocal chords. While she was once an exceptionally talkative troll, Konk has lately been forced to keep silent for much of the time. Speaking is still possible, only very painful, and her voice is difficult for most to understand. Konk’s injury could be healed only through powerful and potentially dangerous magic.

Weak (among trolls)- Male trolls are trained for combat from a young age, but females are rarely expected to fight. Konk does not know how to effectively wield the club that she carries. If pitted against a fellow troll, or another creature of similar strength, Konk would be at a severe disadvantage. Additionally, she has no capacity for magic whatsoever.

Inherited vulnerabilities- Konk has a rich heritage of hill and mountain troll, making her both beautiful, fertile, and clever. She still came up a bit short on the genetic lottery however, inheriting the weaknesses from both sides. Here are her primary vulnerabilities:

Fire: Like all trolls, Konk is terrified of fire, in all its forms. Since she was a child, she has been taught never to trust a flame, and that they cannot be contained. Cooking and lighting are uses of fire that she does not understand, and never will. She would cringe and bolt from the sight of a spark. If burned, her body would not regenerate as it would from a normal wound, rather it would be permanently disfigured.

Water: Hill trolls make for awful swimmers, and so does Konk. Instinctively she avoids rivers, and approaches even streams with extreme caution. She would never use a bridge, boat, or dock to cross a large body of water, and would be effectively trapped if surrounded by water.

Poor vision: Konk is nearsighted, so objects more than four feet away from her are a complete blur to her. Thus, she can be easily snuck up on, and would not notice if a person a ways away drew a weapon to strike.

Soft skull: It is common knowledge that the best way to kill a troll is to destroy the brain, and unfortunately for Konk, she’s an easier target. While mountain trolls have thicker skulls designed to take heavier hits, Konk got the head of a hill troll, which is lighter and weaker. Her skull is roughly as strong as that of a human, making her that much easier to kill with rocks and other weapons.

Delusions of Grandeur- While Konk is literate, she is not educated. She has never had direct contact with other species, so considers herself to be just as intelligent as the portrayals that she reads about in her books. History, philosophy, economics, mathematics and politics are all beyond her. Certainly, Konk is clever. But she is not the grand scholar that she makes herself out to be.

It should also be noted that Konk could be easily manipulated by a good liar who played to her pride. Having never met another intelligent being, she has an extremely limited concept of what true deception can be.

Rude - Konk has never been taught manners, even of a troll standard. She is always eager to toss out an insult, or to boast of her intelligence and beauty. Her quips are sharp and biting; her brags lofty and drawn out. While plenty of trolls find this trait sexy, it is guaranteed that few others will.
Additionally, she practices usual troll etiquette such as, but not limited to: public urination, casual destruction of surrounding environments, and sporadic punching.

Aggressive- At the end of the day, Konk is a troll, and trolls love to fight. Should any challenge her beliefs, authority, intelligence, or call her skinny, Konk will be ready to knock skulls. Her fiery temper, while perfectly safe and normal among trolls, will prove quite dangerous among other species, especially those she cannot best.


Part 1: The Loss of a Queen

Mountain trolls, while blessed with great endurance and long life, have a terribly difficult time maintaining their species. Not only are female trolls rare, they are most often infertile or completely sterile. Mountain trolls guard their women closely, going to great lengths to care for them. All females are regarded as queens, and treated as such.

The Mokk clan of the northern mountains had been clinging desperately to their final queen, who had borne ten children in her two hundred years. All her offspring were male, and while they were healthy and able mountain trolls, the queen had not yet produced a successor. One spring afternoon, the hunters of the Mokk left their queen in the care of one of her sons. When they returned that evening, the queen was buried beneath a rockslide, her skull burst clean open. Her son knelt beside her, frantically scooping her organs back into her lifeless body.

Rage consumed the Mokk for many days. The son who had been charged to guard the queen was tortured and burned slowly. It was a three day affair, but unfortunately the trolls were still too upset to enjoy it properly.

Next, these trolls, to the best of their ability, set out to repopulate their clan, which numbered only 10. The Mokk tackled this problem for ten years. They hunted high and low for lone females, roared at the gods to grant them a queen, and attempted a number of other useless endeavors. Finally, the Mokk concluded that their only hope was to steal a queen from another clan.

Stealing a queen, you must understand, is the most dishonorable and horrendous crime a troll can commit. Imagine if someone tried to steal your mother. Desperate times were upon the Mokk however, so they sought out their neighboring clans. But the Mokk’s reputation preceded them: the entire mountain knew their queen had fallen. The mountain trolls guarded their queens viciously. After one particularly close attempt, the Mokk were beaten away so forcefully that three of their clan fell.

Eventually the Mokk accepted that stealing a queen from the mountain troll clans was impossible. While the Mokk were strong, their brawn was not enough to make up for their small numbers. And so, with the shame that drives a man pursue a horse-faced wench, the Mokk made for the Sooqui Plain. They were going to raid the hill trolls.

Hill trolls, while still troll-ish, are quite distinct from mountain trolls. They are shorter and have a leaner build, by troll standards at least. While not as hardy as mountain trolls, hill trolls are very quick, and occasionally gifted with exceptional cleverness. Mountain trolls have no such capacity for higher thinking, and rely exclusively on brute force. So it was with brute force that the Mokk intended to steal their queen.

The hill trolls of the Sooqui Plain heard the Mokk from miles away. Never had the mountain trolls come to visit their realms, and with the bountiful spring they were having, they knew the Mokk weren’t starving. This clan, called the Ret, dispatched one of their finest warriors to meet the foreign tribe. Their soldier was vastly outnumbered, and was beaten to smithereens within minutes. Hearing the dying cries of their kin, the Ret rushed to meet their assailants.

Details of the ensuing battle have been skewed by rumor and legend, but all stories agree on the result.

The Mokk fought viciously, and the Ret, assuming that the Mokk wanted only war, returned favor. The youngest Mokk broke from the battle to find a female. There he found the Ret’s elderly queen, Bonk. Bonk was a clever troll, and she had already guessed the Mokk’s intentions. Her daughter was hiding in a nearby cave, silently watching her frail mother face down the giant mountain troll. Bonk put up a good fight, and even got a few hits in, but was quickly captured by the young Mokk.

The casualties were brutal; only five Mokk had survived the final bought with the Ret. Celebrating their victory, the Mokk proceeded to spend the next month in a great troll orgy. If you have never heard of what goes down in a troll orgy, consider yourself blessed. Lets just say that Bonk was bonked with so many bonks that she was completely bonked out, and the whole clan went bonkers.

Bonk bore two sons in eighteen years, and impressive feat for a troll. But her new environment began to take its toll. The mountain air was too thin for her delicate lungs, and the Mokk watched in horror as she began to weaken. They brought Bonk grass and trees from her home, and the carcasses of young fawns as means of lifting her spirits. But when Bonk again grew heavy with child, she had not strengthened.

Her child sapped the last of her life-force. As her child emerged from the womb, Bonk gave a final miserable cry, and collapsed in a heap. She did not wake. The tragedy of another queen’s death washed over the trolls like heavy gravel. It wasn’t until the troll child began wailing that the males realized: the new Mokk queen had been born.

Part 2: The Raising of a Queen

In honor of her mother, the child was named Konk, and hailed as the new queen. Never before had these mountain trolls been forced to raise a child. Not knowing any other way, they treated the young female as a god. Konk was thrilled to receive such attention, and would often bark out orders to her clan for her own amusement. The males never disobeyed her, and reminded her constantly of how beautiful and lovely she was. She was young, but already Konk was beginning to grasp the scope of her own power.

When Konk was 14 years old, a human traveler was killed in the Virdara woods below. Beasts of the wood had taken the human in the night, dragging its body the foot of the mountains. The Mokk listened to the growls and screams with the rapt attention of one attending the opera. The next morning, the trolls climbed down to investigate the scene.

Trolls have a great fondness for rare stones, and humans have a reputation for carrying them. The Mokk were hoping to find some softer metals to craft a crown for their young queen. The trolls discovered a carriage laying on its side across the rocky plain. It was painted a beautiful deep red, with glimmering gold wheels. To trolls’ disappointment, it was only a paint. Konk remained entranced by the contraption, and reached for the shining door...

Her blockish hands were batted away. The Mokk had learned to be cautious; humans carried dangerous things, and Konk was their last hope for survival. Still, it was the first time in Konk’s life that she had been denied something she wanted. The clan searched the carriage quickly, finding a few glittering crystals, which they pocketed in their leather shorts. They returned to the mountains, where they soon forgot about the carriage altogether. Konk never forgot.

A few months later, Konk became pregnant with her first child. The males had been exceedingly cautious in mating with her then, young and small as she was. Yet after only a few of the clan had given the troll their seed, she displayed the signs of pregnancy. According to troll legends, she was the first teen mom in two centuries. It was a miracle to say the least, however the clan was horrified.

They worried that it had been too soon, that a baby may tear apart Konk’s sex organ, and perhaps even kill the young troll. The Mokk feared that Konk would go the same way as her mother. They swore to grant the queen her every wish.

Konk ordered that the carriage in the woods be brought to her immediately.

This demand, of course, was impractical if not impossible. Mountain trolls do not deal with the machines of man, much less preserve them. To carry the carriage up the mountain would require the Mokk to take a long, winding path that stretched many miles more than their usual trek. And Konk insisted that they keep the carriage in one piece, rather than bring it to her in parts.

It is important not to misinterpret the purpose behind Konk’s request; it stemmed not from an appreciation of beauty, as the Mokk believed. Trolls do not see objects as beautiful, or touching to the heart. All things hold value in the eyes of troll in their capacity to grant power. Thus weapons, fertile women, food and treasure are what trolls covet most deeply. Konk did not ask for the carriage because it was beautiful: she asked for the carriage because it was a powerful thing to ask.

In five days time, the carriage sat gleaming, unharmed before Konk’s bedside.

She describes this moment in her life as her anagnorisis, the pivotal moment in the grand play of her existence. For here was when she saw that she was the most powerful member of her clan, by virtue of her femininity. The men would do anything she asked, as long as she lived. She was a brat, but she wasn’t wrong.

Konk was still curious about the carriage of course, so opened it up and peeked inside. There were no treasures, no food things, not even seats. The traveler had been a scribe. Books lay stacked about in bound piles on the floor. Konk had never seen a book in her life, but brought out one of these stacks to investigate.

For all of her pregnancy, Konk pored over the books. A few of the older trolls had a rough idea of what they were, and how they were used. None of them had been taught to read, obviously, so it was thought at first a hopeless pass time. Nevertheless, Konk persisted. By the time she had given birth to her son, she was able to read all of the picture books that she had found.

Part 3: The Queen of Fertility

Her first son was small, having been born from such a young troll, but he was nearly indistinguishable from pure mountain troll. Konk’s body had changed quite drastically: her breasts had grown enormous, and her figure was more womanly than ever. When the Mokk mated with Konk now, they did so not with the pragmatic ritual as before, but with a hungry heated passion. Her son was barely a few months old before she became pregnant once again.

The Mokk were beyond ecstatic. They hailed Konk as the mightiest queen who had ever lived, gifted which such fertility. Back to the soft pine beds she went, and back to her books as well. For the next ten years, Konk continued in this pattern, bearing six sons, each one larger and stronger than the last. The men, so impressed by her ability to deliver children, took it upon themselves to raise most of her offspring. All of the troll’s time was to be devoted to lovemaking, and “child-making”, as they called pregnancy. Konk kept her first son, Book, close by her side. She taught him to read, to be clever, and above all else to obey his mother. He tended her lovingly, as she tended to him.

Konk did not mate with any of her sons, as she was reserved for the eldest of the Mokk. She danced in the alluring mystery that only a troll queen can achieve. Lithely hopping and skipping about, Konk would make the men chase her in order to have their way with her. They did not always catch up to the troll, for she was the fastest in the clan.

Writing was granting Konk knowledge. As her reading matured, she became fond of plays, and acted them out with Book. They would play all the roles, just the two of them, Konk speaking as the heroes, royalty, and clever characters, while Book played all the rest.

When Konk was 25, she became pregnant once again, only this time, something felt different. During those months, she read her books, and stroked her stomach uneasily. Book felt the strangeness too, so attuned to his mother he was. Konk barely had an appetite, but Book was there for her. With a tender sweetness that only a troll can muster, he would plug the queen’s nose and shovel meat in her mouth. When the night finally came for Konk to have her child, the entire clan sat in dark anticipation. They worried that the baby would not survive the delivery. After a long, foreboding night, Konk gave birth to her seventh child. To the clan’s delight, she had borne a queen.

The Mokk were thrilled, but Konk was not. It was suddenly expected that Konk was to raise this child, Kay, and to spend less time with her eldest son. Book was told to stop reading, and instead learn the arts of hunting. He learned quickly, as Konk had known he would. She still brought him by her side many nights to read their favorite play, The Might of Rosalie. She even let him read the part of the prince.

Kay consumed most of Konk’s time for the next five years, not only with rearing but with “training”. Somehow it was believed that Konk innately knew what skills were required to be a queen, and that she would then impart these upon her daughter. Of course this was completely preposterous: all troll queens learned from the way of their mothers, and Konk had never known hers. But Konk did not argue with these assumptions, rather she used them to her advantage.

She told the Mokk that the new queen was to be taught the ways of words, for it had taught Konk the arts of passionate love-making. Most of her words sailed straight over the heads of the clan, but all the men needed to hear was sex, and they let Konk do as she pleased.

Troll mothers are not generally warm hearted, but few were as cold as Konk was to her daughter. The queen was much more fond of her son Book than of Kay. While Book had been enthusiastic about learning to read, and quick to agree with his mother, Kay was proving to be much more stubborn.

Konk had no idea where that had come from.

Kay still learned how to read, although she continually pestered her mother when she would learn the secrets of fertility. She was always met with the same lie: the secrets lie in a book, a book so complex that she would have to be much older to understand. To further this lie, Konk kept her favorite book, The Might of Rosalie on her person at all times, never allowing Kay to read its contents.

As Kay matured, her body grew, but poorly. She was not a pretty troll, with thinner features, and a smaller nose. Her eyes were light and even, and she was fairly symmetrical. Overall, a disappointment. The Mokk had very little interest in her, so little in fact that when she reached the age of 14, none of the clan wanted to take her virginity. Of course they did so, but reluctantly. Konk was still the prize, who after 30 years never ceased to surprise them in the sack. She’d borne 3 more children since Kay.

It is not difficult to see how Kay grew bitter. After a few years of reaching sexual maturity, her frustrations reached a climax. Not the sort of climax either of the queens would enjoy, sadly.

“Give me the book,” Kay demanded one day, throwing away the one her mother had given her. “Been 16 years!”

It has been 16 years,” Konk corrected, smacking her daughter atop the head. “If you keep speaking like that, you will never earn the wisdom of your mothers.”

“This is troll speak! We trolls!” said Kay, kicking Konk’s toes.

“Exactly!” cried Konk. “This is what sets us apart! This, makes us special!” She cleared her throat. It was something that she had read: before giving an important speech, one is to clear their throat first. “To be queen, you have to know how to rule. God right, fertility, beauty, all important. But the mind first. The mind keeps you in control. Power.”

Kay spun round, and punched the rock behind her. A loud crack burst from the stone as it split in two.

“Power!” roared Kay, and her brothers and sisters joined in with feral screams.

“You don’t understand!” Konk laughed, waggling her thick grey tongue, “You think males care about that power?” She called one of her sons, her voice dropping into troll speak. “Grek! Break! Rock!” and she tossed a small boulder towards him. Grek proceeded to pummel the stone to dust, laughing as he did. “Males have that power. It’s in our books!” she said, pointing at their stacks. “We,” she said, pointing to her head, “Have this power.”

“No point. Trolls no need,” Kay grumbled.

“You think the clan will love you for your looks? Your strength?” Konk flicked a wrist. “Your only hope to ever get a good fuck is to–”

And those were the last comfortable words that Konk ever spoke. For just as she was saying them, Kay punched her in the throat.

Trolls are durable, made to take the heavy hits, but trolls are strong as well. While it may appear to an outsider that trolls are excessively violent, in actuality they hold back much of their strength in day to day. I mean they aren’t complete savages. But when Kay dealt that blow to her mother’s neck, nothing was held back. She had aimed to maim.

Konk fell back with a loud crash. The Mokk rushed over to help her, but she was already beating her daughter’s head in with a vengeful fury. Konk waited to stop when Kay’s tears mixed with her own blood. While unacceptable to hit one’s queen in the way she had, it certainly didn’t warrant death. Then, just as she was about to tell her daughter what a worthless piece of troll hide she was, her voice caught.

She could not speak.

Choking on air, Konk felt for words, desperately trying to force the sound out, to make a noise. A low groan emanated rattled from her mouth, but nothing more.

Book rushed forward, but Konk turned him away. Instead, she ran.

And ran.

It wasn’t hard to lose the clan. She was still the fastest troll, even against her young sons. In her books, she had read of robbers who covered themselves in mud to mask their scent, and it seemed to work. After four days, she circled to the Virdara woods, and saw no sign of her family anywhere.

That is where you will find Konk now. A lone troll queen getting by in the woods, mute, upset, and very, very irritable. Her plan? To find people who will appreciate her, damn it.
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Just as a reminder, make sure to reply to this thread when you've made changes and you're ready for this app to be reviewed. 8)

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Hey there! I added more troll background as well as some more physical weaknesses to the character. Let me know what you think!

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Try not to write too much troll smut.