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Name: Trick
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Name: Trick - doesn't use her real name
Gender: f
Age: 29

Almost pixie-like in her looks, the first thing Trick comes across as is adorable. She almost always has a smile of some sort on her face - usually one with a bit of a playfully wicked cast to it. She dyes the front lock of her short hair a different color every few weeks and keeps the rest of it its natural silvery-blonde. High cheekbones, full lips, a delicate nose and arched brows on pale skin over warm green eyes complete her face.

Trick usually wears lightweight clothing that allows her to move freely. She prefers whites and silvers to most other colors, though for night raids she will happily wear midnight blues and dark greens and greys. Though she lacks a hoard of fancy clothing, she does own a couple of dresses in her favorite silvery-whites. She also owns a full set of armor, though she rarely wears it all on account of it hampering her movement somewhat. On a day-to-day basis she wears a silver-grey shirt, a short light grey tunic that comes to her upper thigh, and white leggings.

Trick shares a small house with Remmeke. Something of a packrat, Trick likes to horde certain things - newspaper clippings, horseshoes, pressed flowers, chunks of various metals - and she stores all these things on a bookshelf in her room. She also keeps an assortment of swords on a rack that takes up a whole wall of her room. Three falchions, a broadsword, a longsword, and two narrow rapiers are on the rack, along with scabbards and belts to fit all of them, with a mishmash of daggers of all shapes and styles thrown in among them. Her armor is also in her room, on a stand in the corner. A comfortable mattress on the floor and a wardrobe that holds all her clothing rounds out the room.

Trick wears her heart on her sleeve. She has very few secrets of her own and is willing to talk to anyone about almost anything - unless she is told specifically something is a secret, then she'll take it to the grave. This translates to her being very open with people and rather carefree about most things. Trick is actually quite a good person and isn't half as much of a scumbag as some of her fellow rebels are. She is also highly idealistic and therefore is willing to fight and kill for her beliefs (and she believes strongly in Paragon's aims) but would be just as willing to lay down her sword and hunt for fairies in her spare time... if Marn wasn't what it is in regards to magic-users.

Trick is outstanding with her sword, a combination of extensive practice, naturally quick reflexes and speed, her unusual brand of magic, and willingness to lay her life on the line daily. She has trained from a young age and had plenty of natural talent to draw on, and she has seldom met her equal in swordplay. She can wield several types of sword proficiently but she prefers her falchion the most, and very rarely has it far from her hand. Trick carries a multitude of daggers as well, and sleeps with some of those strapped to her body. She'll be the first to make randy comments about it.

She is always willing to follow Remmeke's orders even if she thinks it's a stupid idea. She trusts him completely in command, but she will not hesitate to give him an earful even as she's following his orders. Likewise for Gil - if he told her to do something she'd do it instantly, without too much grumbling. She is intensely loyal and protective of both of the men and will defend them if it kills her.

Trick's magic is mostly unconscious. It took her years to learn that sometimes the metal she felt was not actually visible to other people - such as hidden boot knives that she would point out to her companions and have them look at her like she'd gone crazy. She feels metal of all sorts (weapons, armor, jewelry, raw ore, wheel spokes, ect.) in a thirty foot radius around her, hearing it as a song in her mind, and the closer she gets to the metal the more she knows about it - whether it is an alloy, the quality of it, how long it has been the shape it is in currently, and so on. She feels this as innate knowledge rather than actually getting the information by looking at the metal. Likewise, her awareness of metal around her is not dependent at all on sight, making her a great fighter even in complete darkness. It also makes her incredibly difficult to surprise attack, because she hears the metal singing near her and feels it coming toward her and can counter with her quick reflexes.

Trick can get overwhelmed by too much metal close to her - such as being surrounded by a pack of guardsmen who are all in plate armor. She has learned to sort through this confusion slowly, and is growing more adept at focusing only on weapons rather than all metal, but if her concentration slips she can be quickly disoriented by all the metal singing at her. Her own armor and weapons are exempt from this, as she spends to much time around them that their song is familiar... familiar enough to be cause for concern and mild distraction at the lack of song when she is completely unarmed.

Trick is not at all interested in book learning. She is very curious about many different things, but sitting still and reading or studying or being lectured at is so boring. She'd much rather just go exploring and find the thing the book talks about... or make Remmeke or Gil explain it to her and then fuss at them when they use technical words. As a result of rarely practicing her reading and writing, her reading is slow, her pronunciation of written words is awful, and her handwriting is absolutely atrocious.

She and Remmeke had a... romantic thing when they were teenagers and she's never really been able to completely ditch the crush she's had on him since she was about fourteen. After fifteen years of getting a little fluttery around him (not that she'd ever tell him a tiny bit of feelings were still there), she has managed to tame it down so that she just gets exceptionally rude if he brings around another woman. But she absolutely hates seeing him with other women, a combination of jealousy and thinking that no one will ever be good enough for him. And heaven help the woman who breaks Remmeke's heart.

Trick is dangerously reckless. Some would call her careless with her life, though she doesn't actually want to die. Quite the opposite - when you're dead you're useless and can't have any fun. She just has poor impulse control sometimes when it comes to making choices that might be a little safer. She'll put her life on the line to save a kitten from being stuck in a tree or a child from getting bullied or hurt, let alone something she actually believes in.


Born to a blacksmith father and a homemaking mother, Trick was soon ushered into the household of the Tathmiels. Her mother was brought on as the youngest child's governess and since Trick herself was so young, she was dragged along as well. The two children quickly formed a bond in the elven household - Trick, with her brash, outgoing, friends-with-everyone style was something reserved young Remmeke had rarely encountered. Fast friends, they learned together from her mother about geometry and language and why magic should be controlled, and Trick got a crash course in Synevive politics and affiliations.

All of these things were boring to her though. Geometry had no uses that she could see, politics made her sleepy, and she never really got the whole magic thing. Magic made the flowers bloom, didn't it? Her mother said that the flowers bloomed because of seasons and sunshine and things in the ground, but that all sounded pretty magical. Where did the sun go every night, anyway? The only thing that held young Trick's attention (besides her real name when it was shouted by her mother) was her swordplay lessons with Remmeke. The elf had begged for his friend to be allowed into his classes, and her mother was horrified when the young girl excelled far and beyond what was expected of her.

Trick couldn't help it - the metal of the sword just spoke to her, was all. She knew where it was going to be a split second ahead of the moment, and it didn't take her naturally quick reflexes long to step up to the challenge. She soon learned that it wasn't just swords. When practice armor came into play she could practically hear it screaming at her, shouting where it was. Fighting became a game to her (like most things were), especially after the arrowheads started whispering to her as well. Ducking and dodging them became as easy as breathing to her once she hit the teenage years... and then something awful happened.

She had been out on the town with boys and men a few times, of course. They had shown her a good time. They had all been slender though, and the more elfy the better. Trick was listening to Remmeke read one day (a text she would never forget, though she'd be damned if she ever listened to it again) during their schooling with her mother and suddenly a little sigh escaped her when she noticed how angled and lovely his jawline was, how chiseled his cheekbones, and she realized what exactly was the matter with her. Remmeke was handsome and she wanted him in her bed.

Well, that was problematic. She set about ignoring her emotions as best as she could, with mixed results. On one hand, she didn't lose her friendship with Rem over some stupid feelings. On the other hand, she never really go over him either. When ever he would bring home some girl she would be absolutely atrocious to her, to the point of dropping a live eel down one young woman's shirt and making her shriek in the middle of dinner. Trick had had a hard time containing her delight at that reaction, and was in fact inordinately pleased with herself until the next girl came along.

But all good things must come to an end, and soon enough Remmeke didn't need a governess any longer. Trick's family was to stay with the Tathmiels though, for some reason Trick couldn't quite figure out. Whatever the reason was, Trick's mother spent most of her time very unhappy and Trick's father spent a lot of time with Remmeke's parents. However, before she had had much of a chance to do any digging, Remmeke's family fell. The details of that she was never quite clear on either, though Remmeke had tried to explain it to her many times. It smelled like politics and finances and those things were boring.

Trick, as per usual, bounced right back from the devastation of the only life she'd ever known. Losing the fancy house she'd grown up in didn't faze her. Her mother and father falling into poverty and her father committing suicide after the death of Remmeke's father was saddening, but she hadn't really been particularly close with either parent.

What she was interested in though was the fact that apparently her uncanny swordswomanship abilities were magical. And that didn't bother her in the slightest, but for some reason she was supposed to register them with the government. Magic was dangerous and had to be regulated, they told her. It sounded awful. It sounded like school, and everything her mother had said about magic. But what Trick could do wasn't bad, she didn't think. So she could sense metals. So it made her fantastic with a sword. So she was maybe a little bit deadly with her abilities. So what?

When Remmeke came to her with the offer to join a unique society dedicated to taking back Marn for the magic users, she was absolutely intrigued and almost immediately agreed to join. Fight? Of course! Fight for magic, with her magic? That sounded like the best thing possible.
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