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Name: Luca Abernathy
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Luca Abernathy

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Player Name:

Character Name: Luca Abernathy
Age: 31
Race: Human
Height: 5'9
Weight: 76kg

===Physical Description===

Lithe, svelte, incredibly well groomed, owner of perhaps the largest collection of cravats known to Marn. Never seen wearing the same cravat twice in a week. His sandy blonde hair is always immaculately tousled half-way between 'just out of bed' and 'let's go to bed'.


His own house, designed for entertainment, with two storeys and multiple guestrooms.
Cravats. Lots of them. More cravats than most women have shoes.
Tailored clothing, walking canes, embroidered vests for every occasion.

===Powers or Strengths===


Status is status, and being a Synevive is a step above citizen, no matter how you look at it. Luca milks it for all it is worth.

Being a Synevive also involves a mandatory level of education and physical training, though Luca never gave much of a damn about swordplay or physical athleticism. He did learn how to box, though, and is a dab hand at it. He wouldn't beat a professional brawler unless he got lucky, but it's enough to deal with the average drunken punter out for trouble.

Luca also learned to play the viola, and is quite talented with it, though at present tends only to play it for the purpose of impressing some target of seduction in the early part of the chase.



Luca has an Eyropan manservant and a personal physican whom he relies upon heavily in his daily life.
His residence also has a further small complement of two maids, a cleaner, and a cook.

The tale of how Luca met Conrad in Keltaris all those years ago is well worth the telling, but now is not the time for it. A large and muscular man, despite his chosen trade as a tailor, Conrad's tastes never went towards women, whereas the other men of his home did. Originally from Undenvaak, Conrad travelled as far as Keltaris hoping to find something more to life. Shenanigans happened and he met, and fell for, Luca. Luca didn't mind at all - Conrad's shoulders were, to Luca's tastes, perfection.

The manservant Conrad is a willing partner in crime and occasional lover, assisting Luca in his lecherous endeavours. Occasionally he acts as an erstwhile bodyguard, though that is not his preference. A pedantic man, Conrad helps keep Luca's affairs organised. Conrad's occasional flashes of jealousy add spice and entertainment to Luca's life.

Reynard would have been a skilled doctor, given time, if early disgrace hadn't cut short his career. Luca, swanning around the edges of Reynard's 'social group' at the time, took him into his employ. Reynard is a stoic individual whose present role involves keeping Luca as clean as possible. Especially when certain parts start to itch. Reynard has some affection for the man who saved him from complete social meltdown. However, unlike Conrad, he doesn't pamper Luca. It's easy to be direct with a man when a large part of your job involves ensuring his private parts remain itch-free and in working order.

Luca pays him Reynard in money and vice as an incentive to keep his physician's mouth closed about his health. Luca has helped Reynard replace his addiction to the medical stimulants he once misappropriated, to his professional detriment, with qhat sourced from Semerkhet via Keltaris via Jacel. A common stimulant in Apefmhet, it is not a restricted item, but the logistics of obtaining it in Marn have made it quite an expense in and of itself.

=Ignorance is Bliss=

Luca isn't stupid, per se, it is simply that his world view is very much unaffected by other people's censure or opinions.
In Luca's mind, the universe does revolve around him. His lifestyle is characterised by a casual self-absorbed sense of entitlement. It isn't solipsism, but it isn't far off. If something doesn't fit in with his notions of how things work, he lets it drift out of his mind like a discarded kerchief thus ensuring a perpetual state of bliss. It's difficult to dull Luca's sparkle.

=Pimp Chap Has Enviable Swag, Wot=

Luca is an Abernathy, sure, but it would be so dreadfully dull to rely entirely upon his family's finances.

So, when he isn't utilising his family's wealth, he fills his own pockets as a high-class supplier of low-class vices. Drugs, attractive ladies of dubious virtue, risqué materials considered inappropriate for the respectable puradyne nobility. But, you know, some ladies like to read about a dwarf's rough hands and disproportionate measurements where it counts. And some ladies like to have some in-room service while they read.

Needless to say, Luca is rarely low on disposable income to indulge in his own vices.


Luca swans around the edges of High and Low society, in a fashion which drives his family quietly spare. He is probably the only Abernathy who doesn't mind sharing space with the hoi polloi. Although whispers of scandal follow his every step, Luca is very careful to keep up appearances enough to dial back the more dire repercussions. He is known as a 'man about town', and has bought drinks for many people at some time or other, which tends to keep him in many's kind regards.

As a result of his willingness to rub shoulders with anybody of potential use to him, and thanks to his long-term friendship with the rake Salazar Chronomantique, Luca has built up a wide network of 'acquaintances' and 'friendly chaps' with whom he shares 'a drink or two with every now and then, don'tcha know?'

From discussion with Kit:
Presently the most important of Luca's acquaintances is Jacel Varti, of the Bitches Bite, who supplies Luca with much of what Luca's circle of degenerates enjoy. This relationship has worked extraordinarily well for both thus far. Jacel's desire for gentrification often results in Luca being afforded special rates for his services, which Luca happily accepts. In turn, Luca often brings small groups of libertine young nobles down to the Bitches Bite to 'slum it up' and fill Jacel's pockets with money from their gambling.

=Soirees, Salons, and Dionysian Mysteries=

Perhaps Luca's main claim to fame in socialite circles are his soirees and salons. He holds these regularly at his private residence, where the ground floor has been planned solely for entertainment purposes. Such events are enjoyed even by more conservative nobles, as they are always impeccably polite and pleasant affairs held for the enrichment of the fine arts.

It is after the 'official' event has finished, and most of the conventional guests have left, that the 'Dionysian Mysteries' begin. The title of such affairs are purely an affectation from a brief reference in one of the historical texts Luca studied as a child. Yet the nomenclature suits what essentially tend towards a night of hedonistic excesses.


=Getting ahead with hedonism doesn't work in Marn=

Luca generally puts pleasure before propriety. His closest affiliates tend to be similarly minded, or those whose personalities lend themselves for emotional manipulation.

But Luca pays a price for his peccadilloes, and the most polite parts of Marn High Society tends to disdain his company as far as propriety allows them to. However, Luca uses every opportunity to arrive at those functions to which he cannot be politely excluded.

He is a charming thorn in the side of the more conservative nobility, and they do what they can to remove him.

=All that glimmers still brings scandal=

Luca features constantly in the gossiping of the upper class. His predilections and barely veiled hedonistic lifestyle both titillate and offend, depending on who is telling the story and who is listening.

Luca's political capital is thus non-existent, and his words are rarely heeded in the circles of those nobles whose actions shape Marn policies.


Luca has, at times, gone too far with his choice of casual lovers. A disdain for the notion of male contraception has resulted in at least one young lady having to be introduced quietly by Luca's healer to certain herbs to prevent a pregnancy.

As a result, there is a certain coldness brewing between the Cottrels and the Abernathys, though the Abernathys are largely unaware of it. Luca kept his dalliance discrete, as did the girl involved.
However, the Cottrel's stuffy notions of honour and duty have lent them to viewing the discrete dalliance in a strongly negative light. Indeed, while young Elsbeth Cottrel enjoyed angering the family matriarch, her brother Victor quietly seeks a chance to beat Luca's ever smug smile into a raw mess for daring to besmirch the family's honour.

And Victor Cottrel is not the only man who has had cause to hate Luca in the past. Some have even had the opportunity to enjoy their petty revenge.

=The Gentleman's Itch=

Not the name of a brothel. Yet. Discussions with Jacel are still underway.

No, the gentleman's itch is the reason why Luca has his own personal healer in his retinue.
Indeed, Luca has the regrettable propensity to pick up the most irksome of itches, usually after some delightfully lewd low-class dalliance.

Sometimes, pleasure can be a real pain.


TL;DR - Lots of sex, drugs, and concertos.


Luca was a bright child, and spoiled by his mother. He learned very early on how to do just enough to earn praise, yet not so much that he lost all of his free time. A fearless opener of closed doors, Luca was exposed to sex at an early age, care of a housemaid and kitchen boy using the pantry for country matters. Supplied with sweet biscuits from the shelf as incentive not to tell anyone, Luca learned entirely the wrong kind of lessons from the experience.

Luca, a wilful boy, found that understanding the notions of bribery and emotional pleas made life so much more pleasant. He was popular among friends due to his habit of having maid-supplied candy on hand during boring adult social gatherings. It was an innocuous beginning to the man Luca would eventually become.


Although not particularly athletic in general, Luca did put on a good show in casual boxing matches and friendly sparring with his friends, and he was not unaware of the occasional appraising look the girls sent his way. Luca was possibly the first among his friends to realise that a pretty housemaid was open to a charming noble youth's advances. Though the earliest dalliances were somewhat embarrassing and short, they were pleasurable, and Luca by then was all about self-indulgence. And, well, practice makes perfect. The tales Luca could tell of his language tutor from Keltaris before she was sent away.

Flirting became a game at first, then a way of life, until Luca realised that occasionally other men seemed open to such advances. Well, Luca didn't mind that either. Pleasure was pleasure was pleasure. So long as he was enjoying himself, it didn't particularly matter if his partner was male or female. Unsurprisingly, Luca fell in with the wrong kind of dissolute nobles who were more than happy to expose a young man to the luxuries and excesses available to their class. In particular, the young Abernathy fell in with (the presently missing, presumed deceased) Salazar Chronomantique's crowd of debauchers where he was exposed to the finer vices, such as opiates and copiax. Though he has resisted addiction, Luca still dabbles on occasion in the goods he helps supply.

=And a Dandy time was had by all=

By the time Luca reached his early twenties, he was getting by swimmingly on charm, talent for the viola, and the appeal his hedonistic lifestyle held for some of his younger peers. And where his former mentor Salazar had been something of a buffoon, Luca tended to be sharper and more cautious in his illicit dealings, choosing more reputable 'businessmen' such as Jacel Varti with which to form a working relationship and provide a degree of separation from the worrying criminal types who create the stuff in the first place.

Luca's soirees, salons, and parties are popular among the libertine and artistic crowd, and he often invites promising musicians to play at his events. At present, life is good.
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Sleeping on the bed you've chosen

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Luca coughed, the taste of blood in his mouth strong. The damn peasant had not been gentle with that punch, and less so when he'd grabbed Luca by the throat and thrown him down. As Luca forced his vision to stop swimming, he swore he would have this hairy unwashed bastard for every stain dealt to his waistcoat. The man's enraged tones were filtering through the ringing in Luca's ears, and soon the nobleman was unable to entirely ignore the bastard "...ister, you bastard! She'll never marry well now! How will you compensate her for this?! You fu..." No, actually, Luca could tune him out. Changers, that was his ribcage the bastard just kicked. Damn that stung.

Luca started laughing. It was a weak sound, but strangely sincere in its mocking tone. "You know, old chap, you should stop while you're behind." Luca shifted in time to avoid the rough kick towards his head, but still winced as it clipped his shoulder. The peasant was saying something else, but Luca wasn't interested in that. His script for this scene went a little bit differently. "You were seen you know, chap. Hustling me out here. There's men in there I buy drinks for." And more. So much more. "You might get your licks in now, but you know what, dear fellow?" Suddenly, the peasant seemed to have caught up with Luca's script, and pleasingly said in his rough tones "And what's that?" Sure, the man might have added some insults in there, but Luca didn't care. The scene had rebalanced itself as it should.

The nobleman hauled himself upright as he said "They know your face, old bean. And you have brought physical harm to a Synevive. You, a mere farmer, have assaulted me on the most tenuous of charges." Luca's disdainful smile was filled with the memory of Elise, the plump-breasted girl whose brother had just done quite the number on his normally dapper appearance. She had been worth it, no doubt. Fit as a frisky filly and just as fun to ride. "How do you think the guards will react?" Come now and rage, thought Luca, play the role of the villain to my stoic martyr. Pieter obliged him, painfully landing a solid punch to Luca's sternum and bending the nobleman double.

And then the cavalry arrived before Pieter could do more, two of Marn's finest, the City Guard as reliable as a well-crafted clock. Their entrance was punctuated with the clank of plate and unmistakable sound of weapons being drawn "Separate, and explain yourselves!" Luca performed admirably, slowly sliding down the wall to stall for time as he regained his breath. Pieter looked split between the desire to get one more kick in, and the desire not to aggravate the Guard. Luca stole the moment to gasp out "Simple case..." Luca permitted himself a hacking cough "...of mistaken identity. This man mistook me for some farmer boy who'd done his sister a disservice. As if an Abernathy would lower himself to such a level. I did not fight back, as you can see. I can provide witnesses to this man's first assault on me." One of the Guards nodded "Thank you sir, I'll take down their details. Mateo, apprehend the other man. This seems to have been entirely one-sided."

Pieter started to protest, pushing towards Luca, but got no further than a single step and "...but that fucking bastard..." before Mateo backhanded him with his gauntleted fist and stated "Silence. You've done enough damage. Save it for the holding cells, and think carefully on how you plan to explain your actions." As Mateo hauled Pieter off and the other guard helped him to his feet, Luca smiled "Thanks, chaps. That was getting rather unpleasant. Care for a drink? My witnesses are at the tavern just around the way." Luca decided that his banged up appearance was the result of heroic fortitude, and had regained his swaggering stroll by the time he jaunted back into that evening's drinking hole with a cheerful "All sorted, my friends. Next round is on me. Please tell Marn's finest upholder of justice here what happened, while I heal my injuries with this bar's finest ale."

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Name: Luca Abernathy
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Re: Luca Abernathy

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(17:08:49) Luca Abernathy:

Lots of sex, drugs, and concertos.

(17:09:02) Saruna: best history ever
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Re: Luca Abernathy

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I'll admit I was snickering throughout.
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