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Kala Baignard

Post by Kala » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:09 am

Player Name: Colours

Character Name: Kala (‘Fine Arts’ in Sanskrit) Baignard

Age: 27

Race: Half Elf (father) and half Human (mother)

Physical Discription:

Reaching a height no taller then 5 feet most people would not have suspected that Kala was actually half elf. Kala received all of her mother’s short stature but can often appear to be a bit taller just by the way that she hold herself…at least until she is standing in front of you or hunched over some project on whatever may be her desk at the time. Weighing a grand total of 98lbs when soaking wet Kala is fairly thin…probably too much so due to often forgetting to eat because she is so focused on other things. She doesn't like you pointing out either her lack of height or her weight and often will be met with a silent glare...which can be rather intimidating at times when her hair is flared our around her face and her eyes are not their normal colour.

Regardless of her lack of eating Kala will take her time brushing her auburn hair out. Currently it just reaches her shoulders due to her cutting it off in a fit of frustration due to the constant annoyance of it invading her work space. Now it just falls in front of her brown eyes, hopefully this won’t cause her to try to cut herself a set of bangs as well. While Kala's eyes are a dark brown, the more magic she practices the more that can change. Generally that just means that her eyes occasionally show flecks of gold but if she was to put too much strain on herself the gold flecks start to expand until her irises are pure yellow. It can take weeks for her to regain her energy and even longer until her eyes are completely normal again. To this date it has only happened once.

In addition she also has a small and dainty nose and her ears tend to have a bit of a point to them due to her elfish nature but she often tends to cover them up with the hood of her cloak or simply just her hair.

Kala loves the colour red (she feels that it is the color of life, which gives her hope) and so most of her clothes end up being a different shades of red with the occasional black piece tied in. Her most common outfit is a pair of burgundy pants, a loose black shirt with a decorative belt that she will wear directly under her chest. Although she has often had reason to put her belt around her pants instead depending on if she wants to disguise her figure or not. This ensemble is often topped off with a pair of black boots and a red cloak with a hood. She often finds herself working late into the night and just finds it easier to always wear these so she doesn’t have to get up and find them. She has charmed the cloak so that while it keeps her warm at night and on cold days, on the hot days it won’t affect her and even repel heat.

The only other thing that Kala had on her at all times is a small purple vial with gold detailing and matching chain around her neck of which she is protective of.

- Clothes. Mostly consisting of pants and loose shirts. Kala has often found that it easy to pass by unnoticed when need be if you look like a young boy. This image is often achieved by a hooded cloak that cover up her hair and can sometimes provide the shadow she need to hide her face. She has her red one that she wears most the time as well as a dark brown one. The red cloak is also the only one that is enchanted as it is the one that she wears most often, only changing it when she desired to be less conspicuous. She also has a pair of black boots that she likes to keep polished.

- Purple glass vial with gold detailing on a gold chain around her neck: While Kala may often pawn her things for money to buy books and ingredients for her projects she will never pawn this. Her hope is that she will be able to find her sister’s soul and contain it within the vial until the time when she can bring her sister back to life.

- Books: at any given time Talia will have a stack of books through which she will pour through trying to find the key to bringing someone back from the dead. Often when she is done with them she will simply resell them. Occasionally a couple pages will be carefully cut out and added to her journal for later reference.

- Journal: Kala keeps a journal where she writes down her successes or failures although mostly failed attempts of her experiments as well as pages from books that she wishes to keep because they may seem helpful but she doesn’t need the whole book

- A drawing of her sister that she always keeps under her shirt and close to her heart

- At any one time, when not traveling, Kala will have a table, or two, full of different ingredients and bowls. Some are used for her experiments, some are simply average ingredients that she will use to make fake or simple charms to sell for some quick bashani.

- An custom made 5.5ft long, 3ft wide and 2ft tall trunk that holds the magically preserved body of her sister. It took a while but eventually Kala was able to commission the trunk to be made. It looks a bit better than a coffin and Kala refuses to believe that her sister is dead.

Magical Skills

- Charming

Thanks to her father Kala has the ability to charm small things. Although often she prefers to not use her skill so much as use a spell or potion. This way she can save up her energy and power to work on her big projects. For a true and authentic charm the simplest way of making one is for her to to use her own energy and an immense amount of concentration. If she need a stronger then average charm or quickly wants to make a smaller one then in addition the the aforementioned she will think about her father and mentally calling out for his strength. Although she has never met the man she believes that she can draw upon his magical strength. Whether he can feel her leeching his energy is unknown. When she uses her power to make a charm this way she often founds that she has drained way too much energy and unless she is in perfect health she will never willing dare to do it this way. Not to mention the fact that it could often take several hours make a charm in such a way and she simply does not have the concentration for such a task unless it was completely necessary.
For the most part Kala found that using a mixture of her charming power and potions often helped. For example if someone wanted a lucky charm the easiest way to do it would be to use an object that made that person happy or something that they loved. Or if someone wanted a protection charm Kala would attempt to find ground turtle shell. She found that using substances such as these, generally essence of animals, would mean that she didn't have to use nearly the amount of power and energy to charm and object and in some ways it made it easier to make a charm effective in the way that it was desired.
On a different scale, when not working on her magic and the like she can be quite a charming young woman which helps to sell things as well as convince people to sell her what she needs at a lower price.

- Apothecary: While Kala isn't' very adept at apothecary, thanks to her mother she does know some simple stuff. Although with the right books and ingredients she generally can whip something up for you if you are willing to cover the costs. Otherwise she just knows simple things, like what to make for a headache, cuts, or easing pain.


- Adaptability: In her search for knowledge on certain things Kala have moved around a fair amount. She also finds that people seem to frown upon keeping a dead body around…even if it is preserved.For example since being in Marn she has to constantly be changing locations in order to escape imprisonment or worse. Kala has a natural ability to be able to settle down almost anywhere and make it into her own space….generally because she is too busy working to really care but it does make it easier.

- Learner: Kala find that she has a knack for learning which is helpful with all the books she tries to read. She can read several languages but putting it into practice is another thing. She may be able to speak or understand a couple words in other spoken languages but for the most part she is clueless unless it is in written form. This also means that she can write in other languages but it takes her a while and she definitely doesn't speak other languages since she found that since most words are written phonetically more often then not she ends up insulting people with the butchery of their language.


- Potions: Kala tries to think that making potions is like a combination of charming and apothecary, and some ways it is. The only time she actually uses potion making is when she is trying something new in an attempt to revive her sister. But more often then not anything she tries is a failure. Kala is hoping to find someone who is more adept at potion making to assist her when she comes closer to what she feels is the solution to bringing back her sister

- Attention Issues: Kala had trouble focusing on one thing at a time which is even more of an issue theses days since she isn't really allowed to do what she desires to do. Chances are if you try to get her to sit or stand still, something will start twitching or she will start playing with her hair, cloak or anything close. It can also be interesting when you try to talk to her since she will either jump from topic to topic really fast or stop mid-sentence if she sees something shiny or suddenly has an inspiration for one of her projects.

Her mind is constantly on the move, the majority of her thoughts focusing on things having to do with her sister such as how to find her, protect her and bring her back to life. The work that she is currently being instructed to do is none of her concern and thus she lacks an interest in it for it does not help her accomplish any of her goals in any way. Since she often gets bored with the 'trivial' objects she is sometimes asked to charm Kala will often work on two or three at once so that if she gets tired of one she will switch focus and continue work on another. The problem with this is that she sometimes ends up combining charms or even forgets one altogether. You may end with a charm that was supposed to glow in the dark when you wanted it too but instead makes your eyes glow or a charm that is supposed to help you smell things better but instead makes you smell like something!

- Talking to herself: Kala often will talk to herself while working. In reality she is actually talking to Dominque, her sister but she also finds that it helps her to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Often spending countless hours alone, working or traveling Kala enjoys the façade of someone to talk to. Even now with actual people around she still has the habit of talking out loud, seemingly to herself.

- Relationships: Due to her obsessiveness with trying to revive her sister Kala has not had a whole lot of human contact. The most contact she will generally have at one time is when she is selling something in attempt to make money to help her sister. Any other spare time was spent researching and experimenting on her own or traveling, on her own. Lately though Kala has been spending more time around people. This has made her uneasy because she is not used to talking and having people actually respond to her. Your questions about her work will be met with excitement since she loves to talk about what she is working on, her skills are her loves, beside her sister that is. Yet anything personal is generally met with mutterings if not simple silence. Kala has learned the hard way that talking about reviving you dead sister is not a good conversation starter or a topic for discussion period. People often describe her as quiet, emotionless, if not a bit obsessive and creepy (when and if they find out about her secret project) but with an admirable sense of determination.

- Graveyard Visits: On nights where she isn't working or collapsed on her work table (if she was too tired to drag herself to bed) you can often find Kala wandering local graveyards with a glazed look. She whispers to the souls that she believes inhabit these places in hopes that she will be able to sense her sister's presence and capture it in her vial. This is also one of the only places she will allow herself to cry, to be afraid of never getting to hear Dominque's voice again and being alone forever. Afterwards she will wipe her tears away and sing haunting songs until a calm sweeps over her and she falls sleep. More then once her singing has drawn attention and has caused someone to report her to whatever officials are in charge. On more then one occasion Kala has been asked to leave so as not to frighten the people of said town. But if she is not heard and discovered, as the first light of dawn shines over the horizon Kala wakes up, stretches her sore muscles before heading back to her current home, the slate of her mind wiped clean, emotions reset to blank and ready to start anew on uncovering the knowledge that she is seeking.


Kala was born into a single parent family in the mountains somewhere in Hasele. Her mother, Demetria, was fully human and the same went for Kala's sister Dominque. Kala on the other hand was half elf. For the most part the town was fairly secluded but occasionally travelers would pass through. An handsome elf had once stayed in the village and had a brief affair with Demetria, most likely due to her love of all things magic. It wasn’t long before he moved on, before Kala had been born. Thus she never had the opportunity to meet the man who was her father. The only things she had that was a reminder of him was her delicate features, slightly pointed ears and of course an aptitude for magic.

Meanwhile she inherited her mother’s short stature and excitement for life, as well as her short attention span. As soon as she was old enough she began to pick up the family trade creating little trinkets and charmed items for the rich folk and gullible tourists in neighboring towns. More often than not these charms were fake but with the mixture of Demetria’s knowledge and Kala’s magic some of the things that they charmed together could actually work.

People called her mother a crazy witch but that was only because they didn’t understand the blessing that magic and potions brought, at least that’s that Demetria told her. Usually her mother just created simple apothecary remedies, these the villagers welcomed. Yet she had to go elsewhere to sell her trinkets and magical wares. So every couple months Kala’s mother would take their donkey and small cart and head down the mountain to the bigger towns and cities to sell some of the ‘rarer’ items in her inventory.

It was during these times that Kala’s sister, Dominque or Dom for short, would take care of her. She was only three years older but in some ways she almost felt like a second mother to Kala. Often they would go out for long walks just outside the village. Dom occasionally would go hunting although Kala would rarely go with her, not being able to stand the sight of anything dying, even if she loved the meat that it provided them. Dom, skilled at archery, promised to always protect Kala, to always love her and to always stand by her side.

There came a day when that was no longer possible. It was when Kala was 13 years old. The villagers had started becoming more discontent with having a ‘witch ’ in their midst but in their attempt to evict the family from the village, someone shot an arrow that killed Demetria. Dominque too started to fire arrows in attempt to both gain revenge for her mother and to protect her little sister. Of course they were outnumbered so eventually they had to run and retreated. They traveled for a couple days before finally managing to come to rest in a nearby city. Purchasing a room at a tavern Kala thought that they were safe until she looked over and saw that Dom had collapsed on the bed. Some point during the brief battle or their getaway she had been pierced with an arrow in her side and although she had quickly pulled it out it had done too much damage. She had refused to tell Kala because she did not want them to stop, just in case they were being tracked and as she promised, she would always protect her sister. Unfortunately such a wound had caused her to slowly lose a lot of blood not to mention it was infected due to the lack of treatment. Without her mother’s help or apothecary books there was little Kala was able to do but ease the pain for her sister. She spent every second that she wasn’t by her sisters side looking for someone to help or looking for a book that would help her keep Dom from dying.

The only thing she was able to find was a charm to hold a body in suspended animation. Being as young as she was and with fairly under-developed charming abilities, at least for this level of charm, she went out and found a young man who was willing to help her with the charm. He was even willing to supply the necklace to contain the charm. There was one condition, she had to give him what she had given no man as of yet. It took her about a second to make the choice but even so, by the time she arrived back at the room her sister had passed. The young man told her that since the body was not yet cold with death the charm could still work but it would take more even more power and of course, bringing her back as she had once been would be impossible. Kala didn’t care. She would do whatever it took to bring her sister back to life, as vibrant and a real as she had ever been.

The strain of making the charm, even with help, caused a great deal of stress on Kala’s body. It was several days before she was well enough to move on, and it was even longer before her normally plain brown eyes turned back from a yellow gold hue.

Since then Kala has traveled to various places looking for anything that may grant her the knowledge of bringing someone back to life fully intact. The closest she had ever come to was find how to reanimate someone but without a soul, the person will not turn out like they once were and were reviled as monster. So now in addition to reviving her sister she must find her sisters soul and there is even less knowledge of that…if any. Kala refuses to give up, and has become quiet obsessive about this task, she lives for no other reason then to bring her sister back to herself. She has lost the ability to effectively communicate with people beyond the simple selling and purchasing small talk. Those who do get the opportunity to spend more time with her often find themselves faced with a blank wall. She will rarely respond to anything but questions about her work and even then she does not make eye-contact and rarely, if ever, shows emotions.

When she leaves a city she will buy a horse, donkey or some sort of animal, and a cart. She will then load the trunk containing her sister's body in it and any books and such that she isn’t yet finished with. She rarely will set a destination, merely content with roaming, looking for somewhere else to go and try her luck finding the secrets she strives to uncover.

Most recently travelling such a way has found her in Marn. Like most places she has no real recollection on how she got here, but her horse was exhausted and the cart in sorry shape so it must have been some journey, half of which she slept through next to her precious trunk. Kala had not heard much about the strange magic-hating place otherwise she might have tried to find away to circle around the city and make her horse last until she found somewhere more welcoming. That was not the case though and unfortunately for her Kala soon found herself surrounded by small group consisting mostly of children all of which began to through rocks and garbage at her.

Confused to this strange reaction she quickly scatter a few crystals around her started focusing her power on trying to create some sort of emergency magical barrier that would leave her drained but at least safe until she figured out what to do next or how to escape. She opened her mouth and raised her right hand to put the charmed barrier into effect but froze as another hand covered her own and pulled it down to her side.

Kala was never clear about what happened next or what the strange man, who she could only describe as her hero, said to the small crowd to get them to disperse but he must have said some kind of threat and soon was gathering up her crystals and shoving them into her hands as he commanded that she follow him as he started pulling her horse and sister away muttering about guards and battle sages...whatever that was.

Several twists and turns later Kala was lost and her sister and the cart had gone missing while she was staring at the hand that her hero had grasped when trying to prevent her from performing her magic. The hero had quickly calmed her as she started to freak out about having lost one of her most valued possessions. Her box, with her sister inside it, had been moved to a secure and safe place where she could go after it was deemed safe for the both of them. For now she would have to go into hiding until he was certain that no one had picked up on her magic and followed her with the intent of ruining her work, sister and imprisoning her or worse.

Kala finally grasped the situation and calmed down, huddling into her cloak and risking the occasional glace of adoration at her hero. Leading her to another part of the city he left Kala with some other people, only after he had sat with her a while and assured that she was safe with his 'coworkers' and that she should answer any questions that they asked.

She was questioned on many different topics from where she came from and why she was in Marn, the weird city where she was now forced to hide until she could make a safe escape. For the longest time her answers where short and mumbled into her cloak but as soon as they started asking about her work, her studies and her plans Kala perked up and cheerily chanted on, happy to find someone who seemed interested in her experiments, even if they occasionally cut her off and tried to change her focus.

After several hours she was dismissed and passed on to someone else who saw that she was fed and had a place to sleep. The following the following morning her hero approached her and asked that she remain in the city, even after it was deemed safe for her to leave. At first Kala was hesitant, her first few minutes in Marn had proven to be less then desirable and with such a strong penchant against magic it would be very hard for her to continue her work and studies.

Soon enough she was persuaded to stay, after all Kala owed her hero a debt for protecting her and helping her escape being stoned or captured. Not to mention she didn't like this place that forbid the practice of magic and, from what she was told, shunned people who possessed any or was 'different' from what they though was 'normal'. She would be willing to help them with their mission for as long as she could and in exchange they would provide for her basic needs and any materials she would need to help them. Her hero even try and help her find more information to help her with her project if he could.

When not working for the Paragon in whatever way they ask her, Kala is still secretly working on something for her sister. Over the years she found a way to charm containers to hold a soul, she has yet to actually find Dom’s soul. She keeps the charmed vial around her neck at all times though, in hope that someday she will perhaps come across it. She also is starting to experiment on animals, generally the rats that find their way into her room. She is trying to find ways to bring them back after they die in hopes that she can discover something that she is missing. So far this has yeilded no success but Kala is determined to find a way to bring her sister back. Only death or complete and utter failure will stop her.
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Re: Kala Baignard

Post by Saruna » Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:40 pm

Love the changes, particularly in weaknesses. :)

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Re: Kala Baignard

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Notes from Chat for Later:

ia_Idris: same and not much is coming up lately. and by the looks of it I may have to either redo a bunch of things with Kala or make a whole new character for the Paragon since she doesn't fit as well
(11:20:54) Sisara: meh ok
(11:20:59) Sisara: why doesn't she fit though?
(11:21:43) Talia_Idris: well originally she was going to be strong-armed into joining when passing through town. But its easier if she doesn't have a guard and joined willingly
(11:22:40) Talia_Idris: the thing is I don't know why she would stay in a town where she can't practice or study magic and no one will really buy her charms and where hiding her enchanted dead sister would be a challenge
(11:27:24) Sisara: and if you made up a reason and stuffed it in somewhere?
(11:28:20) Talia_Idris: thats the thing I need to find a reasonable reason and I'm drawing blanks.
(11:29:08) Sisara: go cliché: she fell in love
(11:29:19) Sisara: make it interesting: she fell in love with someone in paragon
(11:29:33) Sisara: or more interesting, one of paragon's targets ;
(11:29:36) Sisara: * ;)
(11:30:11) Talia_Idris: haha that would be hilarious
(11:30:16) Talia_Idris: the thing is she kind of has a one track mind...find the magic that will revive her sister
(11:30:47) Talia_Idris: but maybe I could tweek a few things to make that work lol
(11:31:06) Talia_Idris: but who could she possibly love? any ideas? =P
(11:31:10) Sisara: sounds like black magic - so maybe have her bump into someone like that when she first comes into town but loses them in a crowd so she stays to find that magician again?
(11:32:15) Sisara: a fairly powerful sidhe who doesn't know he is one? ;) though not sure yet how nasku will be joined into the whole paragon plot yet
(11:32:47) Talia_Idris: hmmmm
(11:32:57) Sisara: but no, seriously, maybe someone like vyaduka? though i can't remember what he looks like
(11:33:19) Sisara: andrassssss ;)
(11:33:23) Talia_Idris: ha
(11:33:23) Talia_Idris: ha
(11:33:24) Talia_Idris: ha
(11:33:31) Sisara: hehe
(11:42:36) Sisara: can't remember exactly what Christopher Merynir's purpose is other than being Aurelio's business front (fairly new to the game and to the dance group where Shanuri and Haneul are members of) but he might be an option

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Re: Kala Baignard

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It took long enough but I think I found a good reason to have Kala in Marn without being forced to stay. I don't know who her 'hero' is but the part is definitely up for grabs, whoever he is Kala will call him Hero from there on most likely.

Let me know if there are any further holes I need to clear up now that I changed the last several paragraphs

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Re: Kala Baignard

Post by Metarie » Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:42 am

Well, Kala was already approved, but here you go again: Approved!
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