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Talia Idris
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Name: Talia Idris
Race: human

Talia Idris

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Player Name: Amara

Name: Talia (Hebrew or the Dew of God – female lamb) Idris

Age: 19

Race: Human

Physical description: Talia is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She finds the best way to keep her thigh length brown hair, in a braid which means that her long hair only reaches her mid-back making it much easier to manage. Her bangs often fall into her eyes and people often tell her just to grow them out but that won’t ever happen because Talia loves how they cover her high forehead that she got from her mother. They say eyes are the windows to the sole but anyone searching her eyes rarely see much else then a young woman with soft brown eyes that often light up her whole face when she is happy. With a medium build Talia isn't necessarily strong but she was strong enough to be able to handle herself the few years that she roamed the city looking for work and occasionally sleeping on the streets. While she doesn't have that full womanly body she has the right curves in the right places and has a large set of hips which she finds annoying but her bosses wife had called ‘good childbearing hips’.

Talia is rather feminine, at least when she gets the chance. She refuses to wear pants and hence most of her closet is full of skirts and dresses although she is most often seen wearing a forest green dress that falls just above her knees with close fitting long sleeves and a dark brown leather belt. Tan colored leggings cover up her legs and a pair of simple leather shoes are also staples in her daily attire. To finish off her look Talia always wears a small ruby pendant on a gold chain around her neck, the only thing that she owns from her mother. This she wears underneath her dress unless she be accused of stealing it, or worse it get stolen from her.

When she does go out in public she often will bring a small plain dagger in her belt, a gift from her old adoptive neighbors in hopes that she would never need to use it but if she must – for self defense. She also has a blue cloth drawstring purse that she can either attach onto her belt or carry it like a little clutch which is her preference is she isn't doing anything. If it gets cold Talia has a heavy brown wool cloak that she has had for the past several years and so had been patched up a few times but is still in good condition.


-Clothes: brown winter cloak, couple of dresses, skirts, shirts, legging and a cream blouse for special occasions. Two pairs of shoes (everyday and special occasions), one pair of boots.

-Weapons: simple dagger

-Jewelry: ruby necklace with gold chain, felt flowers for her hair, carved wooden ring she bought on a whim from a stall vendor.

Other: Sewing kit, a couple potted plants


Baking: She managed to get her job at the bakery because she was popular for her bun whenever she cooked in various taverns. She also enjoys making sweet treats like cookies when she gets the chance

Gardening: Living in a small room in a bakery doesn’t give her much chance to garden although she does have some potted plants by her room window. For some reason she has always had a green thumb and plants seem to thrive around her – perhaps she will later discover that she doesn’t so much have the power to create energy like her father did but instead has the power to give others bit of her own energy which for now is manifested in her gardening and keeping her plants alive.

Agility: Talia has fairly fast reflexes since she found as a young girl that it was easier to dodge blows and run away then fight. Although she rarely has any use for them now unless it is to catch a falling egg while baking

Trustworthy: One of the reasons the baker and his family allowed her to stay in the shop is because they knew that they wouldn't have to worry about their inventory going missing. It’s also what made her a welcome worker when she was kicked out from her home, nobody wants a thief or a pickpocket working in their home or business.

Cheerfulness: Sometimes coming across as flirtatious Talia actually is just a cheerful person who enjoys the company of other people. She may have had a hard beginning but she sees no reason why she can’t look to the future and be happy.


Openness: Talia is friendly but she finds it hard to let people get close to her. People often will have trouble knowing how she is truly feeling and she likes it that way. It also is handy when she get frustrated or angry with people although if allowed to build up she can get quite angry which is sort of similar to her father although unlike him she doesn't like using magic. This is a case with most negative emotions, instead of dealing with them she tends to just put it aside and hopes it goes away. Of course that is never the case so those emotions (such as anger, stress, sadness etc) build up until she can't handle it anymore. Her most common reaction when this happens is to either go tend to her plants, which has a very calming effect on her, or she will run off to blow off some steam. She will rarely confront a person with her emotions so if she does she is either super emotional or she really trusts you.

Relationships: Since her father basically allowed himself to be killed rather then find her as his reason to keep living and her adoptive 'parents' basically kicked her out on her own Talia often struggles with feeling of abandonment. For the most part if you are just an acquaintance she may actually seem normal and capable handling the average relationship. Yet when someone wants to get close to her she tends to start out by being very disattached and wary of them, worried that they might leave her like most people in her life have. But when she feels that they are starting to loose interest she may get a bit clingy and be willing to do almost anything to try to keep them around.

Stubborn/Grudges: In most cases Talia isn't very stubborn but when she feels like she has been wronged she is not one to simply forgive and forget. You will have to do an awful lot to get on her good side again. Also if she feels very strongly about something there is little you can do to change her mind, which in some cases can be a good things but it makes her hard to reason with.

Talia’s mother Ava came from higher up on the social ladder, being a full human and even a true Marn. All that ended when a man entered the town and caught her eye. Ruggedly handsome there was something about Damion that attracted her. A couple months later after a short courtship and much against the will of Ava’s parents she and Damion married.

Cut off from her family and hence the wealth and power that came with it Ava and Damion moved to a small house in the residential district. Ava sometimes questioned whether marrying for love had been the right choice as she often found living as a second class citizen harder then she thought it would be. That changed when Talia was born, a perfect gift from Theogois. Ava spent her every waking moment caring and loving her newborn daughter, besides her husband Talia was the most important thing to Ava. Which is why when Talia suddenly became ill one night, Ava left Talia with a neighbor and ran out to get a doctor. She would have sent Damion but he had gone out with some of ‘the boys’ and wouldn't be back until morning.

Once again forgetting the fact that she was no longer a member of the upper class and that it was not safe for her to be out so late at night Ava was a prime target for those with malicious intent. When Damion came back the following morning, slightly drunk, he arrived to an empty house. He was soon able to locate Talia at the neighbors who where slightly angered that they had been left with a sick child all night but worried about the fact that Ava had not yet returned from the doctors’.Damion rushed out of the house, carrying Talia in her little basket and wandered the streets along the route to the doctor he eventually found the dead body of his beloved wife.

For the next several months Damion roamed the streets obsessed with finding Ava’s killers and he eventually did. With several months of grief and anger built up inside of him he let it go in a sudden burst of magical energy slaying the two men where they had stood gloating to him about what they had done to his wife.

The city guard executed Damion on the spot for the murder of two men and the use of magic. His execution went through with no difficulty and there had been no need for the battlemages to aid them since Damion was too emotionally distraught and did not want to fight back.

Talia had been left alone with the neighbors once again and when they heard they news the couple decided to take care of Talia themselves until she was either old enough to help them or because too much trouble for them to take care off. Something worse happened though, Talia showed signs of a magical presence within her.
Not wanting to turn in the girl they had raised practically from birth they instead kicked Talia out at the age of 14, told her to forget them, her parents and of course never to use magic unless she wanted to end up like her parents.

Talia did not have much trouble finding work, growing up in her makeshift family she often did most of the cooking and housework as thanks for everything they had done for her. For the first couple years she moved from house to house or business to business helping them with odd jobs in exchange for food, a couple Bishani or a place to sleep.
Eventually she found a steady job working in a bakery along the main street. She was granted a small room above the store and food. Occasionally when the Baker’s wife was feeling generous she would even be given some money as well.

Once in a while you may find her clutching the pendant around her neck with a wistful look on her face but she will turn around at and smile at you as if nothing was wrong. She won't want you to know that she secretly misses her parents and often dreams of what it would be like to have a family, a true family. Yet she knows that though life may be far from perfect worrying about it never made it any better and life could always be worse, she had lived worse before. So for now she was content to work in the bakery, stroll in the park by the university when she had free time and all but forget about her past and look towards a hopeful future.

When it comes to the city of Marn, Talia is loyal to it and its government. While she doesn't hate the magically people and creatures in Marn, she does sometimes long for a cleansing of the city and banishment for all magical peoples (and creatures). The way she sees it is that if the city was strictly a home for non-magical humans or races her mother would have married someone else and she would have had a family. But for now she puts up with the rest of the inhabitants of the city, happily serving them at work and even friendly chatting with them when the situation presents itself. She is really only bothered by the fact of interracial marriage and the like and has refused going to any wedding between a human and a magical person because she feels like it is a doom relationship and will have no part in it.

No one minus her old neighbors knew that she had any sort of magical potential and they are both dead now. Since that day Talia has never experienced anything that she thought unusual and so never reported herself to the government. Considering that she feels that magic is what tore her family apart she is in full support of the illegalization of magic in Marn. She rather hates the battlemages since they seem to hold more power then she thinks they should be allowed but she understands that they may be a necessary evil. While it was the city guard who killed her father she respects them for the job that they do for the most part and feels like they should be respected more and granted power above the battlemages.
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