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It's 2018, what are folks up to?

It's 2018, what are folks up to?

Post by Darrik on

Life is busy for most of us, but what are folks up to?

Aside from work, I've started back in Historical European Martial Arts - particularly the German longsword. It is bloody fun!

I switched up my eating habits, and have been hitting the gym a bit as well. I lost 30kg/80lbs of weight in the last 6 months, so I'm overall feeling fantastic and healthy for the first time in years.

I've also started going to board gaming meetups in my city, and having a blast.

How is 2018 shaping up for you all?

Re: It's 2018, what are folks up to?

Post by Frug on

If I had to pigeon-hole the people who I relate to most when it comes to hobbies, sword fighting or armoured combat is up there on that list. I seem to gravitate towards folks who like to bash other people with metal and armour, even though I don't do it myself.

I've also been taking better care of myself. Living alone now, I have more time on my hands so I've taken up jogging. Lots of walking too, and I plan to start hitting the gym at some point. Glad you're doing the same. Feels good, man.

Other than that, not a whole lot. Work keeps me busy and I enjoy it. My career has sort of taken off since I've ended up putting my energy into that. There've been a lot of personal changes lately but nothing particularly interesting to share. I talk to Jason still, and Ree's on facebook. Other than that I miss you guys. Who all's still around?
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Re: It's 2018, what are folks up to?

Post by Saruna on

I'm here and there, working on getting back into the Corezo stuff with James (trying to decide whether or not I should start more subplots; Pau always was hard to start). Most of my shit recently has to do with ongoing eczema battles. Stress makes it so much worse, so I stopped school. Can't eat a lot of things anymore, the most recent being avocado, which was pretty awful. I'm also allergic to my couch pillows, as it turns out, so the interim is trying to battle down this current flareup before it turns into another monstrosity.

Otherwise, meeting people and writing are my usual go-tos. There are a lot of interesting people out there.

Re: It's 2018, what are folks up to?

Post by Saruna on

Re: It's 2018, what are folks up to?

Post by Stella on

I'm in a new city since 2016, living the student life, sharing a toilet with dudes. I'm halfway finished with my computer science degree, which transitioned quickly from would-be vet school after my first semester. I've developed into somewhat of a human unicorn, devoting my spare time to stupid outfits, learning new hobbies, and breaking peoples' brains. I've also been attending music fests and other large events because I get in for free (yay connections).

I am not starting to scout software companies I want to work for when I graduate. Learning to network is interesting.
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