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Keyara Roman

Keyara Roman

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Name: Keyara Roman, or kay
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 6"2
Weight: 157lb
Physical Description:
Face: Craggy, Sharp cheekbones, Pointed chin
Hair: Dull, Thick, Rough, Jet black, In a single long braid down her back
Eyes: Large, Ice blue with flecks of gray, With short thick eyelashes
Nose: Long, thin, Straight, Strong
Mouth: Dry full lips, Straight teeth
Build: Well muscled, Tall, Sturdy, Athletic
Hands: Sturdy, Calloused, Long fingers, Short rough fingernails
Stride: Confident, Brusque
Skin: Butterscotch, Firm, Leathery
Wears: Simple, rough clothes
Possessions: (anything important they own or keep on their person): sword, armor, riding horse, pet wolf
Powers or Strengths: (including stuff like magic, money, martial arts, etc.) is great at fighting with a sword, not so good unarmed. has a little bit of bribery money: enough for 10 small bribes.
Weaknesses: ( flaws, physical vulnerabilities, downsides, drawbacks, etc. This part can be tricky. )
hates fae, Really really loves her wolf, if you kill it you will break her.
History: (be descriptive with your history, this is what tells us if you're capable of putting effort into your writing.)
Replaced at birth by a changeling, kayera was raised -if you could call it that- by the fey. they gave her candy and expected her to be lovable in return. for a while, life was bliss. then she became a teenager. she would start crying in pain and bleeding for no reason, it seemed, and candy wouldn't calm her down. One day they decided she was no longer fun to have around, and dropped her in the middle of the plains outside Shim, not really caring what happened to her. somehow she made it to the village, but she did not speak the language, and they couldn't understand her. But her anger and will to survive helped her work hard at what they set her at, and she learned quickly, so they fed her. in her years at Shim, she slowly tamed a wolf, and the numbers of those that would have her thrown out dwindled. at last, 7 years later, an old elven scholar came to the town and recognized a lullaby she was singing to herself as sylvan. He asked her where she had learned it and the villagers explained to him that she could not speak words, only nonsense. The scholar took her to another scholar that specialized in languages. The second scholar introduced himself as Lewyr to her in sylvan, and asked what happened. kayera was suspicious at first, as she had grown to hate those that had abandoned her, but soon she came to trust the old man. She asked if she could get her wolf and he let her get the wolf. she asked how she could get revenge but he said he didn't know. for 3 years, the kind old man taught kayera about the world, and some common languages and other useful things. she decided to become a warrior, and maybe one day, she could get revenge on those that had left her in the wastes to die. So the man passed her on to another instructor; a young man skilled in weaponry. he taught kayera how to wield a blade, and she learned enthusiastically. two years later, he decided she was ready. lewyr gave her a sword and horse and armor and and some money as thanks for all she had helped him learn about faeries. now, she is searching far and wide for her true parents and hates fey with a passion.

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