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Wall Crumblings

Re: Wall Crumblings

Post by Odelina Meltzer on

Merchants and passers-by were recruited for help, as the guards and the most level-headed citizens started to organise the rescue effort. Lina, alongside a few other badly injured, were hoisted into a greengrocer's cart, pulled by a currently extremely skittish mule.

She regained her consciousness briefly as the mule and its owner trotted along the cobbled street towards the hospital. Next to her, someone was being violently sick. It had started to rain, and thunder was rolling somewhere over the Virdara.

I have lost Farius and Sisara. I have abandoned my post.

Get a grip, Meltzer. You're not being rational.

After a short, painful eternity, the cart stopped on the street and helpful hands reached to carry the helpless passengers inside the hospital, in from the rain. By then, Lina was unconscious again.


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