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Never Play(ed) Fair: The Goodtime Gang

Re: Never Play(ed) Fair: The Goodtime Gang

Post by Haneul on

Haneul almost tilted her head to the side in contemplation. What was she supposed to do with this man? Leave him alive? End his miserable existence? And where the hell was Andras? What was he doing? There were no sounds coming from where he had disappeared to so at least that should indicate there was no trouble, but he was taking his sweet time.

Dmitri’s last words brought her attention fully back to him again. “You want to make it out of here with your hide intact? Are you joking? You do realise who you’re involved with?” What was it with all these thugs and their completely delusional views of their own lives?

But alright, he backed away, kept his hands in plain sight and didn’t use the knife he had been so obviously playing with – what was he waiting for? What was he planning? But more importantly, why did she more and more get the impression that he was stalling?

Haneul swung at him, feigning to go for his face, but instead she used her knees to go for the family jewels.

Re: Never Play(ed) Fair: The Goodtime Gang

Post by Andras on

Dimitri defensively lifted his hands to his face, leaving him completely unprepared for Haneul’s knee. He fell into a heap on the floor, but his mouth emitted no sound as he tried to hold his dinner down.

Naturally, Andras chose this moment to return. With a glance at Haneul’s moaning victim, he rolled his eyes before fixing them on the witch. “For Teonidus’ sake. Your fixation is getting out of hand.”

Andras stomped to Dimitri and grabbed his shoulder. With a shove, he propped him up against the wall. Standing back at his full height, Andras turned to tower over Haneul. He nodded his head towards the back door. “We’re leaving. I didn’t find anything.”

Dimitri, having recovered slightly, suddenly opened an eye. It was alight with hope at Andras' statement, but it swiveled to Haneul. He began to worm his way across the floor, putting negligible distance between himself and the revolutionaries.

Re: Never Play(ed) Fair: The Goodtime Gang

Post by Haneul on

It was disappointing... It was such an obvious feint that Haneul had almost expected Dimitri not to fall for it. Almost. Of course, this made things easier and he was down.

Just at that moment, Andras came in and had the gull to scold her. Glaring at him, she didn’t even respond to the taunt and simply stepped away when he went to pick the thug up off the floor. Why he did so, she had no idea. It wasn’t as if he had any interest in the man himself. Besides, he had left her there for a specific reason and then… Eurgh! She needed to stop letting him get under her skin or she was going to do something she’d regret. Or maybe she wouldn’t. As it may be, it wouldn’t be good for their endeavour and she was pretty sure that the cell leaders had something else to say about Andras’ death if she let her emotions get the better of her.

She ignored the magic itching all over her skin and simply gave a brief nod at Andras’ direction and after a wide grin at Dimitri, silently promising pain if she ever met him again, she turned around and walked to the back door, and out into the night.

Unfortunately, the rain had not led up. Quite on the contrary, it seemed to have increased even more which made her grumble under her breath. The spell had long since failed with the masses of water pouring down and she was starting to feel more and more like a wet dog, a feeling she did not appreciate.

Re: Never Play(ed) Fair: The Goodtime Gang

Post by Andras on

As the pair left, Dimitri started lifting himself up using the wall to support his weight. He clutched at his groin in an effort to relieve the pain. Andras happened to glance back just before the door swung closed: the man wore a paradoxical expression, with a grin at his lips but fear in his eyes.

Selling out family would do that to a man, Andras supposed. He glanced at Haneul. With the bag over her head, Andras couldn’t hope to guess what she felt about their situation. He chose not to mention what he had just seen.

“Well.” Andras muttered instead, “I hope at least you’ve realized why killing Lavelle is so important. The snake is probably expecting us to use the slave tunnels, considering those are the only tunnels she should know about.”

Re: Never Play(ed) Fair: The Goodtime Gang

Post by Haneul on

The entrance to the slave tunnels loomed ahead and Haneul felt a shiver of unease travel down her spine. They both knew this was a trap and so far they still hadn’t really talked about what the plan was once they set foot inside, following Lavelle’s request to meet her there. Truth be told, they hadn’t exchanged a word bar the absolute necessities since leaving Dimitri’s place.

It was unlikely that Lavelle herself would be present, but then again, maybe she liked to take care of unfinished business herself, and she definitely had unfinished business with Andras. While Haneul didn’t particularly feel the need to be there to rehash her partner’s past, he was unfortunately just that: her partner. She wasn’t going to leave him high and dry, no matter how extraordinarily pleasing that thought was.

“You sure about this?” she asked in a low voice. Knowing he would most likely just reply with an insult if he deigned answer at all, she added with a sigh: “What’s the plan?” Trying to call up the layout of the tunnels in her mind, she wondered how many people Lavelle was going to have down there. The odds were definitely against the duo.


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