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Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton pulled the hood over his head and kept it low, but continued to squint at the light. The headache passed quickly but he still had trouble seeing, and found it nearly impossible to concentrate on much other than staying awake and moving.

He bumped his way across the street with far lest skill than Kamar, grimacing and then jabbing a young human fellow in the kidney when he accidentally touched Chrishton in a place that hurt like hell. The man clutched his side and turned to see what had just happened to him, but Chrishton was already several bodies away.

Surprisingly, Chrishton managed to keep up decently with Kamar and wasn't singled out in the crowd by anyone. He hit the alley and watched his rescuer continue on. Crossing Ephatra had fewer people and should have been easier, but he was ready to quit any time. His eyes turned to the various smaller nooks and alleys that he could run to as a fox, curl up, and lick his wounds for a while. It was a much preferable option. A little rest like that would give him the strength to find his own shelter...

In fact, he wasn't quite sure why he didn't do it. He wanted to see where he was being led, who the guy was, and why he had been in Justice Hall. After losing his friends from the jail break, he needed an ally.

When they reached the door Chrishton didn't hesitate to enter. It was very unlikely to be a trap given the circumstances, and either way it didn't matter.
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Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar followed the stumbling Chrishton in, closing the door behind him. The door again vanished into the wall, leaving no clue to anyone looking directly at it that there was even a door there. Kamar re-latched the clasp he had lifted from the other side through the seam in the wood, then turned to look at Chrishton.

He almost admired the big man, for being able to walk after all the torture, and being able to make it this entire way without needing much in the way of help. It took a lot of strength, both mentally and physically.

The little room Kamar was in was a Thieves' Nook. The warehouse the Nook was in was owned by someone who knew the thieves who worked the city of Marn. The warehouse was a legal front, likely even known to the authorities. Kamar had made it known early upon his arrival in Marn that he knew of many of the places, and that he would be using them from time to time. He also made it clear that if anything was missing, there would be much pain given to those thieves of high ranking. It ensured he always had a place to stay, and that he was able to keep the things he needed but couldn't always carry with him safe.

The Thieves' Nook consisted of a small room with two straw mattresses on opposite ends of the rooms. On the wall just inside the hidden door was a wall lamp, which Kamar turned on. Being on the edge of the Industrial District, much of the lighting was electric, though there were other lanterns, and various other implements found useful to thieves, on shelves above the mattresses. Another door across the room was also locked from the inside, with a wooden bar set in the iron holders to add strength. In a corner was a chamber pot , basin, and mirror, the former under the small table, the latter two set on top. To the right of the entrance from the warehouse was a large desk, with paper, ink and pen, and a large pack.

Kamar headed straight for the pack after turning the light on, also turning the light above the desk on. He rummaged through the pack, pulling out a jar of salve that looked similar to what many of the healers used around these parts.

He turned to Chrishton, amusement plain on his face.

"Would you like to do this yourself, or would you like me to help you?"

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton pulled the hood off his head and walked, or rather staggered, over to one of the mattresses. His bare feet slapped against the floor, and when he reached the mattress he put a hand against the wall and eased himself into a sitting position with his back propped up. He looked like shit, but not as though it was getting him down particularly much. Mainly he felt good about finally being out of the Hall and somewhere relatively comfortable.

"Eh? Nah I'll do it." He said in response to the offer. "Had worse. Gimme here."

He held out a dirty hand in the direction of the salve while resting his head back against the wall.

"How 'bout some bandages an' some water?"
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
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Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar smirked, handing Chrishton the salve. He turned, muttering something about playing wet nurse that the other man would likely have heard part of. Stooping by the basin filled with clean, cool water, Kamar dipped a towel into it. He rung it out, allowing the water to drain into the basin. He made sure Chrishton was looking at him before tossing him the damp cloth to rid himself of the dried blood.

Next, with an economy of motion, Kamar walked easily over to the shelves above the second mattress. His walk was almost a predatory stalk, his body always perfectly in balance; he walked like he expected an attack at any moment. Training kept him constantly walking like this, and he rarely let down his guard, even in a supposedly safe place like a Thieves' Nook. There were any number of people who wouldn't want a new assassin moving in on their turf.

On the shelves were lamps, clean towels, a second basin, jars of preserved foods, as well as wrapped food stuffs. At the far end, closest to the outside wall, were several various-sized knives, as well as another small jar of salve and some bandages. It was the last two items he was most interested in. Kamar knew that someone came in here when he wasn't here, because he had been through most of the food stuffs, and the jar of salve in his pack had been the one that was previously here. All of these items were replaced, and the new towels had replaced the used. He didn't much care that someone was here while he was not; he could only assume it was the warehouse owner, trying to remain on good terms with the thieves who used this Nook. As long as none of his things went missing, he didn't care.

Kamar grabbed the bandages and the salve, pausing on his way back to Chrishton to stuff the salve in an outside pouch of his pack. He set the bandages on the mattress next to Chrishton, then retrieved the basin of water and placed it next to the mattress for him to use.

After watching Chris cleaning wounds and applying salve for a few moments, Kamar went to the chair at the desk, sitting down and placing his feet up on the desk.

With casual disinterest, Kamar began picking his nails with a dagger that wasn't previously in his hand. He glanced up sidelong at Chris, then spoke.

"I can't help being curious about why, exactly, you are wanted so badly by the judges in the Justice Hall. Care to share?"

He offered an encouraging smile, pausing momentarily in the cleaning of his nails.

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton reflexively slapped the wet towel out of the air, barely giving it any thought. He didn't say thank you, didn't seem like the kind of guy who cared about politeness or formalities.

Before using the towel to clean his wounds, he raised it above his head, stuck out his tongue, and squeezed some of the water into his mouth. He was thirsty, but wasn't going to ask and didn't mind drinking water that might as well have been dirty.

Grimacing yet again from the pain of chafing his wounds, he slowly, carefully, pulled the robes off over his head and dropped them onto the floor beside him. His body was covered in scars of varying sizes and ages, though many of them were hidden by the latest additions to his collection. Moryldar and Ryxa had sliced, gouged and broken things all over his chest, arms, and legs. The wounds were clean enough, save for the dry blood, and most of them were not very big. All of them looked painful, especially the ones around key nerve endings on his chest, hands, and even feet. Only when he started handling the salve did he remember that three of the fingers on his right hand were broken, along with two missing nails which made it very difficult to handle things.

He began by dipping his raw fingers into the salve and worked from there, cleaning and treating the worst of the cuts one at a time when Kamar started talking. He grinned at the question, taking some pleasure in his own maliciousness.

"Cause I made 'em look like fools. 'Cause I escaped from their regular prison, beat up a few guards... An' cause they're hidin' somethin' and they're afraid I'll figure it out."

And, of course, because Belatucadrus wanted his head. But that was private knowledge.
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
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Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar half listened as he went back to his nails, picking bits of dirt and blood from underneath them. He was starting get tired, as it had been most of an entire day since he had slept. Not to mention being injured and chasing prey through the street.

He wasn't normally that reckless, but he had thought the risks were worth it. In fact, it had all almost worked, but for the Captain and that battlemage.

Kamar nearly smirked at the irony of only hours ago being brought into the custody of the Justice Hall, and now being one of those battlemages. He would have smirked, and allowed the barest corners of the smirk to curl his lips as he half listened to Chrishton, if the entire smirk wouldn't have looked odd for the brief tale Chrishton told.

"You were in the City Hall prison? How did you manage to escape that? Granted, I suppose it's a little less secure than the Justice Hall... but if they wanted to keep you badly enough, why wouldn't they have put you in Justice Hall to begin with?"

He paused, thinking to himself before continuing.

"On top of that, what did you do in the first place to be arrested?"

Kamar lifted a brow as he looked at Chrishton again. He had every intention of keeping Moryldar in the loop, and attempting to get the information that the judge wanted, but he wasn't going to burn any bridges by pressing Chrishton too much. Besides, the big man might come in handy at a later date.

Kamar always hedged his bets.

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton didn't seem like a man who felt like talking particularly much. He kept everything he said short and to the point, and if he was hiding something it wasn't immediately apparent that he was purposefully keeping things to himself. The subtle smile that never left his mouth as he spoke, even through what should have been misery and dismay at his past and current physical state, suggested that he enjoyed thinking about his exploits. It was weeks ago, and he had some trouble remembering exactly how it all started.

"Yeah, me'n a few others. Dunno what they was in there fer. Prolly some minor offenses. Couldna been magic, cause then they'd a been in Justice Hall I'd think...

I uhh... Beat up some pansy elf was lookin at me funny. No particular reason. Just felt like the thing ta do."

He glanced at Kamar briefly, then looked back at his wounds and continued applying salve. He didn't mention that he had, in fact, shoved an unsuspecting elf backwards right through a tavern window.

"So some guard they call big Gran came t'arrest me, but he looked like he wanted ta fight... So I beat him up too. After that they brought more, so I let em take me in. The other folks in jail didna much wanna be there so I jumped a guard with their help, blew a fuckin' hole right in the side of their buildin' with some explosives we found right there in the fuckin' room an' left." He chuckled wryly. "That's prolly why they think I got magic. That an' some other fights I got in after. Didn't kill nobody though. 'Least I dun think so."

"After that it was a cat'n mouse game with them mages 'till they finally got me."
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
- Valmont

Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar again listened, still seemingly intent on cleaning his fingernails with the knife. He dug a bit of dried blood from beneath his index finger, blowing on the knife to send it drifting to the floor. His head still hurt from the impact of the wall when the battlemage had captured him, and he knew he needed to get some sleep soon, but he also felt he needed to ask a few more questions.

Kamar noticed the little glance from Chrishton after mentioning the elf, but continued with what he was doing, not pausing even in the slightest.

When it was clear the big man was done, Kamar shot a quick glance over, then shook his head in dismay, a small smile on his face.

"It's hard to believe that even the City Guard around these parts are stupid enough to leave explosives in a room where they keep prisoners." He shook his head again, picking at a piece of dirt stuck deep under his thumbnail. "You don't know who the others are, I suppose?" he asked, then shrugged away his own question. "I'm sure you would have mentioned anyways. I just like to know who the others..." he paused, as if searching for proper wording, "... who else may operate on the wrong side of the law." He smiled self-deprecatingly at Chrishton from his seat.

"As I'm sure you've figured out, that's where I often operate from. I call it business dealings, but often people get hurt in those dealings. I'm always looking for good men, and women, who can help me in my business." He shot another sidelong glance at Chrishton. "Not that that's a proposition, mind. Yet, at any rate."

He paused for a moment, frowning in concentration as he finally dug the dirt out from under his thumbnail.

With a small sigh of relief, he dropped his feet from the desk and turned to Chrishton as the knife vanished back underneath his cloak. He rested his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands in front of himself. Looking nearly as tired as he felt, he watched the big man applying the salve on his various wounds.

He winced, reminded of similar looking wounds on himself. He had used a similar salve after that, and now those wounds were barely scars. He knew that within a couple days, even with only one application of the salve, Chris's own wounds would be healed enough to no longer pain him.

Kamar took a breath, still watching Chrishton. It was obvious that he was curious about something, and only trying to find the moment to ask the question. He allowed himself to be this transparent, secure in thinking that Chrishton would only take it as real curiousity instead of a calculated question.

"What brings a shape-changing man into a magic-hating place such as Thar Shaddin, anyways? Had I not had urgent business here, I wouldn't be here myself..."

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton smirked at the thought of guards leaving explosives in the cell block for him to escape with. It was stupid, he agreed. He'd never thought much about why they were there. He always passed off such things as luck or fate. He wasn't meant to be in the jail, and so the explosives were there. The truth was much more simple. The guards threw everything they confiscated off prisoners into the same chest, and didn't know the explosives were there.

Kamar explained his situation with law enforcement and Chrishton nodded knowingly. His head was still swimming, but being able to sit down in a comfortable place for even a few minutes helped him regain his thoughts. He massaged the salve onto a hole in his shoulder repeatedly and looked over at the other man. It was the first really good look he'd taken, and it made the depth in his eyes apparent.

Chrishton wasn't stupid, but he was different. He looked like the kind of man who doubted everything Kamar was going to say before he even said it. Fooling him, lying to him, was not going to be easy.

The spirits started to speak up in their cacophony of gibberish and contradictions, and it was not so much Kamar that Christon was studying, but rather their messages. He compared what each of them said to what he saw in Kamar, and was drawing subtle conclusions of his own about what kind of man had rescued him. Some of them said that it was a trap, some that he was a good man, others that he was evil. The only thing they made clear to Chrishton was that things were complicated, but in the back of his mind he started making connections.

When he looked at Kamar, he was listening and seeing far more than what was happening in the room. It exhausted him quickly, and he withdrew to nursing his wounds after only a few seconds.

What brings a shape-changing man into a magic-hating place such as Thar Shaddin

He'd forgotten that his secret was out. In a moment of desperation he shifted, and in his delirium hadn't thought about what others were around. He wasn't about to give a straight answer, even if he had one.

"Why'm I 'ere? Good question. Why'd anyone in 'is straight mind come t'a shit hole like this? Ain't like there's anythin' in th'middle a some wasteland worth takin' a look at, right?"

He grinned, rubbing his shoulder again.

"Lets say I heard rumors there was somethin' goin' on'n figured I'd see. What 'bout yerself? Whats yer urgent business?"
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
- Valmont

Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar kept his face impassive as Chrishton almost blatantly avoided his question. He didn't say anything about it, but kept listening. Something the big man said did perk his interest up though.

"I'm here to help bring a known criminal to justice. I'm sort of a bounty hunter, and there's a large price on a young woman who was last seen in these parts. She had done something awful, killed a child or some such, as I hear it ..." Kamar waved his hand negligently, as if it didn't matter. "... and none have been able to bring her in. Thought I'd try my hand. Turns out the guards around these part don't care about bringing just criminals to justice, but will arrest nearly anyone seen with anyone who can do magic."

Kamar gave a short laugh, amused by the whole thing. He stood then, stretching his arms up and giving a short yawn. He was getting tired, and needed to get some sleep. He was an extremely light sleeper, so wasn't at all worried about going to sleep in the same room as a nearly perfect stranger.

He began making his way to the other mattress, glancing over his shoulder to ask, "By the way, what was that rumor you heard about? The 'something going on' one?"

Post by Chrishton Radu on

"Bounty hunter eh? Ne'er woulda figured." His sarcasm was plain. "Chasin' girlies around too..."

"But Yer right. They dun really care 'bout nothin happens outside their borders 'ere. I been here a few weeks now, been watchin' 'em'n what they do. Worst thing any 'o us did was get born somewhere else. Second worst thing we done is have magic. They dun care 'bout what I done before, e'en bustin' outta jail. These trumped up charges they tossed at me, murder'n shit, it's cause they're afraid I'll unsettle their fuckin' order. Cause I'm an outsider."

The last word came out full of spite and mockery, with his eyebrows raised and his lips puckered. The whole concept of it was absurd to him, and he looked like he might actually get upset about it if he wasn't so busy not giving a damn about anything that happened.

"Ta answer yer question, what do you think they're so obsessed over magic about?" He was capable of saying the word 'you' properly, but it came out oddly emphasized, like it was hard to say. "Why ya think they're runnin shit like this? Little place, middle a buttfuck nowhere, with a place like Justice Hall. You saw that place. That seem normal to ya? Even fer this fucked up world? Sticks out like a sore thumb it does."
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
- Valmont

Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar twisted gracefully as he reached the other bed. He crouched down, content to sleep clothed, then leaned back to drop onto the straw mattress. A puff of dust and bits of straw wafted into the air, but he ignored them. He leaned back, putting his upper shoulders, neck and head against the wall, crossing his slippered feet at the ankles. Placing his hands behind his head was the final concession to comfort.

All of this in the time it took Chrishton to finish speaking, in time enough to be facing Chrishton when his last rant about Justice Hall came out. Kamar stared into Chrishton's eyes, a slight frown rippling the skin of his forehead.

His lips pursed in thought, Kamar nodded slightly, his eyes now resting on a spot about three feet above Chrishtion's head. It didn't seem like he was actually seeing anything in the room.

"You do have a point. What exactly are they doing with a veritable fortress here in a military-like town. The other thing is, they don't seem to be upset about people using magic when those people are under the 'control' of the Judges..."

His frown remained as he looked back down at Chrishton. "Oddity piled on oddity. What do you know, big man?" Kamar asked, not having to feign his genuine curiosity. It was said in a gentle way, meant not as a demand for Chrishton's knowledge, but as a sharing of understanding between to allies, and equals.

Kamar's respect for the big man was growing, and his knowledge could be helpful in Kamar's future endeavors.

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton finished off rubbing salve on the last of his wounds. The numbing sensation the cream brought with it made it feel like most of his body was asleep. It was quite pleasant and brought a more relaxed smile to his face. The worst of it would be healed by tomorrow and in a week it would be as though nothing happened. All he needed was rest.

"I dunno much... Eh... What'd that freakjob call ya..." His mind was functioning more correctly without the pain to distract him and he recalled events from the cells in Justice Hall, however blurry they were. He had made note of a name. "Dennison was it? I telled ya most'a what I know already. If I knew jus' what they're doin', believe me I'd tell ya."

He shifted from the wall and slowly, without chafing the sore spots, managed to lay down on the bed.

"There's a vampire, named Bela, lives nearby in Shim. He knows more. I'd say talk ta him but... I donna think he likes talkin'." He sighed and shut his eyes. "Best stay away from him if yer smart."
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
- Valmont

Post by Kamar Deythal on

Kamar sat up a bit at the mention of vampire. Nothing else the big man had said was even close to as interesting as that. He'd heard talk of Belatucadrus, whom he assumed must be the same man as Bela, but he hadn't known that this fellow was a vampire.

The back alleys all spoke of him being the patron of the little town of Shim, as well as of Marn, and many people were both awed by and feared him. Kamar had actually thought to arrange bumping into the man, but it seemed it was just as well that he had not.

His mind caught up with the rest of what Chrishton had said. "No, I don't think I'd like to meet that one in a dark alley. A lit alley might even be a little chancy ..."

But he had a feeling he might meet him... soon. If Belatucadrus was as involved in Marn as many seemed to think he was, then it would stand to reason that Kamar may be meeting him very soon. Once he went back to Justice Hall, or shortly thereafter.

Kamar planned to stay away for just a while longer. Delaying that inevitable meeting would be best for now.

With a small nod to himself, he noticed Chrishton's closed eyes. The day's activities were weighing on him as well, and he turned on the mattress, laying down. He could feel the magic slowly returning as he rested, but it would take a full day's sleep for it to fully return. His eyes wouldn't open even as he mumbled a 'Have a good sleep' to Chrishton. The stray thought floated through his mind just before sleep took him.

Should turn out the light ...

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton was asleep in minutes. Splayed out on the bed, mouth lolling open. He was normally a light sleeper, but a real bed, peace and quiet for the first time in weeks fixed that.
You are confusing bets and marriages, Madam. One must always honour a bet.
- Valmont

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