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Chasing Dreams and Memories

Re: Chasing Dreams and Memories

Post by Jeeko on

The fact that Twik was a half-troll explained much of what Jeeko had seen regarding her remarkable endurance, while her association with those men who had caused this chaos partially explained the reason for their current situation.

Trolls, Jeeko had seen a reasonable amount of. Even larger groups of them once or twice. White-masked men, however, were completely unfamiliar to him, in terms of them being an established group of seemingly violent captors. If he had heard mention of such a group before, he certainly could not recall it now. But that does not matter, Jeeko. Now you listen and help, he silently told himself, as Twik explained what she wanted him to do.

The plan was a simple one, but potentially quite effective. Jeeko grinned at the idea of helping someone sneak around as she would have to now. Perhaps he could remain with her for much longer, as well.

In response, he simply stated, "Yes, I can do this."

Re: Chasing Dreams and Memories

Post by Twik on

"Let us go then," was Twik's answer.

Twik elected to drop off the roof into an alley along the side of the building. As they walked though the streets, she kept herself on full alert, but if any of the men in white masks were still around they did not show themselves.

The nearby hotels were none too fancy, which seemed to fit the mood of the night. Twik picked the first one that seemed convenient, and thrusting her hand into her pocket brought out a small wad of money which she handed to Jeeko.

"Take a room on the ground floor, or one that I can climb into with one arm. I will come in through the window."

She withdrew into the shadows to allow her new companion to do what he would do.

Re: Chasing Dreams and Memories

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As Twik left the rooftop and headed for an inn, Jeeko followed quietly, until she stopped nearby an unfamiliar building. Of course, most buildings in Marn were unfamiliar to Jeeko, so that was hardly surprising.

To her instructions, he nodded once, taking the Bishani in his hands and - making sure that no one was nearby - quickly entered the building. The inside was most certainly worse than the outside, though one who sleeps in trees would hardly notice the dirt and the smell, the lack of decoration. What Jeeko did notice is the three men sitting at a table in the next room, drinking and laughing, voices hoarse and faces flushed. Before him was a counter, on which sat a silver bell.

Jeeko approached the counter, the slightest bit cautious, and rang the bell. From this angle, the men could not be seen, nor could they see him, but he could not help looking up at the doorway, in case someone decided to appear from within the building.

A door behind the counter squeaked open, revealing a woman who seemed to be in her late 40s. She looked suspiciously at Jeeko as she stepped through, walking up and leaning on the bench to peer down her nose at the boy, which was odd as they were about the same height. In a clearly patronizing tone, the older woman spoke.

"Hmm, yes?" she asked, "Is there something I can do for you, boy? Children should not be out so late."

It was unlikely his face being half-hidden by his hood was helping her impression of him at all, so he slipped it off, hoping she would not comment on his odd mess of hair. For the moment, she remained silent, but her eyes widened slightly as her expression changed to one Jeeko could not read well. She frowned at him deeply, but seemed hesitant, as though concerned about something.

"I would like a room," Jeeko replied, in a voice full of assurance. This was not the first time he had stayed in a hotel, after all. "How much for one night?" Then, remembering Twik's words, he added, "On the ground floor."

The woman stared silently, considering his words, with narrowed eyes and pursed lips. Finally, she said, "Sure, kid. Thirty Bishani."

"I only have twenty-three," Jeeko lied in response, hoping to do well by saving the money.

The suspicious woman looked ready to kick him out, but instead she sighed and held out her hand. "Fine. Twenty-three Bishani then. And you'd better not be up to no good, or I'll make you wish you'd never come in 'ere, y'hear?"

Jeeko smiled and nodded, handing over the money and following her as she led him to a room at the back of the building, past the drunkards (who leered at them in a way that sent a shiver down Jeeko's spine) and down a short corridor. At the door, she crossed her arms and warmed once more of what would happen if Jeeko decided to do anything to bother her or her customers, including thievery.

This last suggestion confused Jeeko, as he saw the state of the room. There was little more than a worn bed and an old, wooden table, along with a couple of mismatched stools, one of which seemed to be missing a leg. "This is good," he stated, but the woman simply mumbled under her breath and left.

As she disappeared down the corridor, Jeeko closed the door behind him and rushed over to open the window. Surprisingly, it was still in tact, but took more than a few minutes to pull open. Jeeko had only managed to drag the old thing up a fraction when he noticed Twik outside. He called her name just loud enough for her to hear and waved her over, hoping she could help him open the window.

Re: Chasing Dreams and Memories

Post by Twik on

While Jeeko arranged for a room, Twik made a quick circuit of the building, moving with stealth through the shadows. There was no sign of the Men with White Masks, but that meant little and Twik was not greatly reassured. She did however find a rain barrel that was half full of water.

Working awkwardly with one missing arm, Twik pulled her torn dress and underthings, then climbed into the barrel, washing the blood and gore from her body. She washed quickly, then climbed out and put her dress in and rinsed the blood from it. It was impossible to discern the color of the water in the darkness, but Twik imagined it was now pink with blood, so she turned the barrel on its side, dumping the water out.

Having cleaned herself, Twik once more made a tour of the building and soon found the room Jeeko had rented. She pushed her wet dress through the narrow opening in the window followed by her underthings, then with a powerful thrust opened the window and climbed through. Turning quickly she drew the ragged curtain behind her.

Pausing only to drape her wet dress over a stool to dry, she threw herself down on the bed and lay looking up at the ceiling. She seemed unconcerned with her nakedness. Her body was lean and muscular, and already a third of her arm had grown back.

"I will tell you what I know," she said suddenly, "Then we must sleep. The bed is small but I am still when I sleep and will not disturb you. I must go out into the wastes and find the stronghold of them men in the white masks and see what there is to be done. But first, I wish to learn who you are and why you are helping me."

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Post by Jeeko on

Though many would be surprised by the sight of a naked half-troll climbing through their window, Jeeko did little more than wonder if she would be cold. It would be somewhat odd to see people wander the streets naked, of course, even to Jeeko, but that is mostly because he understands that many do not accept such displays of flesh in public and populated areas. For him, having traveled so far and lived for at least forty years, a naked body did not cause him much concern at all.

Immediately upon entering the room and setting her clothes out to dry, Twik fell upon the bed. Jeeko could not help thinking to himself that this woman did seem a little odd in comparison to most humans he had met. Whether or not it was a result of her troll ancestry, Jeeko was unsure, of course, though it did seem likely, from what he had seen of trolls. Compared to other humanoid races, they were certainly different.

Already she was healing, Jeeko noticed with slight relief, as she began to speak to him, rather unexpectedly. He agreed with her suggestion of sleep, but not so much with their sharing a bed. Jeeko was used to being alone, and perhaps he could get away with sleeping on the floor, or not at all.

"But first, I wish to learn who you are and why you are helping me."

This sudden request caused Jeeko to wonder, Why am I helping her? In a way, the answer seemed obvious, though somehow lacking. Regardless of his thoughts, he spoke it confidently:


That word seemed to sum up Jeeko's life quite accurately. It was much of his existence, in fact, to explore. He was an adventurer at heart. Some might say it had something to do with a need for answers, particularly regarding his mysterious origins, but Jeeko would simply say that living is fun. It was a thrill he could never leave, for anything at all. It was his greatest joy, to live, see, feel, and breathe. In all honesty, he could not understand why so few understood that feeling, expecting Jeeko to give up on the "childish games" and become a man. However, most never realized quite how old he was, either.

"Jeeko likes to help," he added, again falling into third person. "He is a traveler - an adventurer! He cannot turn from adventure."

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Twik lay still on the bed for a time, then made a mournful noise in the back of her throat.

"It may be that you will die with me in the wastes. Still, all who are born must die, so there is no sense in complaining. I will tell you what I know, which is not as much as you might suppose."

"I lived with the Men in the White Masks since I was a child. They placed a collar around my neck so that my body responded to their commands no matter what my preferences. In the daytime they would torture me, and at night they would control my dreams. I believe that they have an idol, a god of dreams, and this is why although I don't understand it. One day my collar was damaged and I won free."

"The men live in the wastes. I am not sure where exactly but I know generally. They have magic to control another's mind, and poison which they shoot on a dart. Still, when you hit them, their bones break like anyone else. I have been in hiding from them for some time, but now I must fight or die. Can you use a weapon? We can get you a crossbow, which is easy to learn. Tomorrow I will go for my things, and then we will go to the wastes. You must help me with your eyes, we must not be detected when we leave the city.

Re: Chasing Dreams and Memories

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Jeeko did not care about death. It would not come for him, as far as he was concerned. Or at least, not until it was time for him to leave this world. And where would it take him? To the plane of magic he could feel on the edges of his senses?

Distracted for a moment by his own thoughts, Jeeko was fortunate not to miss anything important being said, so as Twik continued to explain the situation, he listened carefully. He was curious about the darts with poison. He had seen something like that used before, but more often when one wishes to capture a victim, rather than kill them outright.

When Twik had finished speaking, Jeeko did not hesitate before replying. "I can use a bow; good eyes and good aim. But... I also have some questions."

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Twik began to feel the chill of the night, and pulled the blankets around herself in a clumsy and disorganized mass.

"We will get you a bow then, I am not sure where. You might not be able to use my bow, it is made of steel. You may ask whatever questions you wish, and then I will sleep."

On a sudden impulse Twik left the bed and went to the window, fastening the shutters and making sure the curtain was drawn effeciently. Then she returned to the bed and got properly under the covers.

Re: Chasing Dreams and Memories

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Jeeko thought for a moment, but decided he could ask his questions when they had rested. Preparation was more important than information for the time being, it seemed, after all. So quietly, he said, "No matter. We can talk tomorrow. Rest now."

He did not join her, instead choosing to sit on the floor and close his eyes, to think things over for a time. Jeeko could go a while without tiring, as long as he did not use magic too often. He could wait to rest properly, perhaps tomorrow night.

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Twik slept the sleep of the emotionally exhausted, and by the time she had awoken her arm was as good as new. Growing a limb always left her ravenously hungry, but she ignored the burning in her gut for the moment, and shrugged on her clothing. Jeeko was already awake when she awoke, and so she whispered that she would meet him out front and slipped quietly out of the window and would wait nervously in the street until he emerged.

When the two adventurers were back together again, Twik led Jeeko at a fast walk back to her house, a small log cabin with a large weathervane in the shape of a rather haughty looking rooster on the roof. Twik stood watching the house for some time, wondering if the Men in White Masks were watching it. None were apparent, but that meant nothing.

"I need my things," she said in a whisper. "I do not know if we will be attacked. Do you see anything?"

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Jeeko had followed silently along behind Twik as she led him to her home. It was a nice morning, the air cool and crisp, with pleasant sounds of birds chirping around them. Jeeko found it was interesting to see where this strange woman lived, though the house itself was somewhat unremarkable.

"I do not know if we will be attacked. Do you see anything?"

With a quick glance around, Jeeko saw no signs of life besides the birds and insects. The area seemed more than safe, for which the boy was both relieved and disappointed. When he turned back to reply to the half-troll, however, there was a soft shuffle of leaves behind him before everything suddenly went black.

He struggled against some force holding him down, breathing in the dusty scent of the bag over his head, when something sharp pricked his arm and he quickly slipped into unconsciousness.


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