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Omenbyrn Loyalists (1/3 Left)

Omenbyrn Loyalists (1/3 Left)

Post by Kitan on

Kit’s Super Awesome Completely Official Character Classifieds!
Below is a mishmash of Loyalists, aristocrats and a rogue battlemage. Enjoy!

The Loyalists are an official faction of guards dedicated to the removal of treason, sedition, and rebellion. Where the rebellion is involved, expect them to be the first to look into it. They specialize in investigation and information, though are not exclusively limited to such.

And currently, they are very few in number. So we’re going to fix that! Paragon will provide plenty of threads for these characters, especially in the wake of Navarre’s Gala. After all, those cheeky rebels have every intention of bombing the justice hall while everyone is enjoying that lovely party. Someone is going to need to investigate such a horrific breach of etiquette, and these lucky Loyalist fellows will be the ones.

So we need to get them in stable hands as soon as possible! If Paragon is allowed to run around uninhibited, who even knows what further atrocities those guys could commit. The Loyalists want you!

I'd give the usual "names are free to change" line, but Karesen Vonstadt's needs to be kept where it is! Enjoy!

Taken By Colours!

Name: Braken Tenil
Purpose: Torturin’ Seditionists!
Species: Elf, quarter Human
Gender: Male
Age: forties, fifties, sixties
Character Details:
  • Kind of a loser! Easy to push around socially!
  • Great with anatomy, be it as a torturer or field medic! Always carries medical supplies!
  • Doesn't like to torture people, but does it anyways because he's incredibly submissive!
  • Grins or laughs in response to stress, making him look insane!
  • Buds with Toad!

Character Ideas:
  • Has complicated family lines/relations which connect him to many elves (and possibly humans) in the community? Perhaps they could be useful if only he knew how to use them?
  • How did someone so underwhelming wind up in the guard at all? Did someone pressure him into it? From there, how did he get into the Loyalists? Consider something traumatic, maybe something that also prompted him to learn to heal? Who taught him?
  • Desperately needs the support of others? Prefers it when others speak for him, even if his views do not actually align?
  • Worried about Teonidus judging his crimes, and overcompensates when off the job through volunteer work at the hospital? People at the hospital think he is just a humble nice guy?
Have a pretty picture!

Name: Karesen Vonstadt
Purpose: Stabbin’ Traitors!
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-twenties

Character Details:
  • Ravenna's little brother, the second youngest out of eight!
  • An incredible prodigy with sword & buckler, but little battle experience!
  • Overeager to be a hero, ideally in a shallow, self-important fashion!

Character Ideas:
  • Perhaps too idealistic? Infectious idealism?
  • Sees heroism in terms of combat? Sees the world in black and white? Thinks that individual strength of arms = right?
  • Feels personally offended by rebels who accuse his system of oppression, even though he has never met one?
  • How does he interact with Ravenna, who basically raised him and his brothers? What does he think of Garahien, their father, who went mad and destroyed their family name?
Have a pretty picture!

Taken By Kat!

Name: Reku “Toad” Shinga
Purpose: Punchin’ Rebels!
Gender: Male
Age: late twenties, early thirties
Character Details:
  • Skilled at dodging and being sneaky!
  • Really, really ugly! But also friendly, and has embraced his derogatory nickname.
  • Puradyne! Eastern heritage with no family history with the religion: a convert!
  • Buds with Braken!

Character Ideas:
  • Not quite a synevive family? Something of a grey area?
  • Something motivated him to become a puradyne, but what? Was it something big and magical, or something more personal?
  • Parts of family still back East? How’s relations? Bilingual? Considering missionary work there against the advice of puradyne leaders?
  • Crude or eloquent? Can switch between the two as the situation demands?
  • Funky side skills! Worked in the theater and can whip up disguises? Has been mapping Marn's undergound? Well read? A poet?

His Current NPC Description:
A slim, short man with an ugly face and a happy grin, he’s not what one would expect of the mainstream guard. In the loyalists, he seems to fit right in. He has slick, unkempt dark hair and a lithe yet muscled appearance, along with ancestry from somewhere in northern Tian Xia.
He is ugly, and there is no dodging the fact. He has a wide, drawn out face, scratched up with tiny scars and strange little bumps. He has a weird, long nose and slim, beady eyes. His appearance gave him his nickname, Toad, which he has long since embraced. He even introduces himself by the Toad rather than his given name.
He’s good in a tight spot. The other Loyalists wonder how such a small man can take so much abuse, but he can. His thin, wiry build lets him bend around sword strikes in ways that seem almost inhuman, and he has a detailed comprehension of grabs, disarms and hand-to-hand which he uses to take people off guard. His weapon of choice is a standard issue short sword.
He is a surprisingly moral-minded person, and tends to dodge personally performing unscrupulous activities with humor and wit. However, he also doesn’t stop other guards from doing whatever petty villainies they please. His morality likely stems from an idealistic belief in puradyne doctrine. Though there is no indication of family history with the religion, he visits the temple frequently to worship Teonidus.
He joined the Loyalists for better pay, and was eager to put his type of fighting talent to better use than as a big armored meat shield.

Have a pretty picture!

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someone take braken or the vonstadt so toad has people to play with!

Braken should totally look like this: ... e-79956337

Hullo Kit, I would like to try my hand with developing Latifa Vyaduka, if she is available for newbies :)


If you’ll allow me to regale you with the story behind these characters, I believe I will eventually arrive at my point in a circuitous and needlessly complicated manner. So uh, please humor me.

About a year ago when I was a fresh faced, naive young lad, I had just created the character Azuel Vyaduka. As a member of a wealthy aristocratic family, Azuel’s family is important to him. So I constructed a handful of NPCs who would serve as a source of entertaining conflict/embarrassment.

A few months later, somebody came up with the notion of these character classifieds and created a few that were snapped up within a week. I thought “wouldn’t it be jolly good fun if I opened up Azuel’s family to the other members of Thar.”

As you can see, nobody picked them. Slightly deflated, I continued to NPC his family. And they have been NPCs for a while now, meaning that I and a couple other players have been writing them for a short amount of time now. In fact, in an alternate reality thread (non-canon) I am even writing from her perspective as if she were a PC rather than an NPC.

As a result of their continued glamorous careers as NPCs, I’ve been intending to shut down the Vyaduka apps for almost a month. To my own continued fascination and growing terror, I have somehow been too slothful to click “edit” and subsequently hold down the backspace button. I would like to at least partly blame my idle hands upon a secret hope that somebody familiar with the character from the NPC scenes I’ve written would take a shine to them and pick them up.

Anyways, that should reveal the gist of my apprehension. The character was already pretty entrenched in the setting, being a descendant. She’d have to be familiar with most of the other upper class families, have connections and relationships, and all the rest of that package. But now add to that the fact that you’d have to get familiar with what has already been written, and you’re looking at a decent barrier to entry.

Now, with all of that said, I never did get around to deleting her character classified and I never decided to put an “experienced players only” label on her head. Latifa should by all rights be fair game. If you are still set upon the challenge after I spun that little horror story, you have my go ahead.

In case you haven’t already seen them:

Her younger brother’s page: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3104
The Vyaduka page:

And the threads Latifa has made her appearances in (within Azuel posts later in the thread):

Canon: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3542
Canon: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3329
Non-Canon: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3522
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Re: Omenbyrn Loyalists (2/3 Left)

Post by lillith on

*emits thin scream of terror @ Kit's horror story*

I didn't realize that Latifa is already this deeply entrenched in Thar's story - it's my fault for not looking at the date when this particular character classified was posted (12/2013 - a roleplay lifetime ago!). I'll see your idle hands, and raise you a pair of lazy eyes...

I will do some reading of your linked posts first, to get a grasp of her established persona/lore. I do like a challenge, but I also know when to back down if it looks like I'll bite off more than I could chew. :oops:

This can have two possible outcomes - I could either emerge victorious, with a character application in hand or I could go mental from information overload.

*dives into the archives*

Re: Omenbyrn Loyalists (2/3 Left)

Post by Niabi on

lillith wrote:
This can have two possible outcomes - I could either emerge victorious, with a character application in hand or I could go mental from information overload.

Or option three would be to create an original character using the ideas you have in mind on how to shape this character, but with a few tweaks like changing the name.
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