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Marn's Upper Class 6/10 claimed

Marn's Upper Class 6/10 claimed

Post by Saruna on

If you see a character you like please post in this thread to claim it. Or tell me in chat if you like being all anarchist and shit.

Interested in playing part of Marn's elite but not sure where to start? Fear not, I am here to guide you! Marn's upper class has not much been explored in rp except by the intrepid Navarre, Guile and Metarie, but we're here to fix that.

Like political power plays? Wealth? Wild parties? All but three of these characters are geared towards first-time players or longtime players. A few are meant to be paired, and generally speaking all of them should know or know of the others in this list. These characters can fit into their own plots, or be involved with things like the currently-running Marn Restoration Gala, or the Rebellion plot. Totally up to the player!

First names are open to changing, but please keep the last names. These are meant to be the starting players in the larger scheme of Marn's social and political sphere, and as such the characters have been tailored to suit their originating families. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Recommended reading:
Marn Government
Marn Politics

Image credit to dmitrygrebenkov.
Purpose: Upper class shenanigans!
Name: Agniete Katona (Katona family)
Gender: f
Age: 50+
Race: human
Character details:
  • Crusty old conservative
  • Treats anyone who looks younger like a child
  • A ranter who changes topics mid rant – bites the head off of anyone who interrupts
  • Younger nobles get sacrificed to her corner of the room in order to assure business gets done
  • Extremely self absorbed, doesn't realize the rest of the family views spending time with her as a punishment
  • Retired
  • Widowed
  • Devout Puradyne

Character ideas:
  • Used to hold a very boring political position?
  • Has hundreds, if not thousands, of boring stories?
  • Misplaces glasses frequently?
  • Hard of hearing?
  • Forgetful?
  • Interferes constantly with family/city politics?
  • Tends to wander?
  • Accuses family and servants of stealing personal effects?
  • Derides the arts (music, acting, etc) as un-puradyne behavior?

Image credit to petemohrbacher.
Purpose: Upper class shenanigans!
Name: Demetri Vincas (Vincas family)
Gender: male
Age: 18-30
Race: human
Character details:
  • Personal assistant to Agniete Katona. Not by choice. He got a little too handsy with an Oslun girl promised to another man, and now he's stuck with the old biddy. "Keep her occupied!" they said.
  • Detail-oriented. Too intelligent to spend his youth attached to a dinosaur like Agniete.
  • Still a valued member of the Vincas family
  • Tries to frequent parties/salons when he can; his plans are often stymied by Agniete

Character ideas:
  • Gold-digger on the side? Making the most of his connection to Agniete by trying to convince her to marry him?
  • Has a string of girls on the side he promises he'll be with once the old bird kicks the bucket?
  • Tries to use Agniete to secure himself an eventual position? Or is he more a lazy intelligent type, trying to use the least amount of effort to gain power/wealth?
  • Is he generally a good person, or a bad person? Does he fall in line with the Vincas family, or only pretend to?
  • A patron of the arts?

Image credit to zemotion.
Purpose: Minister of Culture (player must have at least two approved characters and have played for 6 months)
Name: Thecia Marquelis (Marquelis family)
Gender: f
Age: 40s+
Race: human
Character details:
  • Very highly educated
  • A smooth talker when required. Normally outspoken/sharpspoken and blunt. Most people shouldn't be able to handle her in large doses. (she loses aides/clerks/assistants often)
  • Managed to snag a Minister position despite being from a relatively low-ambition family. Aims to be a Judge.
  • Takes race relations seriously. . .maybe even more seriously then how she regards the arts.
  • Tends towards being a workaholic. Well respected by her peers.

Character ideas:
  • A gossipmonger behind closed doors?
  • Puradyne or liberal? Working against the Puradyne agenda? What's her motivation in being the Minister of Culture? Why is she so ambitious?
  • Who is she, really? Is she mysterious? Working towards a secret agenda behind the scenes? Does anyone know her true face?
  • What are her feelings in regards to the arts?

Image credit to ruloc.
Purpose: Minister of Infrastructure (player must have at least two approved characters and have played for 6 months)
Name: I suck at gnome naaaames, ALL YOU
Gender: m
Age: older gent
Race: Gnome
Character details:
  • Insufferable. Smart. Bullish. Little patience with those he considers stupid.
  • This guy made it to the Minister position by getting enough support through the District Council – he is a dangerous fellow.
  • Deceptive. King of blackmail
  • Advocate of race-relations
  • Has enemies. Lots of them. Likewise, has some strong supporters.

Character ideas:
  • Mild mannered?
  • Tends to act genteel but has a terrifyingly foul mouth in private?
  • Likes crashing parties?
  • Pretends he doesn't understand racism?
  • Eccentric
  • Lots of jokes centered around him being a gnome and Minister of Infrastructure – can't trust a gnome's ideas, etc

(claimed by Bubbles)
Image credit to sedone.
Purpose: Marn upper class shenanigans!
Name: Emelina Merynir (Merynir family)
Gender: f
Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Character details:
  • Numbers are her bitch. She's capable of doing complex math in her head. She's pretty amazing with money.
  • An aide to the Business License Fees Assessor.
  • Uses her position to benefit the Merynir family. Not all of what she does is legal, but she's good enough to not get caught at it.
  • An accomplished socialite
  • Much of the "bad" money in the Merynir family goes through her hands at some point. She stands to become one of the power players in the Merynir family, and already holds some power.

Character ideas:
  • Manages to have dirt on everyone?
  • Very good connections in the upper class
  • Very snooty towards those not from Descendant families?
  • Ambitious?
  • Perhaps some connections into Paragon through her cousin Aurelio [pm Saruna]
  • Good at playing innocent, or known and acknowledged as a strong and wily opponent in general or matters of trade?

(claimed by James)

Purpose: Marn upper class shenanigans!
Name: Luca Abernathy (Abernathy family)
Gender: m
Age: whatevs!
Race human
Character details:
  • Useless aristocratic fop
  • Partier
  • Known for getting drunk/high and spending lavishly
  • Playboy
Character ideas:
  • Supplier of alcohol/drugs?
  • Regular host of parties?
  • Great connections because of alcohol/drugs?
  • Doesn't take anything seriously? Spoiled brat?
  • Always has the hookups regarding illicit substances.

Taken by Matt

Image credit to hel999.
Purpose: Marn upper class shenanigans!
Name: Sofi Oslun (Oslun family)
Gender: f
Age: doesn't matter!
Race: human
Character details:
  • Clerk in the Residential District Magistrate's Office, under Civil Obedience
  • Politically ambitious
  • High-brow morals in regards to the law
  • Puradyne
  • Totally different from public persona to private persona, maybe a little wild (just not in an illegal manner)

Character ideas:
  • Believes very strongly in the Guard?
  • Smokes a lot of weed?
  • Maybe a bit idealistic internally, contrasting with her political savvy?
  • On the way up?
  • Very socially astute, has a lot of friends?
  • Pride of the Oslun family? Lots of pressure? How does she handle pressure?
  • Perhaps a rival with Vicentius Morrington?

Taken by Simon
Image credit to kir-tat.
Purpose: Marn upper class shenanigans!
Name: Vicentius Morrington (Morrington family)
Gender: m
Age: doesn't matter
Race: human
Character details:
  • Sourpuss
  • Believes very strongly in every man for himself, Morrington style (loyal to his family)
  • Politically ambitious, a clerk in Civil Obedience (in Residential District Magistrate's Office)
  • Plays very fast and loose with the law, but careful enough to not get caught
  • Flexible sort of morality, his religion is money before all else; he's a greedy man
  • Attends parties but doesn't loosen up easily

Character ideas:
  • Perhaps a rival with Sofi Oslun?
  • Pride (or one of) of the Morrington family?
  • On the way up?
  • Hoping to become the first Morrington to rank highly in the Civil Obedience branch of the Civil Government?
  • The sort of man who is studious and very well rounded academically? Manipulative? Has a weakness related to social dealings without being socially awkward?

Taken by Steph
Image credit to fuschsiart.
Purpose: Upper class shenanigans!
Name: Nasku Oslun (Oslun family)
Gender: m
Age: open
Race: Half human
Character details:
  • Unknown father who was non-human
  • Family pariah. Generally frowned upon for being half-human
  • Almost nothing he does is good enough
  • Adept at handling the social posturing and testing he experiences on a regular basis.

Character ideas:
  • Is he rebellious? Meek? Indifferent?
  • Is he a friend of Paragon? A friend of the elven/dwarven/gnomish community?
  • Magical talent he hides or secretly practices?
  • Tends to spy on his "betters" ?
  • Sneaky? Honorable? Out for his own gain or just going with the flow?

Taken by Jason
Image credit to anndr.
Purpose: Minister of Records (player must have at least two approved characters and have played for 6 months)
Name: Sibilla Moryldar (Moryldar family)
Gender: f
Age: 30+
Race: human
Character details:
  • You know that crazy artsy hippy aunt? That's her.
  • Crazy good photographic memory.
  • Mishandle her records and you die.
  • Obsessed with fashion, too many accessories.
  • Speaks at least three languages. Can read many more.
  • Patron of the arts.

Character ideas:
  • Maybe one of the languages she knows is some random nearly extinct or extinct language no one should know?
  • Despite her eccentricities, is fairly politically astute. Despite her family, maybe she tends to stay out of the spotlight? Controls things from the side?
  • Maybe is manipulated by her family by bribery (old books, 'help' maintaining records? New pens? New accessories?)
  • Very wealthy but you'd never be able to tell?
  • Mischievous? Flirst outrageously with younger men to the point of making everyone uncomfortable?

Re: Marn's Upper Class 0/10 claimed

Post by Darrik on

Dibs on Luca Abernathy, the Useless Aristocrastic Fop, wot.

Jacel Varti, my dear fellow, we should talk business.
A gentleman's arrangement, old bean.

Re: Marn's Upper Class 1/10 claimed

Post by Metarie on

Darrik, you'll be perfect for the role.

Re: Marn's Upper Class 1/10 claimed

Post by Three on

I'm going to go ahead and |-------tentatively-------| say Sofi ._. because I'm tired of my stable of angsty loner men. :bitchy:
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Re: Marn's Upper Class 2/10 claimed

Post by Soneya on

Uuuuh, I'm liking Nasku Oslun.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I still have a Paragon app to finish but he is tempting... *grin*
I didn't lose my mind. I just put it down somewhere... and forgot where.

Re: Marn's Upper Class 4/10 claimed

Post by Saruna on

LOOK VICENTIUS HAS A NEW PICTURE AND ISN'T UGLY ANYMORE. Someone take him for the sake of Sofi, pls.

Re: Marn's Upper Class 4/10 claimed

Post by Vallen on

I like Demetri Vincas

Re: Marn's Upper Class 5/10 claimed

Post by Brokk on

Can I put my name in for Vicentius Morrington?
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We do routines!
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Re: Marn's Upper Class 7/10 claimed

Post by Julius on

i'm swiping Emelina Merynir :evilgrin:

Re: Marn's Upper Class 6/10 claimed

Post by Saruna on

After a month of disappearance, I am putting Demetri back up for bid! Come on, who wants to play the old crone and her dog on a leash? WILL HE BITE HIS MASTER'S HAND?! I must find out. <3

Re: Marn's Upper Class 6/10 claimed

Post by Vicentius on

Oooh, shiney character option....
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Re: Marn's Upper Class 6/10 claimed

Post by Fusha on

I quite like the idea of Demitri Vincas. Contrary to what I said in my other thread, I think I will get back writing, but with the understanding it might be a week or two per post. So I'll tentatively claim him? I have a few ideas for him I might want to run by someone.

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