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The Noitu Prophets

The Noitu Prophets

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* Senior Minister of Culture (Unnamed) - KAT
* Prophet Xochitli - JAMES


The Noitu Prophets are the governing body of Noituratan. Led by Grand Prophet Yancuican, they run Noituratan’s ministries in pairs and oversee its daily operations. They all share equal power on the council, but within the ministries the senior prophet has the most authority. As the most powerful beings in the city they are feared and respected by Noituratan’s citizens.

My goal is to have these characters act as the face of Noituratan in Pal Tahrenor. They will be involved in a variety of plots in the future, such as diplomatic missions and battles. Most of these slots are blank so that you all have an opportunity to create horrifying Noitu creatures of your own. Please post here if you wish to claim one, and if you wish to make one of your own PM me the details and I will add it to the list.

Grand Prophet Yancuican is not available, but feel free to make agents for his secret police, the Theocratia, if you wish.

** The art below is the property of Xeeming on Deviantart and is in no way my creation **

Ministry of Defense

Senior Minister: Prophet Miquichti (AVAILABLE)


“What is a Noitu to fear on the battlefield, my brothers? We have conquered death itself.”

Gender: Male

Miquichti is the head of Noituratan’s army and the city’s third-in-command. He served as Worm Basilisk Noitura’s chief general during Yancuican’s reign over Tzalxochitl. A grotesque monstrosity with crab-like claws and numerous eyes, he is easily Noituratan’s most imposing prophet. He is one of the few prophets allowed to meet with Worm Basilisk Noitura directly.

He is also one of the tallest creatures in Noituratan, standing at over ten feet tall – second only to the Grand Prophet himself.

Character Traits

· Despises the surface and the living
· Fanatically loyal to Worm Basilisk Noitura
· Arrogant, yet intelligent and cunning
· Obsessed with warfare and battle

Character Role

Miquichti’s main role is to be a warhawk. He will lead battles against Noituratan’s enemies and serve as a boss character/antagonist for plots.

Junior Minister: AVAILABLE

Ministry of Education

Senior Minister: AVAILABLE
Junior Minister: AVAILABLE

Ministry of Architecture

Senior Minister: AVAILABLE
Junior Minister: AVAILABLE

Ministry of Arcana

Senior Minister: Prophet Camaxtli (AVAILABLE)


“Do not concern yourself with what the water hides.”

Gender: Female

Camaxtli is easily the most enigmatic prophet. Her origins are unknown – she seemed to appear out of nowhere shortly after Noituratan’s founding. She is a vaguely humanoid being melded with eels and spiders. Most citizens of Noituratan avoid her like the plague – those who displease her tend to disappear. Camaxtli is also one of the few able to meet with Worm Basilisk Noitura.

She is responsible for transforming the undead citizens into marine life. Her agents, the Neizahuiloya, carry out this process.

Character Traits:

· Incredibly creepy
· Always seems to be hiding something
· Only respectful to Yancuican and Noitura – hates everyone else
· Enjoys devouring weak Noitu and surface dwellers

Character Role:

Camaxtli is a manipulator. She will mainly be toying with people on the surface, as well as abducting them to turn them into Noitu.

Junior Minister: AVAILABLE

Ministry of Culture

Senior Minister: UNAVAILABLE
Junior Minister: Prophet Xochitli (UNAVAILABLE)


“Only through death does one truly see the world’s beauty.”

Gender: Male

Xochitli is the youngest and newest prophet. He is a fish-like being with pincers on his head and decayed, manta ray-esque flaps that resemble wings. Unlike the other prophets he spawned directly from Worm Basilisk Noitura, which one can see from his long Worm Basilisk tongue. Grand Prophet Yancuican has appointed him as Noituratan’s chief ambassador to the surface.

Character Traits:

· Patient and understanding
· Wishes to convince the living to accept undeath
· Appreciates the surface culture and wishes to learn more about its people
· Considers Noituratan the greatest city in existence and brags about its rich culture and heritage.

Character Role:

Xochitli is Noituratan’s main diplomat and representative. He wants to meet with as many towns, cities, and nations as possible and convince them to accept undeath and worship Piltzintlicoatl.

Ministry of Religion

Minister: Grand Prophet Yancuican (UNAVAILABLE)
Theocratia Officers
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Re: The Noitu Prophets

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I want to reserve the senior minister of culture. Imma wait until your write ups are wiki ready and to get some other stuff done, but I really want mah fiddler.

Re: The Noitu Prophets

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Tentative dibs on manta-face, Xochitli, the junior minister of culture.

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Dibs on Prophet Camaxtli

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