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Haunted House of Laurium - Closed

Haunted House of Laurium - Closed

Post by Tanya on

(Will be adding pictures when I find them.)

Purpose: Council member
Name: Hektōr
Gender: Male
Age: Mid thirties
Character Details: Youngest member of the council.

Purpose: Extended family member of Galen, the last direct descendant of Cyril.
Name: Angelos
Gender: Male
Age: Mid twenties
Character Details: A bit hotheaded. Thinks he has the rest of the family's best interests at heart.

Purpose: Treasure Hunter
Name: Croesus
Gender: Female
Age: Thirties
Character Details: In for personal gain. Hiding her profession so she can get inside and steal what she can.

Purpose: Lawyer and close confidant of Galen. The overseer of Galen's will.
Name: Sebastianus
Gender: Male
Age: Mid to late fifties
Character Details: Honest and good nature. Is true to his words and guards Galen's secrets. Wants to fulfill his duties to his childhood friend.
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