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[b]Description:[/Dark Haired, Tall(6”1’),Ruggedly Handsome, Slim Fit Build,Blue Green eyes, 5 o’clock shadow, ears pierced]

[b]Possessions:[/Straight Thin Sword 2, Hunting Bow, Hunting Knife, Thin Leather Armor, Dark Fur Cloak, Pipe, Bottle of Alcohol]

[b]Powers or Strengths:[/Dual Wield(swords): Can fight well with 2 swords at once, Brawling(fists): Can fight well in hand to hand combat, Hunting, Archery: Good at Marksmanship, Freerunning: Good at Moving around obstacles(note: applies to battle situations IE: dodging), Basic Cooking]

[b]Weaknesses and Flaws:[/Terrible Defense, Hotheaded, Alcoholic, Religions]

[b]History:[/Born in Norroenirlund, Rae-hare saw nothing for him where he lived. He ran away at 14 south to the city of Marn and was taken in by Monks but almost immediately left due to being told to do anything, Now 5 years later he is poor, riddled with debts he turns to mercenary work]

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