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Nicolai Svecha

Nicolai Svecha

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Player Name: Ashley/Colours/Talia

Name: Nicolai Svecha

Age: 22

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet

Hair Colour: Light brown

Eye Colour: Smokey blue

Physical description:

Nicolai's medium-length brown hair has a habit of falling all over the place. Sure he could use some of the expensive hair product he has been given to tame it but Nicolai prefers to allow his hair to fall in front of his smokey blue, almost grey, eyes as he turns on his charms.

Narrow shoulders and a small frame along with features that are fairly soft, if not feminine in appearance allow him the ability to be able to play both male and female roles in the theater. And while he may play among the rich and elite of Marn, he does his best to maintain the little bit of muscle that he grew during his travels. As soft as he may look Nicolai refuses to go physically soft. The muscles seem to attract the ladies (and even some men, although less to his liking) plus they help to guarantee work in other temporary fields, they aren't just for show afterall.

Apparel wise Nicolai prefers to dress in simple colours, navy being one of his preferred options. This allows him to be able to accessorize in which ever colour he so desires. A pair of simple but always shined black boots and several rings finish his usual dress.


- Rings and stuff
Nicolai cannot resist a good ring and so has quite a handful of all shapes and sizes. Many of them have been given to him but once and a while he will splurge and buy one with his own money. One ring he is never seen without is a simple carved wooden band. It may seem out of place among the others but he never likes to take it of the little finger on his left hand.

It may also be quite possible that one or two of his rings contain a tiny compartment for storing some sort of powder (liquid would leak right out). If he did have a ring like this then he would most likely only use it for something like sleeping powder when he wants to get out of some sort of overnight 'arrangement' and perhaps it would be mixed in with the wine and leave them a bit fuzzy the next morning. Convincing her (or him) that they had a wonderful night wouldn't be too hard. With his growing popularity it probably would be harder for him to get this powder so his small stash would be used very sparingly.

- Several costumes
While most of the costumes are supplied by the theatre Nicolai has several outfits and dresses that he owns. Left over from his travelling days he can't seem to bear to part with them although he has gone through most of them and altered them to suit the needs of whatever play may require their use although he refuses to let anyone else touch them in case something horrible happens to them.

- Clothes
Most of his clothes are in various shades of blue, grey and occasionally deep green. Along with rings Nicolai always enjoys scarves, nothing too flamboyant of course but he owns at least a dozen in different colours. His closet also contains a couple outfits that he can switch for special occasions, a pair of black shoes with fancy buckles, a single pair of boots and a simple pair of brown leather shoes. In the very back lay a muddy set of clothing, boots and a hat.

- Gifts from his present and former patrons
Nicolai loves to collect little tokens from his admirers, lovers and patrons. These often range from rings (since it is fairly well known that he loves his rings) to perfumes and in one rare occasions a new domra to replace the old one he had been using since childhood. He still keeps the old one around since it has sentimental value.

- Domra (2)
In his possesion are two domras (a russian lute)

Skills and Strengths:

- Storytelling and Acting
Being that his main career revolves around him acting, it only makes sense that he is fairly decent at it. He found this talent through his storytelling when he was young boy and would read stories to the family around the fire in the evenings. Once in a while neighbors would drop in to the boy's enchanting voice that changed with each different character. Eventually he began to act them out with his sisters and discovered his love of acting, pretending to be someone he isn't. Since then he has been acting whenever and where ever he could.

- Singing
Singing isn't one of his favorite or particularly best talents but when you travel with a small band of traveling musicians and actors you tend to be forced to pick up a little bit, even if it is only being part of the choir. Of course in order to get some of the better roles he was required to learn how to sing with more confidence. His singing voice is a little bit too high to be considered manly although this puts him in a great place for playing a female role if need be.

- Domra
While his family wasn't very involved with the arts Nicolai's mother insisted that he learn to play the domra. Coming from a slightly higher class she knew more about the arts and wished that her children would learn them. It took Nicolai a long time but eventually he mastered it enough to make her happy. When he left home he took his mother's domra with him and continued to practice and get better. While he doesn't particularly use this skill as much anymore, he does tend to play at the occasional event, to some smitten fan or simply when he is on his own thinking of home.

- Charm
It would be a lie to say that Nicolai got to where he was today with just his talent alone. His ability to flash a smile, to use his enchantingly tender voice to quote various lines of poetry or simply use his stormy coloured eyes to ignite a fire in the heart of the object of his affections (or personal plot), has helped a fair amount. Of course not everyone finds him charming but Nicolai just brushes that off and moves on. If there is no one that he wants to entertain there is probably someone who is willing to entertain young man for few hours.

- Sewing and Building
One again, being apart of a traveling group of actors required one to learn several different skill in order to be considered useful enough to be allowed to stay on as part of the team. This means that Nicolai had to learn how to sew and mend costumes. Since he doesn't let anyone else touch the costumes that he owns, Nicolai still sews his own things. It also helps to save money if you don't have to hire someone to fix all your clothes and buttons for you.
In additions to sewing Nicolai also learned building techniques. These were learned and put to use when he helped set up or take down the stage and backgrounds. This has also come in handy when he runs out of money and needs a quick way to earn cash. Generally he can find a construction site and get paid for a few days. He has tried his hand at masonry but its a little bit too much for him to handle but if there is nothing else and he can get the job, he won't say no.

- Desire for Fame
Nicolai wants to be famous, he wants to be well known, he desires that when he walks into a room all will turn their heads to admire him, not just for his looks but for his skill and expertise. So while Nicolai may enjoy a drunken night once in a while, overall he is a hard worker, ever pressing towards his goal. When and if that is ever achieve he will simply move on to the next big city and hopefully the climb to the top won't be that difficult.

- Adaptation/Fitting a role
Due to his travels Nicolai finds it easy to adapt to new places or situations. If he has to move, he has no problems packing up and settling into a new place. This doesn't mean that he likes it but that it simply comes naturally to him and is part of life. This ability to adapt also aids in his ability to change even his character to fit a certain situation whether it be for a role in the theatre or to become someone that would be a desired friend, confidant or lover or who desires him, he can be almost anyone for the right price.


- Over-Confident
Nicolai tends to be over confident in his abilities and skills. He is an actor, a musician and a good looking one at that. Who wouldn't want to employ or spend time with him? Why shouldn't he get the lead role in the upcoming performance? While confidence is a good thing, being over confident and cocky can sometimes annoy those around you and more then once he has lost a role because he felt that he was a shoe in for the positions and didn't study enough for it. He also isn't very good at knowing his own limitations and certainly isn't willing to admit to them because then it would mean that he wasn't as good as he thought he was.

- A Sour Aftertaste
His job is to cater the the whims of those around him, if he wants to do well both in and out of the theatre then he has to be continually acting the part that will draw the kind of people who will continue to support him. This can take it's own kind of toll though - especially when he is giving so much of himself and see so little from it. If he goes for long periods of time without enough positive attention lavished on him or get time to himself to do something that enjoys, Nicolai can often become rather bitter, it not a little bratty - he can be a bit of a diva after all and catering to the whims of others is tiring. You can't be constantly be giving out with no return of investments!

- Secrets
Nicolai love secrets, when one is implied he finds it hard not to try and find out what the secret is. Once in a while it is something of interest and perhaps even of use although he still needs to learn when someone is trying to sell him a secret that isn't true or of worth. Some may consider him a little gullible or perhaps a little naive with the amount that he believes people will be honest with him and not try and cheat him out of his money. At the same time he has his own secrets that he guards closely, mostly about where he came from and what he does when he doesn't have enough money to make it through the week.

- Money
Have lived the life of several different classes Nicolai has determined that having more money can make one more happy. With this train of thought he does his best to save his money but he finds it hard. He likes nice food, drink and clothes. Often he finds that he has lived outside of his income and is required to sell something in order to get by until his next paycheck. If there is nothing to sell then it is time to pull on his disguise, muddy work clothes, boots, tie back the loose stands of hair, cover it with a hat and add a kerchief around his neck to pull over his face should he need it.

- Bored easily
There is almost always something to do which suits Nicolai just fine, whether it be secretly working construction or repairing his costume for the next showing of his current production. He strongly dislikes when there are those rare quiet moments between obligations, work and other affairs of his and often does what he can to avoid them. It doesn't matter if he is busy with people or simply on his own practicing is arts, Nicolai doesn't necessarily care so long as he isn't sitting idle by with empty hands.


Several thousand miles north of Marn there was a small but thriving town located at the base of a mountain. Not many people knew of this place but occasionally a wandering or lost traveller would pass through and stay a while, enamoured by the quaint hamlet. They would bring news of the outside world, not that anyone really cared about it, and for the most part the townspeople would look after them until they moved on. Some people choose to stay, which was the case of Natalya Bobkov. Her family was musicians who had fallen on hard times. Instead of finding a new line of work they instead decided to travel and make what they could in different towns. Sometimes they would simply play in squares until the local authories told them to move or on the rare occasion they would get the chance to feature in some performance or at a dinner party.

Somehow they strayed off the path they had plotted and thankfully it wasn't too long before they found a welcoming place of refuge. What first was simply a few days to recover and restock turned into a couple weeks. Not wanting to outstay their welcome the family started packing to leave until they were asked to stay. No one in the town could play music, or at least not very well, and theirs was a sounds most welcome in the quiet and cold evenings. It didn't take long for a house to be built and the whole family to move in. Music and singing lessons were taught both at the school and privately usually in exchange for groceries and other such necessities.

It didn't take long before Natalya to catch the eye of more then a few boys around town but it was Nicolai Svecha, the mason's son who captured her heart. A few years later they were married and moved into a home that Nicolai had built for them. Not quiet a year later a young Nicolai was born followed by Natalia, twins! A couple years later another son, Dmitry was born.

Nicolai Sr. was happy to have two sons who would follow him into the family business and someday take over for him and look after him and Natalya in their old age. It was the custom and unspoken rule of the village, sons followed in the footsteps of their father's. There were no changing of occupations unless one family was blessed with many sons and another was not. In which case one son was basically adopted to someone who would need him more then they did.

Until he was 8 years of age Nicolai didn't have to concern himself with masonry, he was too young and it was too dangerous. Until that time he went to school with the other kids and found ways to get into mischief often taking a few followers down with him. But his favourite thing to do was sit beside his mother in the evenings as she told stories of her travels. She would sing and sometimes even dance around the room as the fire flickered behind her. On special nights she would bring out an old domra and play for the family.

Soon Nicolai was joining his mother in the evenings - coming up with his own tales, his face changing and his hands flowing around him as he told his stories. His voice has a way of drawing his listeners in and an especially sad song could bring tears to their eyes. As he grew older he would recruit his friends and on special nights and festivals they would put together a play as elaborate as they could make it.

Of course the older he got the more Nicolai's father started to dislike his first sons' love of the arts, something he viewed to much too feminine for his boy, his heir, a mason. He did what he could to discourage these habits but the village got too much enjoyment out of it and his beloved wife loved how her son to after her where as her daughter had no real talent for singing, music, dancing or acting. Even so Nic was required to learn the family trade. His muscles grew as did his resentment toward his father and the culture that required him to learn the trade.

Several years later a caravan of actors came into town, luring the good folks of the quiet hamlet out with their magic tricks and elaborate costumes. After they had taken what money and supplies they could from the villagers they set to move on. A few days into their journey a 16 year old boy was caught following them.

Nicolai had refused to stay in a place where he saw his whole life set out before him - working his fathers' job the rest of his life, marrying the girl down the street and repeating the cycle. When the caravan came to town Nic had begun to hatch his plan and slowly grabbed what food and money he could. At the last minute he also took his mothers old domra and left a short goodbye/apology note in its place. While he wasn't very good he knew that he could get better and that adding a musical instrument to his small repertoire would give him more of chance of making it anywhere. It took some hard convincing but eventually the caravan took him on. Starting from scratch he served most of the other actors, making meals when they stopped, creating and tearing down sets, patching up costumes and so forth. Once in a while he would get a small role and his success in such parts eventually helped him to gain the experience and trust he needed to start getting bigger parts.

Several years later Nicolai and the caravan found themselves in Marn. They stayed for a festival and then moved on leaving Nicolai behind. As much as a family the group of travelling actors had become he knew that if he wanted to become even greater he needed to move on. While Marn wasn't exactly a giant or hugely popular city it still felt like it could become home. And home it did become. It took longer to prove himself to the right people before he was eventually allowed to partake in the arts. His soft looks helped him score various parts acting as either men or women in plays and his ability to create his own costumes also made him more desirable since they wouldn't always need to hire a seamstress to make or tailor yet another outfit.

Coming from modest backgrounds Nicolai wasn't as demanding as his counterparts but he does tend to have a flair for the dramatics and can be seen as overly so, even if it is just for fun and attention. Unfortunately his lifestyle continues to grow as his rise to fame does and as such he has to find ways to supplement his income, whether it be playing or singing for a party, occasionally plying his old trade of masonry or 'entertaining' some of his fans and wealthy patrons of the arts. More then once he has found himself in a spot of trouble, either debt or romance wise but he always finds a ways to get out of far.
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Re: Nicolai Svecha

Post by Kitan on

Great work! I love the idea of a social climber who is steadily overreaching himself. :D

The only potential problem I foresee is the confusing interaction of his “A Sour Aftertaste” and “Bored Easily” traits. I think I understand what you meant to go for: he can get tired from social interaction, then retreats into his private hobbies. However, as written I can see a possible conflict in the writing where he needs regular breaks to function effectively, and yet is tireless in his pursuit of activity. “A Sour Aftertaste” is the vaguer of the two, and I think clarifying both the circumstances required to trigger it and the negative consequences of his mood could help bring out this aspect of his character. You also left a hanging "If" at the end of Bored Easily, indicating that you maybe wanted to write more there as well.

Otherwise, I quite like it! With those minor clarifications done, I think you’ll get Nicolai approved!
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Re: Nicolai Svecha

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Okay edited a bit more - sour aftertaste mostly. Work better?

Re: Nicolai Svecha

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Approved! I'm looking forward to seeing what he gets up to.
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