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Fenris Lachlan

Fenris Lachlan

Post by Newsboys123456 on

Name: Tero Kine
Age: 18
Race: Human (Magic User)

Description: A fun, uplifting guy who likes to party. He can be very stupid and go headstrong into things without thinking. Tero cares very much about his family and friends, he'll do anything to protect them

Possessions: A charm that gives light to him

Powers or Strengths: He can transfer light to energy

Weaknesses and Flaws: His power is not at his greatest in the darkness

History: His father raised him after his mother died because of a unknown deadly disease that was inherited. Tero's father had to leave him to his old aunt. He lived in Shim for 14 years

Re: Fenris Lachlan

Post by Katona on

Hi Fenris/Tero! Welcome to Thar Shaddin and thank you for the application.

Unfortunately, this application doesn't meet our standards. I recommend you take a look at our Rules, New Player Guide, New Character Guide, and Setting to get a better idea of what we're looking for. You should also browse through our accepted applications for examples of how to write a suitable application. You will have to include much more information about your character than what you've provided here.

Let me know if you have any questions. We're always happy to help with character development and brainstorming, so feel free to PM a moderator or try to catch someone in chat.

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