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Where is my character?

Where is my character?

Post by Saruna on

Keeping the character applications and active character boards as tidy as possible means that occasionally we will go through and check to see who is still around and who is not. If you have not logged in for a few months (and have not previously been active on the board, preventing us from knowing whether or not you'll be back), we will move your character topic to the old characters forum.

But don't worry!

Should you return and desire to play again, simply pm one of the moderators or post in this thread to get your character moved back. Please do note that in order to preserve everyone's sanity we do not encourage people to disappear and come back repeatedly while engaged in threads with others. We have a three strike rule policy in regards to that. However, if you are out of threads or just getting your character approved, there is no problem!

Happy writing!

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