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December News

December News

Post by Saruna on

Another year has passed for Thar, and wow have we seen some changes! We've introduced new forums, thread dating, member and moderator meetings, and a few ways to try to help new players more easily integrate into the setting (though so far that one's not so much of a hit). We've had an explosion of work in the World Dev forum, and some amazing new additions to the wiki. Frug and Zina both continue to keep this site updated and running smoothly, and you guys all continue to make Thar an awesome community and place to rp.

2014 marks the 9th year Thar Shaddin has been around, which means 2015 will be our big 10th anniversary. Frug has some pretty neat things planned that will hopefully make it in for year ten (you have a whole year man, DON'T LET US DOWN), and in the meantime I look forward to seeing what crazy awesome things you guys come up with on the rp side of things. So, thanks for sticking around, thanks for having such wonderful brains, and thanks for making Thar such a kickass place to rp.


On to actual December news!


New Pages:

Pedom Morini: a city.
Jinyiwei: police for Tian Xia, loosely speaking.
Eyropa Map: It's so gorgeous with its new provinces!

Edited Pages:

Fairy: added general writeup for Pretana fae.
Zhaltev: a total rewrite!
Elf: added clarification on elvish maturation rates.
Memes: fucking barley and rye.
Active Character List: took out some inactive players/characters, character additions to the list.
Troll: there it is, you sick fucks.


Staff: Intended Upcoming Projects & Wiki Updates for January

Leftovers from December:

Pretana writeup (this will likely take a few months, as it's Meesh's love child and she is busier than a bee)
Marn-specific timeline
Super secret rp project postponed by Frug loving his other projects more than us.
Add the syn & descendant love/hate/claustrophobia maps to the politics page.
Frug is going to make the descendant family political view graph easily editable with NAMES ON HOVER! cool beans.
Frug is gonna recode the Marn Govt structure and Guard structure in html so it can be more easily viewed
Khazyani (nomadic tribes) writeup (almost done!)
Wikifying Hayawani-Teule from World Dev
Wikifying Ghiyiri from World Dev
Seelie Sidhe
Unseelie Sidhe
First-draft Apthoni writeup
Readying Darleone government for wiki
Writeup on some of Darleone's cities
Shim agriculture
Eyropa Politics

New stuff:

For January we mostly intended to catch up on the backlog from December -- but there is one new thing I'm adding here because it shouldn't take too much time, and that's a list of changers. We have the major changers named, so all that's left is a small writeup.

Players: Ongoing & New Projects


Noituritan, City of the Dead: or at least I'm pretty sure it's done! We're going to have Nav talk about it during the member meeting, and after that we should be prepping it for wikification.


Qadis: Port City of Corezo
Tzal writeup
Baruk: Orcs of the Sooqui Plains
Intended: writeup of the Wild Hunt
Intended: writeup of changelings
Intended: Some general and specific writeups on Marn's criminal enterprises.

New stuff:

Baruk, the City of the Desert Rose: Thar version of Baghdad
Kingdom in development
Nehkhepera: Scarab people
Ta Netjeru
Fungal Trolls

Discussion & Brainstorming

If I missed anything, please let me know!

Re: December News

Post by Niabi on

Shim agriculture should be ready for the wiki by the end of the day.
Killer of Squirrels

Re: December News

Post by Niabi on

I'm putting together a list of weakness to give examples of what is and isn't acceptable and to help those who may be stuck on that section of their apps. I should have it up sometime tomorrow and I will periodically add any suggestions that come my way.
Killer of Squirrels

Re: December News

Post by Niabi on

The list of weaknesses is up.
Killer of Squirrels

Re: December News

Post by Niabi on

I can work with Frug on the writeup of the Changers.
Killer of Squirrels

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