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November News!

November News!

Post by Saruna on


New Pages:

Not exactly a page, but there is now a thread tracking forum available for use. This is a way for other people to see what threads your characters have been in and which ones they are currently in. This should help make it easier for players to check on when characters are available. Please use it!

Breath of Teodinus: A new drug. Shiny!

Edited Pages:

Zhaltev : Look at that shiny city stats page. Awwww yeahhh.
Kitsune: Some wording changes and clarifications.
Corezo: Economy and politics update.
Marn and Shim Businesses: List updated!
Drugs: Breath of teodinus added.


Staff: Intended Upcoming Projects & Wiki Updates for December

Leftovers from November:

Pretana writeup (this will likely take a few months, as it's Meesh's love child and she is busier than a bee)
Marn-specific timeline
Super secret rp project hopefully to be ready by November or December
Add the syn & descendant love/hate/claustrophobia maps to the politics page.
Frug is going to make the descendant family political view graph easily editable with NAMES ON HOVER! cool beans.
Frug is gonna recode the Marn Govt structure and Guard structure in html so it can be more easily viewed
Khazyani (nomadic tribes) writeup
Wikifying Hayawani-Teule from World Dev
Wikifying Ghiyiri from World Dev

New stuff:

Pretana fae general writeup
Seelie Sidhe
Unseelie Sidhe
First-draft Apthoni writeup
Darleone government
Writeup on some of Darleone's cities
Shim agriculture

Players: Ongoing & New Projects


Qadis: Port City of Corezo
Tzal writeup
Noituratan writeup

New stuff:

Intended: writeup of the Wild Hunt
Intended: writeup of changelings
Intended: Some general and specific writeups on Marn's criminal enterprises.

Discussion & Brainstorming

  • Completion and implementation of naming votes for Eyropa provinces, yay!
  • A new contest for naming the upper half of the African continent, yay!
  • Thoughts on thread tracking?

If I missed anything do pipe up. In the meantime, happy writing and oooooh, another year nearly gone! Thar will be 9 years old next year!

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