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(Belated) September News!

(Belated) September News!

Post by Saruna on

Any time I name a date a few more days should be added to it, because that's how I roll. Punctuality with style. Anyways, September was a pretty cool month. Had our first member meeting, wound up talking about random shit and trying to be serious while drunk, which eventually devolved into reading old threads and then hopping to other sites to read really terrible threads. There was laughter to be had. If you didn't make it to the last one, try the one this Friday! Details here -- you can also petition for different start times in that thread.

We're definitely trying to be more proactive with updating the setting and coming up with new ideas for site functionality and ways to boost and support rp. Point being if there's anything you want to see, you must let us know. Somewhere.


**Member contributed setting updates will always first run through the world dev subforum. If you wish for your setting work to go into official setting via the wiki, please inform a staff member through chat or pm and it will be reviewed.**

New Pages:


Keltaris -- Aaand looks like Frug still has some work to do on it, but it's the thought that counts.

(Paragon structure did get worked on, and can be found in its group page )

Edited Pages:

Corezo History

City Guard: Marn Military Court

Government of Marn -- check out the overview of governmental structure at the bottom! Awwww yeahhhh (kudos to ree for building all our flowcharts!)

Active Character List - Meesh, Ree and Zina have been ensuring this list stays up to date (note that new characters under three months old generally aren't included). Please pm one of the mods if you see something inaccurate! Or mention it in chat. Whatevs.

Trelham There was totally already a page for Trelham. Whooooops. Frug edited some of the wording anyways. Thanks Frug!

Memes a few oldie but goodies were added.

New pages/edited old that already need editing and will be edited before October is out:

Religion and Culture => Culture of Marn -- religion was added and is going to be nixed off the page and moved to its own Marn Puradyne page.

New! Marn Politics -- families will be given their own pages in order to cut down on the size of this page. To keep the wiki sleek, synevive/first settler family pages will lose their name lists and instead have a link directing to the politics page.

You may not know it, but when we're discussing setting that needs to be updated we generally try to take into account what people are asking for, and what they're doing. The more we hear that you want something or need something for your rp, the higher it gets bumped up the priority list! Here is a good place to request things or talk about things you want. (and yes, seasons is on the list to work out. . . it's just a bit slow)

Staff: Intended Upcoming Projects & Wiki Updates for October

Leftovers from September:

Pretana writeup (this will likely take a few months, as it's Meesh's love child and she is busier than a bee)
Corezo politics & economy update
Initial writeup for elf, dwarf & ghome origins
Marn & Shim businesses update (eh heh, whoooops)

New stuff:

Marn-specific timeline
Draft 2 of Eyropa history timeline
Super secret rp project hopefully to be ready by November or December
Add the syn & descendant love/hate/claustrophobia maps to the politics page.
Frug is going to make the descendant family political view graph easily editable with NAMES ON HOVER! cool beans.
Write up on the marn puradyne drug that reveals magic users
Frug is gonna recode the Marn Govt structure and Guard structure in html so it can be more easily viewed
Sooquoi Plains nomadic tribe culture first writeup (likely eta Nov/Dec)

Discussion & Brainstorming

  • Leaving the halfbreed topic open for another month, after that we'll be canonizing it! If you feel strongly about any of it, please do write persuasively about your point!
    • NAME THAT PROVINCE: we will be having a contest to name the 18 provinces in Eyropa.
    • NAME THAT DRUG: we will be having a contest to name the drug Marn Puradynes use!
  • Monthly Meeting -- the first one didn't suck so we'll be doing another this Friday/Saturday for Europeans and Australians -- GO HERE FOR DETAILS

As ever if anyone wants to talk trash or suck up you know where you can find the staff. ;)

Happy writing!

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