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Another new mod

Another new mod

Post by Frug on

Sooo... There has been something of an influx of new members. Hello new members. Welcome to Thar.

The way moderators work here is that they only do what needs to be done, and we only have as many as we need, which is usually not many. Thar has never had a huge member base, and I doubt it ever will, which is fine because this place works best with a medium number of people ( something like Dunbar's Number but smaller). None of our moderators asked for the job, with most flat out not wanting to do it until I beg them.

With one of our best mods currently away on extended personal leave, and the new members, I've asked Jason (Katona, Erryl, Rorgue) to help out. You can all feel free to ask him for guidance if you need any.

Incidentally, with a bunch of new people around I would like to stress that this place will remain the utopic cooperative environment it has always been (except that one time). Please have patience with the staff and they'll try their best to help, however if one of them slips up or you don't feel you've been treated fairly, see the third paragraph of this rules page. My god, you actually read this far down a rambly announcement post. Have a cookie.
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Re: Another new mod

Post by Stella on

Yay Jason!
(09:20:49) Kahmari: and can't even specificly put what their lore is from then complains when someone knows the lore of their char
(09:21:13) Stella: I too enjo specifcly lore chars.

Re: Another new mod

Post by Niabi on

Killer of Squirrels

Re: Another new mod

Post by Metarie on


Re: Another new mod

Post by Breda Dreaughan on

In the words of those above me, yay!

Re: Another new mod

Post by Katona on

Hahah... yay!

...I think. :roll:

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