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New Mod

New Mod

Post by Frug on

It's been some time and this shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. I'm making Stella (Zina) a mod so she can assist us with character applications and the approval process. Yay new mod.

I know you'll welcome her and everyone will be full of hugs and sunshine.
The world is an arena, not a stage. RP is a stage, not an arena.

Re: New Mod

Post by Stella on

(09:20:49) Kahmari: and can't even specificly put what their lore is from then complains when someone knows the lore of their char
(09:21:13) Stella: I too enjo specifcly lore chars.

Re: New Mod

Post by Metarie on


Re: New Mod

Post by Fayane on

-sunshiney hugs- Yay for new mod~ Grats!

Re: New Mod

Post by KoriStronghammer on

I'm scared.

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