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New Maps

New Maps

Post by Frug on

I've finished redoing the maps of Pal Tahrenor and of Marn. They're full of minor changes, but the overall layout hasn't changed. Mostly, the resolution of the maps has been almost quadrupled (from 72 dpi to 300 dpi).
What? Basically you can't zoom in on the old maps but now you can see details. So I'll be providing closeups of the various parts of the city. Also:

- The city beautification committee has successfully petitioned for the creation of a park in the center of the city. A memorial to fallen guardsmen and esteemed figures has been placed in the center of this park.

- The city safety council has successfully petitioned for the creation of a firehall, complete with a steam powered fire vehicle.

- The actors guild has somehow manipulated the government enough to erect a massive theater appropriately placed across from the asylum.

- Civic judges, tired of holding trials at Jones' house which they note is too small for many trials and unfair to Jones because it keeps getting trashed when trials go awry now have a court of their very own.

- A university has been constructed under the guidance of some of the city's top human minds. To quote professor Bamblenyr: "It's a very impressive building with lots of very thick looking books inside and a swiveling bit on top for that big telescope we wanted."

- The commission for nocturnal creatures' rights has successfully petitioned to increase the number of alleys to hide in downtown.

- A number of citizens angry because there weren't nearly enough houses now have homes.


It can get bigger. (ladies :D):

Pal Tahrenor: ... -large.jpg
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Re: New Maps

Post by Lylessa Uluki on

Cool! Looks good, Frug. :)
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Re: New Maps

Post by Julen on

Nice! Thanks for the update. :D
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Re: New Maps

Post by Jenica Sabiny on

As always, I heart these maps. Plus they are pretty freakin' handy for use. Only one question: is that the font you plan on using? It looks a little out of place to my untrained non-designer eye.
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Re: New Maps

Post by Frug on

I used a clearer font for these demos so it's readable. It should probably change though, yeah.

Eventually I'd like to make it so the sections of the map light up when you mouse over them, and you can get to the info on them from there. It's not too hard to do, but don't count on me getting around to it any time soon.
The world is an arena, not a stage. RP is a stage, not an arena.

Re: New Maps

Post by Thelonius Gant on

Awesome, there's a theatre!
Now I can organised themed musicals for the city!

But yeah, awesome maps there.
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Re: New Maps

Post by Blood Ravenous on

If I wasn't so busy, I would totally do that whole glowy-clicky thing. But alas XD You really should do that, it'd be sweet.

And these maps are kickass! The city looks SO much better! I swear I see Ryxa's house XD
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Re: New Maps

Post by Xyon_of_Calhoun on

Looks good.
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