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New Plot Discussion Format

New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Frug on

I've set up a new format for this forum I'd like people to follow. It comes about because new players to the forums are finding it too difficult to sift through the long (90 pages!) plot threads to see where they might want to join, and because some key information is missing.

Please set up your plot discussion threads by making the [i]first post[/i] in every discussion topic follow this basic format (just copy paste it, i set up nice colors for ya too):

[color=#FFBF40]Availability: [/color]

[color=#FFBF40]Posting Speed: [/color]

[color=#FFBF40]Characters Involved: [/color]

[color=#FFBF40]Location: [/color]

[color=#FFBF40]Summary: [/color]

[color=#FFBF40]Other Notes: [/color]

As an example, I've got one filled out, nice and short, here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1632

Someone from every plot please start a new thread and put this info in the first post to help newcomers (and everyone else really). Also, please make the title of your topic the name of your plotline.
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Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Lylessa Uluki on

Personal opinion?

I think it makes a whole lot of sense for new plot discussion threads to start with this format. But I think trying to make it retroactive causes a lot of problems, since plots that are pretty established are... well... established.

This new format you're suggesting is simple, but that simplicity is a problem for plots that are pretty complex. I'm not even sure how we would do this for our plotline. Location? We've been everywhere. Summary? It's been going on for more than a year, not sure how to do that in a couple of sentences. (We could link to Julen's excellent summary, but that defeats the purpose of keeping things concise and in one post.) Characters? Well, it varies from thread to thread within the plotline.

I'm not trying to be snide here, but it would be a lot more helpful for me if your example was something complex, like the Lanya Saga, rather than a plot that started a few weeks ago and in which you haven't gotten a chance to cover that much ground yet. Because I'm just not seeing how to apply this to something ongoing and location-spanning.

Could we maybe be a little flexible on this? Like add some of the information (like posting speed, availability, link to summary, etc.) to the first post of our existing discussion thread rather than trying to make everything fit when it really doesn't?

Basically, what it comes down to is I think this format is great for new-ish plotlines, but unproductively challenging for older and more complex ones.
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Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Jenica Sabiny on

I think the idea is a good one, but I do agree with Lyl - YOU try summarizing the LS saga. I think Julen's been brought to tears.

I think it would be great to just modify the first post of each plot thread to reflect the basics of what you wanted highlighted. That way the existing discussions can be preserved. If it's always the first post, that's pretty easy to figure out.

I do think some of this info HAS to start being included, in particular posting speed.
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Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Frug on

I don't think it would be very difficult to provide a short summary for any plot at all. All you have to do is leave things out. The more complicated the plot, the more things you leave out. In my opinion, leaving lots of parts out is still better than not having any kind of summary at all. The purpose of this is to give newcomers some idea of what people are doing, not provide the kind of all-encompassing summaries you're thinking of.

As for spanning numerous threads all over the place, again i would just leave many of them out. There is no need to list every 5 post long NPC thread you have unless you want to keep track of those threads for your own personal reference.

If you still don't think this is possible, I can do it for your plot. If I can't do it, then I'll admit that it's not doable, but at the moment I don't see the problem. I'm essentially talking about what goes on the back of a book, and those paragraphs can be written for any book.

As for preserving existing discussions, we could, but do you really believe a 90 page discussion thread will ever be sifted through again? Tell me you need to go through those 90 pages to find things and I won't suggest removing it. That is the biggest thing on the forums currently, and I have a suspicion 90% of it is outdated notes.
The world is an arena, not a stage. RP is a stage, not an arena.

Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Sir Karsimir on

I agree with starting a new thread for the Lightsword Saga. We don't need a 90 page monstrosity. I am in favour of deleting that.
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Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Frug on

The hunting lanya plot was more complicated than my first example, but here is what I had in mind for more complicated plots:

The world is an arena, not a stage. RP is a stage, not an arena.

Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Blood Ravenous on

This is such a good idea! I'm happy with it. Makes things so much easier.
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Re: New Plot Discussion Format

Post by Daq Bekkar on

I like this idea.

My two cents on the summary: just keep it to things that have happened recently and things that anyone wanting to join the thread should know. I think Frug said something about usually only looking a few posts back in a discussion thread before jumping in, so that his OoC knowledge wouldn't accidentally influence something the character does (having him base actions on something his character didn't 'know').

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